• Show Date: 20/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: christine mayhew Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Retriever (Chesapeake Bay)

21st September 2018

Driffield Championship Show – Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Judge : Christine Mayhew (Arnac)

Thank you to the committee for asking me to judge, so long ago now.

Thank you to those who entered under me at this show, which I have decided will be my last judging appointment due to this infernal neuropathy which is affecting me more.

It was truly lovely to see a good bunch of Chesapeakes, without exception, all good specimens of the breed, all with good movement, and all happy to be examined with no sign of apprehension. All exhibits looked as though they could do a day’s work and everyone had a good coat, albeit some better than others. It was so nice to see that not one of the males was overdone and heavy as judges often seem to think they should be. Our breed is meant to be strong yet still an athlete. Today’s group made me happy to know that we have come a long way from the early years. It was a pleasure to have a line up of excellent dogs in both of the the CC challenges.

With one exception (a professional handler) though, each of your dogs could have been presented in a way that showed themselves much better to their advantage. We train our gundogs for work but seem to forget that we also need to train for the show ring! If we all spent five minutes a few times a week just getting our dogs to stand four square for observation and inspection and to move at a trot to and from the judge in a straight line (so many started to one side of me!) then you would be giving your dog the best chance. It is amazing how the same dog can look completely different depending on how it is shown.

I hope that we can arrange some handling lessons in conjunction with a Chesapeake Club event in the future.

Junior dog (1)

1st Smith’s Oakmarsh Elkton

A really promising young lad with a good outline, balanced in all respects. When settled he moved well with that laxity typical of young dogs. Lovely masculine head, good length to neck, excellent coat, good depth and width to chest. I think he would look better carrying a tad more weight. He should have a bright future.

Post graduate dog (1)

1st Griffin Woods Migwell Solomons Puzzle

Another lovely young male, everything in the right place, good outline, well balanced, moved well when settled, excellent coat. I love his head and kind expression, typical Chesapeake. Lovely length to neck, good depth and width to chest. Another who I feel would look better with a bit more weight. Most certainly one for the future.

Reserve CC

Limit dog (1)

1st Barkers Next Generations Chesepi Range Rider

This lad is an eye catcher! Seeing him move around the ring tail wagging furiously, was a joy to behold. Although slightly straighter in front angulation than rear, this did not limit his movement and he showed real drive and extension. His coat is truly exceptional. He has a lovely male head, classic Chesapeake, not overdone, and showing the thin, not pendulous lips as asked for in the standard – something that has been lacking in so many male winners for the last several years. Excellent depth to body, good outline . It was good to see him handled well to show off his excellent qualities.

CC and BOB

Open dog (2)

1st Milners Polotter Warrior of Rhyl

Yet another good one, good outline, balanced front and rear, lovely male head, not overdone, good depth of chest , good coat albeit not as profuse as previous winners, moved well with drive and enthusiasm . A really good type of male who looks as though he could do a day’s work without too much effort.

2nd Milners’ Polotter Pickled Piper

Well balanced boy with a good outline, depth of chest and balanced angulation front and rear, good coat, he moved sound and true. I preferred the head of my winner, this lad having lower set ears and more dewlap around mouth. Another nice type of dog.

Minor Puppy bitch(1)

1st Hewisons Melseeds Sky’s the Limit

This little pup was not phased by a flapping tent and all the distractions of a big show that was her first outing. She trotted around with tons of enthusiasm and drive. Well balance with good angulation front and rear, typical chessie outline, good but slightly soft coat. Lovely feminine head, bright and happy expression. I will follow her progress with interest

Junior bitch(2)

1st Lowthers Mamas Little Miracle

A very nice, very typical youngster, not big, but with everything in the right place, I really loved her type. Classic head and expression, good length to neck, depth of chest, lovely outline (when she stood still enough to see) topped off with a good coat. She moved sound and true and another with tons of enthusiasm!

2nd Lowthers Wild Goose Chase

Litter sister to above and same comments apply. I preferred the head on the first girl, this one being a bit shorter in muzzle. Carrying too much weight, to show her qualities to advantage.

Limit bitch(4)

1st Broomfields Petsalls Pride Beech at Glaneils

A lovely young bitch, who fitted the breed standard perfectly. Lovely outline with good angulation both front and rear, a good depth and breadth of chest, good topline, and good coat. Her true qualities showed when she moved and stood naturally. I loved her head, so feminine and correct. Kind expression. If she can be encouraged to enjoy the show ring more, she should go far.


2nd Coppin/Davies Jones and Herberts Dallandor Jocasta

Another good one, with excellent outline, good balanced angulation front and rear excellent depth and width to chest. A strong, very mature body yet showing the desired tuck up, good length of neck. Correct head showing width to skull and pointed but not sharp muzzle

Reserve CC

Open bitch (1)

1st Dallandor Jocosta