• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Chris Hayes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Affenpinscher

Judge Christopher Hayes (Attila)


It was a pleasure and a privilege to be able to judge this show. I was again pleased with the continued progress regarding the overall quality of heads and mouths with the exception of a very few. The breed standard is clear on the square form, this being a key characteristic of the breed and it is something that I particularly want to see and I am glad to report again that this is becoming the standard within the exhibits. The quality of presentation was outstanding and I thank you for this.

Class 900 Puppy Dog (1,0A)

1st Gruninger’s Darkle Pookisnackenburger (BP) – Well formed eight month old puppy. Good shaped head with good nose length with distinct stop, dark eye. Strong neck of correct length. Very square form with correct length back. Good harsh black coat. Moved well with confidence for such a young age.

Class 901 Junior Dog (2,0A)

1st Wiggins’ Scapafield Schwarz Odyssey - Good sized head with correct sized muzzle, good sized dark eyes, good mouth with nice dentition, strong short neck. Of very square form with harsh black coat. Good front movement showing off his goose step. Moved well in general and a little more confident than 2.

2nd Gruninger’s Clipperreach Rogue Prince - Really nice head with excellent dentition. Head size correct showing well set ears and neck powerful and short all joined on to a square formed body with correct back length. Moved well.

Class 902 Post Graduate Dog (1,0A)

1st Wiggins’s Scapafield Schwarz Odyssey - As above.

Class 903 Limit Dog (2,0A)

1st Clark’s Affentude Forever Young (DCC and BOB) - Very pleasing dog showing overall square form. Very easy on the eye to look at as the handsome chap struts his stuff around the ring. Good shaped head of nice size and good proportions, good dentition, correct length of muzzle with defined stop, nice dark eye and good placement, good ear set, substantial neck joining a developed body of substance. Harsh dark coat and a nice level topline. Good balanced movement all-round, quite the showman.

2nd Gruninger’s Darkle’s Wild Huntsman – A very well muscled dog and in great condition. Good head with a really lovely set of teeth and a good bite. Short strong neck as it should be. Body square in form and coat harsh and dark. Moved well especially going away and a good tail carriage. 1 had it on showmanship.

Class 904 Open Dog (4,0A)

1st Gruninger’s Darkle The Wild Hunt (RDCC) - Really nice square form and moved well at all times with each element totally in synchronisation with each other, just superb to watch. The head is really nice with good dentition, dark eyes, and high ear set. A short muscular neck attaches this to a square substantial body. Coat correct. His movement is a joy to watch and he is a delight to see and go over.

2nd Murray’s Riogaiogh Oogie Boogie - This dog was also pleasing. Very nice head with good mouth, dark eyes, domed head, and high ear set. Good muscular body of square form and an excellent dark harsh coat. Moved extremely well around the ring.

3rd Greenwood’s Capricho Keck Laus Bub

Class 905 Veteran Dog (1,0A)

1st Shepherd’s INT/FIN/EST/LAT CH Avantgarde Importance of Being Earnest – Seven and a half years old and you wouldn’t know it. Good head with small dark eyes and ears set high. Solid short neck and good body which is square. Nice harsh coat. Moved really well with nice front pick up. This dog would still be a good contender in open classes.

Class 906 Puppy Bitch (1,0A)

1st Ferrier’s Rangimaria Lucy Locket – Eight month old puppy, small head with nice eyes and good high ear set. Coat coming on. Needs to mature but quite nice in profile.

Class 907 Junior Bitch (3,0A)

1st Gruninger’s Darkle Devil’s Favorite Dish - Pretty girl, 18 months old. Good head shape with with correct dentition and mouth, good stop, ear set high and correct, domed head shape, and a strong short neck. Body is square form with good harsh dark coat. Solid Movement all-round.

2nd Wiggins’ Scapafield Schwarz Olena - Good head and mouth with correct length stop, good sized nostrils. Body is square form with good ratios. Coat coming on and moved very nicely with a good front pick up. Only just out of puppy but coming on nicely.

3rd Haigh’s Tazanory Maid in Lochmaddy

Class 908 Post Graduate Bitch (3,0A)

1st Gruninger and Desmond’s Darkle Slippery When Wet (RBCC) – Nice small head showing dark eyes of correct size, good ear set and very pleasing skull structure with a nice strong short neck. Coat harsh and dark. Super square formed substantial body with that nice cobby feel and good topline. Moved really well with a nice front lift. Beautiful foot fall. 18 months old and one to watch.

2nd Wiggins’s Scapafield Schwarz Olena - As above.

3rd Ferrier’s Ingerdorm Affenlicious for Rangimaria

Class 909 Limit Bitch (5,0A)

1st Gruninger’s Darkle Huntersong - Nice size with a dark harsh coat. Head good with a correct mouth and good stop, dark eye. And strong neck. Another well muscled substantial dog from this kennel. A really solid mover and good tail carriage.

2nd Hick’s Ingerdorm Marguerite - A nice smaller type bitch. Good sized head with dark eye and nice ear set, good mouth with correct length stop and nice wide nostrils. Coat harsh and dark, body square. Good tail carriage.

3rd Vearonelly’s Hamlock Sweet Talking Woman

Class 910 Open Bitch (5,0A)

1st Faithfull, and Faithfull’s Hamlock The Conspirator At Jonevelyn SHCM (BCC) - A nice strong girl with good coat and body size. Good sized head with dark eye and nice ear set, excellent mouth. Coat harsh and dark, body square and cobby with excellent rib. Very substantial and moved really well with good tail carriage and goose step. Deserving of the ticket.

2nd Hick’s Carmichan Heidi Hi - A nice strong girl with good coat and body size. Good sized head with dark eye and nice ear set. Coat harsh and dark, body square. Very substantial and moved well.

3rd Shepherd’s Black Bess V Tani Kazari for Avantgarde

Class 911 Veteran Bitch (1,0A)

1st Wiggins’s CH Carmichan Schwarz Diva for Scapafield JW (BV) – Eight years old. Lovely bitch with a small head, dark eye, good mouth, and pleasing skull shape. Good old school type dog. Very square and cobby and quite strong for her age. This all showed well in her movement which was strong, level topline and good front end pick up with lovely feet placement on the move. Very nice back end. Great to see her.