• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Claire Rodgers Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Weimaraner

Thank you to the Officers & Committee for the invitation to award CCs for the first time at my favourite show on the circuit. I had a great day with some lovely dogs to judge making for some close decisions. Thank you to my stewards, Liz & Nev for making sure the ring ran like clockwork.

Veteran Dog (2) I have previously judged both these exhibits and they both still please me. 1 Carson & Dunne’s Sh Ch Khamsynn Carry On Cruising to Moorpoint JW ShCM: An elegant 7 year old with good breed type. Pleasant head with a kind amber eye. Clean neck into well laid shoulders, good forechest. Good spring of rib. He has a classic shape of a Weimaraner and covered his ground when moving holding a level topline. He is well muscled and a sound mover with reach and drive. Pleasing colour. His handler always gets the best from him. I was pleased to award him the RCC and BV. 2 Mutlow's Risinglark Hawk Wing JW ShCM: 9 years old and in excellent condition. He has a beautiful old-fashioned head, lovely arched neck. Brisket to elbow and has a good length of back. He has a lovely back end with low hocks and moved soundly on a long stride. I preferred the front assembly of 1.

Minor Puppy Dog (No Entries)

Puppy Dog (3) 1 Snaith’s Skilaki Move On Up to Bifonda: A nice quality pup up to size. He has a kind head and eye, ears of correct length. Great bone and stands on good feet. Good length of body and rib. Tailset was good. He is loose in movement at present but this should tighten up with maturity. Handler needs to watch his neckline as this can spoil his nice outline. BP and I was pleased to see him shortlisted in the Puppy Group at the end of a very long hot day. 2 Burgess’ Greyspirit Rock Star from Hantzburg: 11 months old, again up to size. He has a lovely head with a kind eye. At the moment he is shorter in body than ideal. He has nice bone and good feet. He has a good tailset. He moved soundly. Nice colour.

Junior Dog (5) 1 Beagrie’s Gunalt Audio from Feldhund: A dog I have admired from the ringside who is starting to mature well. Nice head and ears, clean neck. He has a lovely length of body and ribbing giving him a good outline. He has a good bend of stifle and low hocks enabling him to move with reach and drive. He should have a bright future. 2 Kerslake’s Kuantan Cosworth: Stronger head than 1 and weaker behind. He is a nice shape overall with good forechest and a good spring of rib. He covers his ground. Lovely colour. Just needs time and I am sure he will do well in the future. Well handled. 3 Mutlow’s Braefell Goshawk.

Yearling Dog (5) 1 Evans & Pavey’s Gunalt Undeniable at Joneva JW: He is a strong male who is maturing nicely. Kind head and eye with correct ears. He has a good upper arm and brisket to elbow. His length of body is good and he has a good spring of rib and level topline. Good bone and feet. For me, this boy shines on the move as he really covers his ground on an easy stride and you can see he is correctly constructed. At the present time, he is slightly loose but he is still young. 2 Kerslake’s Kuantan Cosworth. 3 Mutlow’s Braefell Goshawk.

Limit Dog (9) 1 Snaith’s Skilaki Super Fly to Bifonda JW: He is a moderate dog with a kind head and expression and good ears. Strong neck, clean cut. He is a good shape having the correct body proportions. He moves soundly and steady. 2 Stokes’ Khamsynn Coast To Coast at Wipfel: Smaller dog of the preferred silver grey colour and his coat was gleaming. Lovely head with amber eye. Strong clean neck. Moves soundly on good legs and feet. Would prefer a longer length to his body. 3 Davies’ Enryb Grouse Party at Shelseivad JW.

Open Dog (12) I really liked these 3 dogs. 1 Clarke’s Sh Ch Sireva Crackerjack at Coastedge JW ShCM: A moderate dog, who is all male and in proportion. When he is relaxed he looks a picture. He has a beautiful masculine head with the correct median line, lovely amber eyes and good ears. His neck is strong and clean cut leading to excellent well laid shoulders. He has a good length of body with long ribcage and level topline. He has a moderate bend of stifle and low hocks. Excellent bone and well muscled quarters that enabled him to move soundly with reach and drive. Lovely coat and of the preferred silver grey colour. I was pleased to award him the CC & BOB and see him shortlisted in the Group. 2 Rayner & Maskell's Sh Ch Gunalt Academy at Raystans JW ShCM: This dog has always been a favourite of mine and now at full maturity. I preferred the head shape of 1, which is not a criticism just my personal choice. He too has a strong neck, good forechest and brisket to elbow. His body proportions are correct and you can clearly see the correct ratio. He has strong, well muscled hindquarters which he uses to advantage on the move. Good coat and colour. It was a close decision, a quality dog 3 Ruddy’s Sh Ch Netherhill’s Got Talent JW.

Good Citizen Dog (3) 1 Kerslake’s Kuantan Cosworth. 2 Mutlow’s Braefell Goshawk: He was much more relaxed in this class. Lovely masculine head with good pigmentation. At the moment he is slightly up on his leg making him look a bit shorter in body length. He has good bone and feet and is a nice colour.

Special Beginners Dog (1) 1 Perry’s Weipowa Lock And Load: 15 months old and a decent type. He has a pleasant head. He is a good colour and he has lovely feet. Finer all through but starting to mature. Well handled.

