• Show Date: 17/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

English Setter Society Of Scotland

Breed: English Setter



17TH JUNE 2018

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to award my first CCs in this beautiful breed. Having owned and shown the breed in the 1970’s and after nigh on forty years of judging them this appointment meant more to me than you will ever know. My sincere thanks go to the exhibitors for entering their dogs under me and for accepting my decisions in a very sporting manner. I enjoyed every single second.


Veteran (6, 2 abs)

1. Wilson’s Abiwrose Blue Musketeer. 7 yrs dark blue, short, level back, plenty of dog in front, good tail set. Balanced head, long neck good angulation and wide quarters. Once he got going he moved OK.

2. Colton’s Sodalitas High Havoc Over Ennydloc. I loved his head and eye and ever lashing tail. Quality bone, strong neck but didn’t have the forward reach of the winner.

3. Vallance and Callender’s Shambellie Last Stand At Rowanmyle JW Sh CM

MPD (2) 2 cracking puppies both 6 mths and exciting prospects.

1. Poynter and Lewis’ Quensha Cowboys And Angels. Has the better balance right now; strong outline, level back, plenty of depth and widely sprung ribs. Fabulous head and expression. Has excellent forward reach and carries his head high. BPD and RBPIS.

2. Philips, Bryant and Watkin’s Glenmaurangi Star Man. Slightly leggier than the winner and doesn’t have his forward reach but he has the most gorgeous head and soft dark eyes reflecting his mild manner. Good tail set and carriage.

PD (3, 1 abs)

1. Q. Cowboys And A.

2. Normansell’s Latin Lover Rewind For Larrenie (Imp I). Taller and rangier than the winner and could use more stop but he has a lovely dark eye, a strong, well muscled neck, good length of upper arm and is well ribbed up.

JD (5, 2 Abs)

1. Arkley’s Hartsett Last Waltz. Elegant tri, noble in outlook with quality bone, an appealing, well balanced head, long neck and clean shoulders. Good spring of rib, wide quarters but I found his high tail carriage distracting.

2. Lawson’s Wansleydale Dorian Gray. The baby of the class who has a gorgeous head, with low set ears, set cleanly into his long neck, big ribs and a strong loin. He has a precise footfall but just looked rather raw against the winner.

3. Arkley’s Hartsett Flashdance

YD (2)

1. Schoneville and Derry’s Hawklawn Khamsin At Balvenie. O/b with plenty of bone and substance without coarseness. His head planes are balanced but I found him rather overdone in flew and dewlap. Nevertheless, it is a pleasing head with clear stop and dark eyes. He has strength in neck, excellent prosternum with plenty of depth and width in chest and wide loins. He moves easily on a long stride carrying his head high.

2. W. Dorian G.

Novice (3, 1 abs)

1. Latin L. Rewind for L.

2. Watts’ Hartsett Last Tango. Looking rather raw and lacking body at present. His head is lovely with a melting expression, good stop and long, low ears. He has excellent length of upper arm and stands on very neat feet. An easy mover but his tail carriage was too high for my preference.

Grad. (4)

1.Oliver’s Bramstorm Oberon. At just turned 2 yrs this o/b boy impressed me with his elegant outline and noble bearing. His head is well moulded and balanced with a square muzzle and soft expression. He is short in back and has good round ribs and wide, strong loins. His tail comes straight off his back and is carried in line with it lashing as he goes. But it was his long and silky coat that I liked the most and was the deciding factor when it came to top honours. Res CC.

2. W. Dorian G.

3. Lawton’s Wandsfell Call The Shots At Oaklaw

Post Grad. (8, 2 abs)

1. Pitts’ Wandsfell Call On Me. A cracking tri in good coat and condition, His muscle tone was the best of the day. I loved his head, big ribs and wide quarters. He moves easily with precision and a lashing tail. Considered for top honours.

2. McKiernon’s Niroke Never Say Never At Bushbane. Upstanding o/b with a sleek, silky coat and fabulous forward reach. He tends to stack with a slightly sloping topline but on the move it is level and strong. I preferred the head of the winner but it is still very attractive.

3. Sharples’ Kanietter Silverstone

Mid Limit (3)

1. Jennings-Sharman and Sharman’s Canteris Cool For Catz. B/b. Striking outline, well off for bone, straight front. Handsome, well chiselled head, strong neck, elbows tucked in well, good ribbing, strong loin. Tail well set on but carried a tad high. Moves on an easy stride.

2. Thomson’s Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd JW Sh CM. Balanced head, strong neck, excellent shoulders and return of upper arm. Good depth but not the width in quarters of the winner. In lovely coat. Sound mover.

3. Watkins and Philips’ Bumblecorn Winter Ice At Glenmaurangi JW

Limit (6, 1 abs)

1. Cole’s Sorbus Storm Ryder. A very nice o/b, well off for bone and substance with big ribs, depth of brisket and legs well under body. Short back, strong loin, well turned stifles and excellent second thigh. In good coat and condition and moves well. In the challenge he didn’t go with that much verve and his tail carriage was rather high.

2. McCabe’s Rachdale Sea Fever. Dark blue with a lovely head, strong neck, clean shoulders and

short back. tight, well arched feet. Moved soundly but didn’t have the drive of the winner.

3. Johnston’s Daraquist Billy Bong

Open (5, 1 abs) This was a fabulous class and a pleasure to judge.

1. Loynd’s Sh Ch Crimbledale Sea The Skies JW. Dark blue with loads of presence and personality. On the stack he is balanced with a firm, strong topline and excellent tail set. His head is divine with its clean skull, low set ears, clear stop and chiselling below his soft, dark eyes. His expression is so benign and clearly reflects what a gentle soul he his. He has strength in neck and body with plenty of heart and lung room and his legs are placed well under his body. His hind quarters are wide with well turned stifles and short hocks. He has great forward reach and moves with his head held high and that wonderful slashing tail action that is all ‘English Setter’. His elegance and noble bearing and ever wagging tail made him my CC winner. In the challenge for BOB he had other things on his mind and so was RBIS.

2. Eickert and Dennis’ Mariglen Audi. Light tri with substance and style. He is commanding both standing and, on the move, is well angulated and has a masculine head, strong neck and well sprung ribs. He just didn’t have the coat of the winner.

3. McKiernan’s Ir. Int. GB Sh Ch Richecca Breaking Dawn Over Bushbane

Christine Morgan