• Show Date: 10/11/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Christine Schofield Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland

Breed: Italian Spinone




Puppy Dog 3, 1 

1st Knowles’s & Glen’s SPINFANDEL WORLD WAS WIDE ENOUGH WITH BESSALONE (IMP USA); I totally fell for this puppy.  He is such a confident young man thoroughly enjoying his day and took the change of handlers in his stride. Well balanced head with divergent plains, lovely kind eye.  

 Strong muzzle and a big spongy nose.  Strong, slightly arched neck leading to well laid shoulder and return of upper arm.  Chest of correct width and depth for age leading to long, deep ribcage.  Well developed hindquarters and good tail action on the move. Coarse coat and thick skinned.  He moved accurately both fore and aft and on a good stride when viewed in profile. BPIB  

2nd  Morrow’s LUCORU POLYDUECES, Super eye and expression. Love the size of this boy, I believe he will be slow to develop but will be worth the wait. He has good bone and balance. Good texture to coat.  He moves freely but needs to firm up on his topline.  


Post Grad Dog   2 

1st Mackay’s FERIIIA JACOMELO, Balance dog of good type, correct harsh coat, good furnishings to head. Good front and quarters. Moved well, holding his topline firmly. 

2nd Ciesielski’s JAVAL VALENTINO JWCW16, Pleasing head with good divergent planes and a soft expression. Nice outline, good texture to coat and good feet however he would benefit from a bit of tidying up. Today he was somewhat erratic on the move.  


Limit Dog 4 

1st Firth’s HOCHOPEPA LETS GO CRAZY WITH SOPHALBA, Lovely head dog with correct divergent planes and a big spongy nose. Best of legs and feet that are well boned. Coat of correct texture. Firm topline with a good tail. Moved with reach and drive.  

2nd Ciesielski’s JAVAL ROSSI, well made boy and obviously ‘ fit for function’, pleasing length to height proportions giving the ‘square’ shape , balanced head with a soft eye and a kind expression, strong neck.. Unfortunately he was rather exuberant on the move which threw his stride pattern out. 



Open Dog 3 

1st Knowles’s and Glen’s  SH CH AFTERGLOW HASHTAG SCANDAL AT BESSALONE JW SHCM This young man’s  overall type is fabulous, very laid back character, super head & expression, strong neck leading to correct lay of shoulder, strong topline with was held perfectly on the move. Correct length in back showing the requisite break and the firmest of loins. Strong well muscled quarters, with a well defined second thigh. Quality harsh coat that was presented to advantage.  His profile movement is true & effortless and was straight fore and aft. Handled well and presented in excellent muscle and coat condition. Very pleased to award him the DCC and BOB 

2nd Challand’s SH CH MISTYAYRE GIGOLO FOR ANNILANN SHCM. Built on strong & flowing lines, he has a gorgeous head showing the divergent planes and a very soft eye. Strongly developed chest, excellent pro-sternum. Coat is good in texture. On the stack he presents a balance outline and his movement is fluid and positive. RCC 



 Veteran Bitch   2 

1st Coldwell’s LUCORO BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, Good body and type on this bitch, she is classic in outline.  Correct head and balanced fore and aft she moved with purpose and drive using her tail to advantage. BVIB 

2nd Bennett’s HOCHOPEPA THE BUG EXPLORER, Oozes character! Balanced head, stands well in front, holds her topline firmly show the ‘break’. She is so exuberant on the move that she throws herself off kilter.  


Puppy Bitch 4, 2 

1st Christie’s QUEBAIKEI RUSSIAN SNOWFALL (A.I) Presents a most pleasing overall picture with a look of balance. She is very feminine but with substance and good depth and strength of body. Moved positively 

2nd Morrow’s QUEBAIKEI RUSSIAN BLIZZARD (A.I) Sister to 1st and very similar in type and body but not quite as mature. She is finer in head but has with the requisite divergent head planes.  Moved freely. 


Junior Bitch 2, 1 

1st Christie’s QUEBAIKEI RUSSIAN SNOWFALL (A.I)  Repeat 


Post Grad Bitch       5, 2 

1st Grief’s GOLDFLY FLOWERS GAY GOSSIP. Balanced feminine head with good planes, a soft eye and a kind human expression. Strong neck, pleasing top line, strong coupling, good feet and harsh coat. Moved well, showing good rear drive.  

2nd Burrows’s  QUEBAIKEI WITCHES SPELL. Very pretty head with good roof shape skull. Pleasing balance to her body but still needs to drop in chest. Great textured coat.  Moved purposefully, on an easy stride. 



Limit Bitch 6, 2 

1st Knowles, Glen & Malcolm’s BESSALONE GOING STRAIGHT. Up to size but well balanced throughout. Lovely head with a kind eye. Clean over the neck & shoulders, good legs & feet. Excellent harsh coat. Unfortunately she was carrying a little too much weight and it showed when on the moved.   

2nd Coldwell’s LUCORU ITALIAN JASMINE, balanced head, stands well in front, holds her topline on the stack and on the move. She was quite fussy on the move today and this made her over reach. 



Open Bitch 7, 4 

1st Whitlow’s SH CH GRADEVOLE GALLI, Loved this girl for her superb movement, typical & feminine head with correct divergent planes & with that lovely dark & slightly oval eye. Strong neck leading into well placed shoulders, deep chest with a good spring of ribs, strong loin & excellent rear angulation. Firm topline with the requisite ‘break’ and good tailset. Free striding sound mover. Handled well and presented in tiptop condition.  BCC 

2nd Bennett’s HOCHOPEPA GLADYS EMMANUEL. Lovely size and balance, typical head with the divergent planes and best of expressions from well shaped eyes. Strong neck of good length leading into well placed shoulders, very good angulation with good, width of second thigh. Moved true. Just relaxes a bit too much on the stance and loses her topline. RBCC 


Christine Schofield