• Show Date: 20/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Cheryl Stevenson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Irish Setter

Driffield Championship Show- Irish Setters Mrs Cheryl Stevenson - Lochlorien

I’d like to begin by thanking everyone for braving the horrendous weather conditions to travel to the show. I felt particularly sorry for the dog exhibitors who experienced the worst of the heavy rain and winds in the morning which meant many had to try and run their dogs in the undercover area of the ring. This wasn’t ideal for dogs who need twice as much space as they had to show their true paces and made movement quite difficult to assess at times. Even when moving outside some exhibits appeared not to like the ground they were moving on. The noise of the marquee banging and pieces of litter blowing around were very distracting, particularly for the youngsters.

I can honestly say this was the most difficult judging appointment I have ever undertaken. For a lover of Irish Setters it is both a privilege and an honour to be permitted to go over your beautiful dogs and whatever the outcome of the show today you can be assured that each and every exhibit touched my heart in their own way.

It is disappointing that the classification at this show does not include a yearling, graduate or veteran class. In a slow maturing breed like ours it is a huge ask to jump from junior to post graduate and I feel sure that this contributed to the reduction in the overall entry at the show this year. That said, the quality of exhibits today, particularly in the three higher classes was exceptional. During the day I was disappointed to find a couple of level bites and also a lack of sternum in some exhibits, but overall the conformation was excellent. It is very difficult to have to leave some exhibits card-less who are so worthy of places, but decisions have to be made on the basis of the dog on the day and I think it is worth remembering that whatever outcome you had at the show today, this is only one person’s opinion at one show on one day. Setters change so much over their lifetime, they gain and lose weight or coat and can look completely different from one show to the next.

MPD (3,1)

1 Bott, Allen & Morgan – QUENSHA BACK TO BASICS – 7 month dog, just a baby but plenty to admire already. His chest is deep with well sprung ribs and plenty of forechest. Correct topline and tailset, well developed second thigh. Nice reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Will watch his career progression with interest.

2 Swainston – GLENVARNA MONTEREY – Very handsome young man with lovely head and expression. Just 6 months, but very well balanced with good body proportions. Looked lovely standing but sadly did not want to move today.

PD (2,0))

1 Shepherd –CASACHARED RED RORY O’CONNOR – Stood alone in this class. 9 months old, nice dark eye, but needs time. Very playful on the move giving his handler a hard time.

JD (7,0)

1 Stewart – GWENDARIFF WEEKEND WARRIOR – Striking young man with classic outline. Nice head proportions with good finish to muzzle. Dark eye and gentle expression. Low set ears, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Good sternum following through to deep chest and well sprung ribs. Correct length of loin. Gently sloping topline with correct tailset. Well muscled with defined second thigh. Short from heel to hock, straight front and parallel hocks. Nothing exaggerated. Presented in beautiful coat and condition. I am sure this young man has a great future ahead of him.

2- Danks-Kemish –TELERI SUMMERTIME BLUES AVEC ALOFRANA (AI)JW- Very little to separate these two boys as both are of high quality and similar comments apply. Good angulation throughout. Plenty of substance and both boys moved soundly with great panache and drive. Just felt 1 had the edge on elegance today, but I am sure they will change places many times over the coming years.

PGD (11,2)

1 Greenan – ANLORY AIDAN JW – A good honest setter with plenty of substance and nothing overdone. Well off for bone. Masculine head with lovely dark eye and quizzical expression. Well muscled. Correct shoulder angulation with good sternum and well sprung ribs. Correct tailset and well balanced throughout. In gleaming dark coat and excellent condition. Good forward reach on the move, driving off from strong hocks and well muscled hindquarters, using his lashing tail to finish the picture.

2 – Davis –PASSWORD PRAIRIE WIND WITH ALANSETT JW – Another handsome young man with plenty to offer. Refined head, good reach of neck. Good shoulder placement. Deep chested, good rear angulation. Correct tailset. Moved well.

LD (15,2)

What a headache this class was! So many quality dogs all together. Really had to split hairs as there wasn’t one among them who didn’t deserve a card.

1 Cuddy – SUTTERESETT REBEL ROUSER IN BALBRIGGAN JW- Have often admired this dog from the ringside so was delighted to have the opportunity to examine him more closely. He really caught my eye today. Not a big, flashy dog, but everything just as it should be. Masculine head with dark eye and plenty of work. Gently arched, well muscled neck. Clean over the shoulder with correct angulation and good return of upper arm. Plenty of forechest leading through to a good deep chest and well sprung ribs. Gentle slope to his topline giving a balanced profile. Straight front and aft with plenty of bone for his frame. Good width to thigh. Moved soundly and with drive, flowing around the ring. Pleased to award him the CC and Best of Breed.

2 Longobttom – GWENDARIFF UNKNOWN SOLDIER – Another handsome boy beautifully presented in fantastic coat and condition. Very well made all through with good neck and shoulders. Loved his head and expression, masculine but soft and appealing with correct eye shape and colour, enough work without being overdone. Racy and refined with great elegance. Deep chested with good spring to his ribs. Flowed around the ring, but just not quite the drive of 1 in the final move.

OD (9,3)

Another really difficult class, but a nice problem to have as they were all superb.

1 Bott – SH CH GWENDARIFF D’YA KNOW MY NAME BY BARDONHILL – A striking dog in full coat. Classy and refined, racy and elegant. Masculine head with plenty of work and gentle, expressive eyes. Good reach of neck, shoulder placement and upper arm angulation. Well sprung ribs, good length of loin and width of thigh. Giving an overall balanced picture. Res CC

2 Crocker – SH CH COPPERS WAR OF ROSES IMP – Have liked this boy since first seeing him as a puppy. Love his head such a soft expression. Good angulation throughout. In lovely coat and well off for bone. Nice tight feet. Good hindquarters with plenty of muscle. Straight short hocks, moved well. For me today he was carrying a fraction too much weight which affected his topline on the move.

