• Show Date: 14/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Chris Wallace Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Border Terrier

Border Terrier 

My thanks to Darlington Dog Show Society for the opportunity to judge my first Championship Show and to the exhibitors for bringing your Borders’. My stewards John and Carol were very helpful and kept the ring well organised. Despite feeling somewhat nervous before judging started I thoroughly enjoyed the day and thank the exhibitors for accepting my decisions. 

Our standard mentions moderate 4 times in its current form, it also provides guidance on size (weight) and body (spanning). I mention these points as there were a surprising number of Borders’ that were impossible to span, were too deep in chest, big, heavy and exaggerated in a number of areas. Movement became a key criteria when placing my Borders along with being moderate and not exaggerated. A lot of Borders were “Knitting” in front movement or flicking their wrists outwards, probably best described as erratic compared to the Borders that moved well. Mouths were good overall, one chipped tooth which was of no consequence. Coats and pelts were excellent overall, and the dogs were complete. I am concerned some of our Borders’ are becoming bigger, heavier and exaggerated in head and chest.  

Overall, we have a number of promising youngsters coming through and it’s unfortunate judges only have two “tickets” to hand out.  

VD (4,0) 

1st:  Inness’s Grettacs The Wizard Sh.CM Gr&T, 9 years old, lightly framed, moderate head, big teeth, thick, double coat with loose pelt, moved well. BV 

2nd: Spencer’s Ch Cobstoneway River Magic JW Sh.CM Gr&T, 9 years old, bigger than 1, with strong head, dark eye. Well constructed in good coat. Preferred front movement of 1. 

3rd: Fryer’s Irton Morse Code JW  

Res:  Carr’s Okarito Rafael At Wreighaugh  

MPD (4,0) 

1st: Brewster & Green’s Stowthorney Wickerman Gr&T, 7 month, confident pup, well shown, moderate to strong head for such a youngster,  good reach of neck, nice top line, narrow, moved well both from front and rear, nicely angulated, should do well as he matures. 

2nd:  Watson & Kenna’s Cynetkoy Time Traveler Gr&T, 9 month, different type to 1, heavier in bone, thick double coat, good neck and excellent topline, slightly shorter coupled than one. Super thick, short carrot tail, again, good angulation overall, moved well but preferred ease of movement by 1, still has lots of quality.  

3rd: Armstrong’s Otterwood Titan  

Res: Rankin’s Skypoppy Kenaiteen Funky Frappe  

PD (5,0)  

1st: Spafford’s Dassett Last Waltz Gr, 11 months, lovely head, dark, oval eye, keen expression, narrow front, good neck to level topline and tailset, in good double tidy coat, well turned out, moved with drive, racy but controlled, easy span, Best Puppy. 

2nd: Guvercin’s Glebeheath Just A Gigolo Another cracking youngster, Gr&T, 11 months, similar to 1 in many ways, good head, not over done. Big teeth, good expression, narrow, flat ribs to strong loin and racy backend. Good coat and thick pelt, feet were very tidy. Just felt front movement wasn’t as tight as 1 today.  

3rd:  North’s Northborders Marlon Brando  

Res:  Lambert & Harlett’s Redcosmos Be The Man  

JD (8,1) All 5 placed juniors have qualities that will stand them all in good stead for future success. 

1st: Matthews  Tojamatt Taboo Blu&T, correct size, good otter head, quite strong, little stop, big clean teeth, nicely laid shoulder, liked his topline, easily spanned, well muscled strong dog who looked like he’d go all day. Good double coat and shown well. Up on the leg compared to 2, moved well with drive. 

2nd: Duxbury’s Ridgebow Two Hoots Gr&T, different type to 1, shorter and maybe slightly longer, but full of quality, great head, dark eye, nice v shaped ears, in full, thick double coat, loose thick pelt. Moved OK, but preferred front movement of 1 today 

3rd:  Irving’s Dandyhow Captain Morgan  

Res:  Pollit’s Brackenfell Rock The Boat For Vandamere  

VHC:  Wildey’s Pikey Boy By Shiftyfox  

YD (3,0)  

1st:  Ruth’s Bowencloud Busy Bee JW Gr&T, up to size now but could span him. Strong head, big teeth, dark, oval eye and nice ear set. Narrow with good reach of neck, level topline held on the move. Spanned OK. Moved with absolute ease, long stride and was accurate coming and going. Double coat which was harsh and in good order. Liked length of back and overall construction.  

2nd: Birrell’s Otterpaws Mountain High Gr&T, another one that’s up to size for me. Spanned OK. Good head, keen expression, narrow front, like his overall construction, another cracking dense coat and pelt with super thick, shorter tail. Good feet and moved well. Just preferred ease of movement by 1 today. 