Veteran Bitch (4) 1 Rutland & Jones’ Sh Ch Khamsynn Carry On Camping JW: This is a feminine bitch that has a nice head and eye and her ears are of a good length. She is sound on the move using her well muscled quarters to advantage. She carries her tail well. She stands on good legs and feet. Good colour. 2 Stokes' Grandahay Hebe Lemon Quartz: An 8 year old bitch who is improving with age. She has a nice head and kind eyes, strong clean neck and a good length of body. I would prefer her to be stronger in loin. She is of the preferred silver grey colour and her coat was in excellent condition. 3 Read’s Longtails Beretta by Whitecross.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1) 1 Needham’s Grausturm Pride Of Tasmania of Grausilk (imp): LH bitch who is 7 months old. Strong head with a square muzzle, correct length of ear. She has nice shoulders and a good length of body leading to a slightly sloping croup. She has good bone and feet. She moved soundly with drive. Well handled.

Puppy Bitch (4) 1 Matthews’ Silvermews Shiomi: 11 month old sound bitch of good make and shape. She has a pleasant head with correct ears. She has good shoulders and a good upper arm. She is all in proportion and sound throughout. Moved well from muscled hindquarters. 2 Ruddy’s Netherhill Euro Million: This bitch is stronger in head than 1 but has lovely ears. She has an arched neck leading to good shoulders and ample forechest. She has a long body with well sprung ribs of a good length too. She moved soundly at the rear. I liked this bitch a lot but she was not co-operating with her handler. 3 Thrasivoulou’s Skilaki Born To Move.

Junior Bitch (10) 1 Matthews’ Silvermews Shiomi. 2 Redman & Shackell’s Sireva Sorento: This bitch surprised me as the more I looked the more I liked her. She is smart and maturing nicely. She has a lovely head with good ears, and an arched neck. She has a good body with ribs extending well back. She has a slightly sloping croup and good tailset. She is moderately angled at the rear and moved soundly. I preferred the front of 1 but still a nice typy bitch. 3 Sayer & Wallwork’s Braefell Firecrest.

Yearling Bitch (6) 1 Croft’s Gunalt Shugarush: Lovely head with correct ears and a kind eye on this bitch. She has a lovely long foreface giving her an aristocratic look. Excellent well laid shoulders, deep brisket, quality bone and good feet. She has a good length of body with a good spring of rib leading to a correct croup. Like the winner of the YD class, she too covers her ground on an easy stride. I liked her a lot. 2 Dyer’s Sharnphilly Ruby Aura JW: This bitch is smaller and more workmanlike than 1 but of a nice type. Lovely head and ears, nice length of body and ribs. She has a moderate backend which she used well on the move. She’s maturing nicely. I liked her. 3 Anderton’s Tatze Bewitched by Thrihyrne.

Post Graduate Bitch (6) 1 McDowall & Rutland’s Sireva Hot Line to Khamsynn JW: This bitch pleased me greatly. She is just over 2 years old and maturing well. She isn’t exaggerated and her proportions are correct. She has a nice head with a kind eye and good ears. Clean cut neck, good shoulders and upper arm. She moved soundly on a long stride with a level topline. To top it off, she has a true silver grey coat. I was more than happy to award her the RCC in good company. She was well handled to get the best from her. 2 Robson’s Kalimor Armani at Robricci JW: She is stronger all round than 1 but I liked her. She has a nice make and shape. A pleasant head with good ears and a kind expression. She has a decent body shape with ribs well back and the correct croup. She is well muscled and she moved well with reach and drive. 3 Passmore’s Weipowa Revival (AI).

Limit Bitch (12) 1 Evans’ Gunalt Acacia at Liandev: This is a quality workmanlike bitch. She has all the attributes to reach the top if only her handler didn’t fiddle with her! She has a lovely old-fashioned head with a kind eye and lovely ears. Her neck is arched and clean cut. She has well laid shoulders, good in forechest and upper arm. She has a good length to her body and ribs extend back. She has a super backend, strong and firm, which she used very well when moving. She moves on a long easy stride. 2 Stafford’s Gunalt Repartee Farnfield: This bitch was perhaps more the shape I was looking for but she lacked the maturity of the winner on the day. She has a lovely head and ears, clean neck, good shoulders and brisket to elbow. She has the correct body length, with a level topline and slightly sloping coup. She has a good bend of stifle and well muscled throughout. She moves soundly and covers her ground with reach and drive. Well handled. 3 Carrington’s Edingorse Enigma.

Open Bitch (11) I really enjoyed judging this class and was happy with all those placed. 1 Rutland & Jones’ Khamsynn Coast Liaison JW ShCM: I make no secret that I have always loved this bitch since she came out as a 6 month old puppy. She is of the preferred silver grey colour and looked superb. She has a good head with correct proportions, a kind expression and good length of ears. Arched neck which is clean cut. Lovely front assembly with a good upper arm, plenty of forechest and correct brisket. Her length of body and ribs is excellent as is her croup. She is moderately angled and has a good bend of stifle. She covers the ground on a long stride with reach and drive from well muscled quarters. It was a pleasure to judge her and award her the CC, her 3rd. 2 Robson’s Sh Ch Nemrac Connie at Robricci JW ShCM: This is a nice bitch that doesn’t always do herself justice. She is a different type to 1 but I liked her head, ears and arched neck. She has a good length to height ratio and a good tailset. She moves well covering the ground soundly. 3 Rowbury’s Sh Ch Minama Movin On with Stormdancer (imp) (IKC).

Good Citizen Bitch (2) Absent

Special Beginners Bitch (No Entries)