• Show Date: 07/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Cherry Gwynne Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Chinese Crested

Three Counties CH Show Chinese Cresteds I would like to thank the society for inviting me to judge also my stewards for their support and help. I was fully aware in the run up to this appointment of the rumours, gossip and speculation as to where top honours were likely to be awarded.  Given the numerous combinations someone, somewhere was bound to get it right.  I was not however prepared for the backlash during judging and comments on social media after judging.  Had I been made aware of the commotion outside the ring I would have dealt with it accordingly.  Postings on FB referred to my judging as ‘blatant and predictable’.  Closely followed by the uploading of ‘With a little help from my friends’ and ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. Two comments made by individuals who at the time both held positions on dog show committees, one of whom wasn’t even at the show.  I recommend their time might be better spent reading the Kennel Club Guidelines on use of Social Media. MPD 1/0 1 Snell’s Konshiki Black Fury, black h/l with black crest. Just six months old. Stood alone in his class, a little nervous but moved okay once settled. Although a little heavy for my personal taste he had a lovely dark eye, nice chiselling and elegant neck. PD 3/2 1 Dodd’s Moulain Mighty Mouse Among Anadeia, 11 months old small and stocky, dark eye would have preferred a slightly longer muzzle. JD 4/0 1 Hinton’s Ajatiaza’s Lover Boy at Cheeswood, Well furnished h/l, good dark eye with gentle expression.  Good ear placement, nice neck leading into well placed shoulders.  Out moved anything else in this class. 2 Kirk’s Ajatiazas Squeeze Me Quick, not quite as flashy as one but a good solid dog, well balanced with nice skin and moved well. Needs a little closer shaving on face. PGD 2/0 1 Barker Cheeswood Shimmering Moon 4 year old cream p/p, beautifully presented with the most gentle of dark eyes.  Good chiselling, well balanced moved around the ring with ease and grace.2 Master & Shakeshaft’s Doucai Show Boy, mahogany h/l a little too heavy for me and would have liked more length to muzzle.  Reluctant shower today. LD 6/2 1 Kempster&Rees Jamming’s Exclusive to Oolagha (Imp) Cream & White p/p, coat in fabulous condition and beautifully presented. Nice head with dark gentle eye, well placed ears, correct head and exquisite chiselling.  Well balanced and flowed around the ring with ease. RCC today, however under different circumstances could easily have been awarded the CC.2 Barker’s Goldamulet Amber Tone (Imp) Another beautifully presented p/p from this kennel.  He moved well, however I preferred the head on one. OD 4/0 1 Fletcher&Merryweather’s Fin Swed Ch Myrtan Topnotch, I had observed this boy from the ring side and thought his movement was outstanding. He did not disappoint today powering around the ring with reach and drive. Skin in wonderful condition, not overly furnished, correct bite, dark eye, nice head overall a well balanced boy who I was delighted to award his 3rd CC. 2 Oliver’s Ynchreenoo Condoo, Dark boy with black & white furnishings. Nice picture when standing, however he did not appreciate the grass today. MPB 3/1 1 Skivington’s Ajatiaza’s Seirs Coming, Black & White p/p 6 months old nicely presented coat, lovely dark eye, correct bite, well chiselled and won the class on movement. 2 Grant’s Moretonia Passion Parade at Moorheath.  I really liked this little bitch but she was quite naughty today and like so many cresteds thought the grass was for playing on. She could easily have been my winner as she was the size and shape that I like.  Very feminine with lovely skin, she may very well do better at inside shows. PB 2/0 1 Dixon’s Glorious Yasmin Heybett avec Debrita, lovely picture both standing and moving.  Dark mahogany with beautiful furnishings. Nice head, well chiselled with the darkest of eyes.  Correct bite with good ear placement and elegant neck.  Nicely balanced which resulted in excellent movement. I had no hesitation in awarding her the CC, BOB & BP. 2 Swain’s Mikang Tia Tiramisu, heavier than the winner and whilst a little nervous on the table she moved well. JB 4/2 1 Probably the happiest little shower of the day.  Small but perfectly balanced p/p really enjoyed herself and did not let her handler down. PGB 7/4 I found this the hardest class of the day.  Two p/p bitches, equally feminine and my shape and size. 1 Bartlett’s Parcauwen Crazy Secret Jem Among Michadine Beautifully presented with nice head, correct bite, dark eye and well chiselled. Nice neck leading into well placed shoulders.  She went around the ring with confidence and totally at one with her handler.  Have long admired her from the ringside and was delighted to award her RCC. 2 McKenzie&Muldoon’s Garnox Flower Power Von Queshian another very pretty feminine bitch who I have watched since a puppy. Whilst she gave little away on her movement her coat was not up to the standard of one and when standing she sadly lost her topline.LB 6/1 1 Hinton’s Cheeswood Foxy Moonlight whilst possibly a little stronger than I would like I could not fault her movement.  Her side profile was stunning. Nice head, dark eye, lovely skin overall a very well put together bitch. 2 Lynch’s Garnox Name of the Game, feminine bitch of good size and well balanced, just took a little while to settle so sadly lost out on movement. OB 2/1 1 Skivington’s Ajatiazas Madam Maybe, six year old h/l bitch who had recently had puppies.  Still carrying a lot of weight, would have preferred a more feminine head. Sound bitch who stood alone in her class. VB 1/0 1 McGuigan&Blackwell’s Anamac Fairy Tale, like a fine wine this bitch has got better with age.  She gave nothing away today an out moved several of her younger competitors. Soon to celebrate her 10th birthday her skin was in fabulous condition very well balanced keeping her top line on the move. Cherry Gwynne