3rd:  Ward’s Borderstream Zodiak  

PGD (7,2 ) 

1st:  Gregory’s Remony For A' That Gr&T, Correct size for me, moderate head with good teeth, dark eye and neat ears. Narrow, flat ribs to strong loins, good length of back, spanned with ease, good feet and up on his pasterns, moved well, my notes say better ribbed than 2, in good coat and shown well.  

2nd:  Armstrong’s Lynsett Lewis Blu&T, Heavier in bone than 1 and slightly shorter coupled, lovely narrow, straight front, good head and expression. Excellent topline to tail set. Thick carrot tail. Nicely angulated which translated to good movement.  

3rd:  Johnson’s Karison Kustard  

Res:  Littlefair’s Grettacs Music Master  

VHC:  Kelly’s Brumberhill Breitling  

LD (9, 2)  

1st: Baxter’s Mysulan Going Solo JW Blu&T, judged this one as a junior, lots to like, Good otter head with dark eye, nicely set ears, narrow, racey dog with good movement, good thick pelt with dense double coat. Easy span with level topline and good strong loins, shown well. Front movement edged it for 1 today. 

2nd: Barber’s Alcumlow Parsley Gr&T, judged this one as a puppy, moderate in all departments, good otter head, little stop, good neck to excellent shoulders, narrow, straight and easy span. Flat ribs to good loins, nicely angulated, moved well and held a level topline. 

3rd:  Atkinson’s Tojamatt Rhythm N' Blues At Raedwulf  

Res: Birrell’s Otterpaws Muninn  

VHC: Bean’s Wintergarden Fly's Finale To Manorcroft  

OD (9,0) 

1st: Guvercin’s Ch Baillieswells Glengyle At Glebeheath JW Gr&T, just over 2 years old, Super head, moderately broad but not overdone, keen expression, big teeth. Excellent front and neck, narrow with super shoulders. Such an easy span, Flat rib through to strong loins. Short, thick carrot tail. Moved with ease, covered ground with level topline. Great front and rear movement. Coat and pelt was second to non (literally) BOB, DCC 

2nd: Lee’s Mrs J L Ch Tythrop Timepiece  Blu&T, another stunning Border but not overdone in any area. Moderate head, but great teeth, little stop, well set ears. Has lovely reach of neck, correct front and shoulder construction. Straight front, good feet with thick pads. Coat was harsh and dense in “show” condition. Moved with drive and purpose, covered ground with ease. My foot note said I just preferred head of 1 today, RCC 

3rd: Barrett’s Howthwaite Grainsgill  

Res: Armstrong’s Int Ch Ir Ch Ploughdown Plato  

VHC: Hall & Ellis’s  Ch & Ger Ch Brackenfell Bok To Bach JW  

VB (5, 1) 

1st: Hyslop’s Baywillow Brown Braid JW Sh.CM Gr&T, 7 years and some, Moderate otter head, biggish teeth, dark eye, neat ears, lovely well laid shoulders and level topline, easy span, flat ribs,  super length of back to strong loins, nicely angulated and covered ground with ease. In good double coat, nice thick pelt. Shown well. 

2nd: Wildey’s Ch Bramblebrae Violet At Shiftyfox JW Blu&T, over 8 years old and still looking stunning. Moderate to strong otter head. Good front and reach of neck. Easy span again. In fabulous coat, moved straight and true, a close call but preferred length of stride by 1 

3rd: Baxter’s Am Can Int Ch Sulan Fancy That  

Res: Phillips Ch Nantcoch Ffion JW Sh.CM  

MPB (9, 2) 

1st:  Hollingsbee’s  Otterwood Diodem Light Grizzle, 8 month, Moderate otter head, keen expression. Liked her front and overall construction, good length of back and level topline. Good coat and easy span. Flat rib and moved very well, straight and true front and rear. Handler needs to increase his pace to ensure he gets the best out of this ones movement. 

2nd:  Johnson’s Karison Kalluna Red Grizzle, 7 month, slightly different type to 1, shorter coupled, but still a lovely pup, good otter head, liked her front, neck and shoulder construction, easy span, in good harsh double coat, moved well with nice easy stride 

3rd:  Lorraine’s Otterpaws Take It Easy With Raleniro  

Res: Tait’s Elemcella Scaevola  

VHC:  Rostron’s Hightarn Nighthawk  

PB (7, 1)  

1st:  Baxter’s Mysulan Go Easy Blu&T, 10 months, 2 different types between 1 and 2, lightly framed youngster, moderate head, liked her expression, good neck, narrow, easily spanned, flat rib, good coat and loose pelt, moved with ease straight and true. 