SBD (5,2)

1 Savage – GWENDARIFF THE RINGMASTER AT FIREFALL – Solidly made boy with good bone. Good angulation throughout. In good muscle condition, moved well.

2 Dewar – GWENDARIFF WILLY WON’T HE – 3rd in junior. Dark, kind eyes. Good angulation front and rear. Moved well.

GCD (2,0)

1 Heppell – DEEVONVILLE SANTANA SHCM – Presented in good muscle with plenty of spring to his ribs and depth to his chest. Good honest setter who moved well.

2 Tupper & Rosie – STARATLANTA ELLIOTT SHCM – A striking boy, heavily coated and well made throughout. Didn’t appear to like moving on this ground, probably due to the weather conditions.

MPB (5,0)

1 Milligan-Bott & Bott – THENDARA CRYSTAL ICE –Mature for her 7 months. Feminine bitch with good lay of shoulder and strong hindquarters. Nice dark eye, good ear set and reach of neck. Moved soundly.

2 Blackshaw –LANSTARA RUBY SLIPPERS – Preferred the head of this girl to that of 1, but she isn’t yet quite as ‘together’ as 1. I’m sure they will change places on many occasions as they grow and develop. Very pretty girl with feminine head and soft expression. Pronounced sternum, enough bone for her frame and correct angulation all through. Nicely set on tail which never stopped wagging.

PB (6,0)

1 Bougen – GWENDARIFF HOT TICKET – This young lady really caught my eye and I am sure has a very rosy future ahead of her. So pretty in expression with a real cheeky look in her eye. Plenty of work in her head. Gentle arch to her neck, correct lay of shoulder with good return of upper arm. Gently sloping topline over well sprung ribs and correct length of loin. In good muscle condition showing well developed second thigh. Moved very well using her tail to full advantage. Best puppy

2 Green – BRAIDMOUTN DREAMED A DREAM FOR GLENCARRON- Another really pretty girl with refined head. Lovely balanced outline. Well muscled throughout. Correct angulation with no exaggeration. In lovely coat and condition. Moved well.

JB (8,3)

1 Bott- BARDONHILL WORDS OF LOVE – Sweet girl with lovely head and dark eyes giving that soft, melting expression. Good straight front with plenty of forechest. Good neck and shoulders. Gentle slope to her topline. Deep chested. Giving an overall balanced outline of refined raciness. Moved soundly.

2 Richardson – BRABROOK TRUE VIOLET FOR MONTGREENAN – Slightly finer than 1 . Plenty to admire, clean outline, good neck and shoulders with plenty of forechest. In good muscle. Moved well.

PGB (16,5)

1 Nicolson – GWENDARIFF RAINBOW GODDESS AT LOCHINDORB – Mature bitch, looking a real picture today. Lovely head with plenty of work. Dark eye with soft expression. Good neck and shoulders, well sprung ribs with good depth to her chest. Correct topline and tailset. Considered her for top honours but her movement let her down today. One of many who didn’t appear comfortable on the ground here, or was disturbed by the horrendous weather conditions we suffered all day.

2 Mc Donald – DELSATNTO MISS FREYA – This young lady oozes quality and charm. Still needs her coat to complete the picture but has all the qualities she needs for a great future. Such a pretty head, lovely dark eyes and good finish to foreface. Soft muzzle with just enough flew. Correct angulation throughout. Good muscle condition. Short strong hocks which she used to drive her around the ring.

LB (14,3)

As with the dogs, the quality in this class and also the open class was exceptional. So many beautiful, well made bitches to choose from. It really was so difficult to send some home without cards when they were all so deserving.

1 Box – BARDONHILL AFTERNOON D’LITE AT FERNSTART – This bitch is really on top form at the moment. So feminine with a pretty head and lovely dark eyes. In lovely coat and condition. Very well made throughout. Good bone and neat feet. Good shoulder angulation. Refined and racy in outline. Moved very stylishly.

2 Henderson – SAMETSUZ MAK’N HONEY JW – Did this girl well as a youngster and still like her very much. Slightly taller and lighter in coat colour than 1. Striking outline, so elegant and racy. She is a real sassy mover who uses her tail to full advantage. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulers, clean lines throughout. Correct topline and tailset. Straight front and hocks. In good muscle tone.

OB (9,2)

1 Armitage – SH CH GWENDARIFF COCO NUT CREAM – Headed a really strong class of stunning girls. Very difficult to split them as each had so much to offer. This girl oozes quality, she is so well presented and so well made. She has a classic outline which shows class and quality along racy lines but with plenty of substance. Nicely shaped head with low set ears. Elegant neck and clean shoulders. Good forechest leading down to a deep chest with well sprung ribs. Correct length of loin. Strong hindquarters with correct angulation and well defined second thigh. Short from heel to hock, parallel when viewed from the rear. Correct topline and tailset. Moved soundly with good reach and drive, flowing effortlessly around the ring. CC

2 Begg, Milligan-Bott & Bott - THENDARA CHASING BOYS TO SUMARIC – Another lovely girl on top form who pushed the winner hard. Very similar comments apply as both girls are so well made. Everything just as it should be in relation to construction, coat, muscle tone and movement. In the end I felt that 1 just had the edge on refinement and elegance but pleased to be able to award her the reserve CC.