• Show Date: 10/11/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Christine Schofield Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland

Breed: Spanish Water Dog



Veteran Dog/ Bitch    1 

1st FINDLAY, SLOAN & DONALDSON’S PRIZELANDS MASK OF ZORRO, D.  Excellent overall balance and typical outline.  Elegant head with parallel planes, expressive eye and great pigmentation. Deep chest with tight elbows and well sprung ribcage.  Well muscled hindquarters.  Excellent coat texture with well formed cords. Moved with drive with extremely good hind action. 


Puppy Dog/ Bitch 1,1 

Junior Dog/Bitch 

1st DONALDSON, GLAYSHER & PALUMBO’S RAINETHYME MIRROR IMAGE FROM PRIZELANDS. D. Balanced head, short strong neck, enough bone, good depth to the brisket, firm and level topline, correct moderate rear angulation. Well muscled throughout which gave sound, athletic movement. Coat texture was woolly to the touch and was well corded.  RBD 

2nd WHITEHEAD-RESSAYRE’S PABIAGA KEMINA, B. Feminine girl that oozes attitude. Lovely kind expression in a well balanced head. Well constructed with good depth, strong loin and cracking hindquarters. Well muscled which gave true movement fore and aft.  Great texture to coat which was well presented.  RBB. 


Post Grad Dog/ Bitch 2 

1st DONALDSON & GLAYSHER’S PRIZELANDS SWEET TRUFFLE, B.  Beautiful headed bitch, the softest of expressions. Strong neck leading in to well-placed shoulders, strong quarters which were well muscled, and in turn gave positive movement. Well presented coat with individual woolly cords. BB 

2nd GRIEF’S CHASJENKA TIGGYWINK OF GOLDFLY, B. Lovely bitch with typical head proportions and expressive eye. Strong, short muscular neck into well laid back shoulders. Well-sprung ribs and good depth to chest. Good bone, straight front with tight elbows. Good texture to coat. Just not quite as positive on the move as 1st. 

Open Dog 4 

1st  DONALDSON & PALUMBO’S PRIZELANDS YOU'RE THE ONE FOR RAINETHYME. D. Smart, impressive, masculine boy with a fabulous head with the softest of expressions. Well proportioned body with good bone giving the impression of strength and robustness throughout. Clean neck, well sprung rib with ample heart room. In excellent coat, with well defined cords of woolly texture.  Strong well defined quarters giving sound athletic movement. BD & BOB 

2nd DONALDSON & GLAYSHER’S PRIZELANDS ADORMIDERA JACSEN SOLO, D.  Smaller throughout than 1st but very masculine. Balanced head with parallel planes and a kind expression. Well sprung ribs with good depth. Enough bone and tight feet. Sound moving with good extension.  


Open Bitch 1,1 


Christine Schofield