2nd: Fryer’s  Irton Sovay Gr&T, 9 month, in heavy double thick coat, good head, dark eye, deeper in chest than 1 but an easy span. Flat rib, strong loin, good rear angulation, thick carrot tail, moved well with level topline. Shown well, this was an outgoing enthusiastic pup to say the least. 

3rd: Ellis’s Normbar Estee Lauder  

Res: Tait’s Elemcella Scaevola  

VHC:  Obrien’s Caldewriver No Regrets  

JB (7, 2)  

1st:  Wildey’s Shiftyfox Black Pearl Blu&T, 14 month, Super otter head, not overdone in any respect, narrow throughout, racy, easiest of span, flat rib and the length I like in a Border. Moved with drive and purpose, straight and true. Good topline and in good double coat. 

2nd:  Heeley’s Thistlemead Harmony Gri&T, almost 17 months, another quality bitch, lots to like. Good otter head, dark eye, nice ear set. Good reach of neck to good topline and well set tail. Harsh coat, thick pelt and moved with drive. My noted say “pipped” by 1 on movement.  

3rd:  Atkinson’s Esyntona Codeword Vandamere  

Res:  Parker’s Darkarmar Echo Of Love For Bordaletti  

VHC:  Armstrong’s Carrickfarm Macey  

YB (10, 1) 

1st:  Lowry’s Ravenside Calima Blu&T, 20 months, Good head, attractive expression, narrow and easily spanned, harsh coat, flat rib through to strong loins and correct rear angulation. Good feet, thick pads and up on pasterns. Moved with drive, accurate and straight moving front and back. 

2nd:  Ruth’s Bowencloud The Bee Charmer Gr&T, almost 24 months, heavier in bone than 1, up to size, strong head, big teeth and typical expression. Loved her coat and pelt. Good topline held on the move, moved with ease and covered ground well. Good front and rear movement, preferred overall construction of 1. 

3rd:  Payne’s  Alcumlow Heather At Sensevalley  

Res:  Phillips  Nantcoch Field Skipper  

VHC:  Broomhead’s Bardenfor Tale As Old As Time  

PGB (8, 3) 

1st:  Duxbury’s Ridgebow Pendle Witch Blu&T, 28 months, Excellent front, narrow with good reach of neck, nothing exaggerated here in any department, liked her head and expression, such and easy span, flat ribbed well back to strong rear end. Super topline and tailset. Another lovely mover, turned out and shown well. 

2nd:  Taylor’s Picer Angelica To Nottorg Sh.CM Gri&T, stronger head than some but not overdone, in good double coat with thick, loose pelt, closer coupled than 1 but moved accurately front and rear. 

3rd:  Lorraine’s Raleniro New Rose  

Res:  Appleby’s Oakyard Objet D'art At Hollexby  

VHC: Fordham & Cove-Print Colurbox Figgy Dowdy  

LB (16, 5 ) 

1st:  Gregory’s Remony Frosted Ivy JW Gr&T, judged this one just over 2 years ago and she still has all the qualities she had then,  a very smart, well turned out Border, best of expression, big teeth, good strong jaw, lovely of neck, easily spanned, great lines, racy, good front and moved round the ring with drive, another quality Border fit for purpose, 

2nd: Johnson’s Karison Krumble  Gr&T, good head, big teeth, dark oval eye, shorter coupled than 1 and a shade deeper in front, easy span with good flat ribs, thick double coat moved well, preferred ease of movement in 1 

3rd:  Mann’s Lynsett Miss Marple  

Res: Inness’s Foxcraig Touch Of Magic For Dexlin  

VHC: Dixon’s Foxcraig Magic Diamond  

 OB (12, 3) For me the best class of the day and the only class I decided to shortlist the card winners. It was all down to movement with all carded dogs being of exceptional quality 

1st:  Roberts  Smalesmouth Skylark Gr&T, just over 5 years old, super otter head, little stop, dark oval eyes and neat well placed ear set. Narrow, good shoulders and nice reach of neck, easy span, flat ribs in very fit condition. Coat was excellent and she carries a thick loos pelt. Moved with drive and purpose, in final short list her movement was quick, controlled both in front and rear. Delighted to award her third CC, BCC 

2nd: Armstrong’s Ir Ch Ploughdown Paloma Gr&T, 31 months, another stunner, slightly stronger head than 1, maybe a touch heavier in bone, but has similar qualities to 1. Narrow, lovely reach of neck, great topline to good tailset, in harsh dense tidy double coat with loose pelt. Easy span, flat ribs to strong loins.  Movement was good and true front and rear. Held a nice level topline. Shown extremely well. RCC 

3rd: Spencer’s Ch Ploughdown Persephone  

Res: Stevens Cobstoneway Love Song JW Sh.CM  

VHC: James & Render’s Ch Chorbeck Gossip Girl At Blackmine JW 


Judge: Mr C Wallace (Hobholt)