• Show Date: 06/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Charmaine Ennis van Maren Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

EAST Of ENGLAND Championship Show Critiques Golden Retriever Dogs ~ Judge – Charmaine Ennis van Maren

Thank you for the entry of your lovely Goldens of varying types and in shades of every colour from the palest cream to the darkest gold and in between .... wonderful to see !  Only one male was found to be excessively overweight and two has suspect temperaments ..... our standard does say ‘friendly’ !! A few unbathed unclean Goldens presented which was a great shame for a Championship Show. I very much enjoyed my judging and going over your dogs. 

MINOR PUPPY (6,1) 1. Golder & Ward’s Laurenly Vincent. Promising baby, with kind expression and good pigment..Superb length of neck and flow into level topline. Well laid back shoulders with a good return of upper arm . Plenty of forechest . Good scope and length of leg for age. Needs to develop in his ribcage but still young! Good second thighs. Level topline and tailset when standing but needs to strengthen his back line on the move – again still very much a raw baby. Coat lacking lustre & looking rough and about to drop so definitely not at its best - but his virtues outweighed this factor. 2.Robinson’s Baricia Emporio Diamond. Quality puppy with most gorgeous head, pigment and sweet expression. In super full coat and excellent condition. Very good bone and substance. More mature than 1 with super spring of rib. Strong in loin. Level topline and tailset. Good second thighs and bend of stifle. Balanced in his appearance . Eyecatching with his super attitude. Need to strengthen on the move . Would prefer more length and return of upperarm. 3.White’s Ninell Indiana Jones of Alandiagold.

PUPPY (7,2) 1.Golder & Ward’s Laurenly Vincent 2. Robinson’s Baricia Emporio Diamond 3. Gray’s Zenevieva Voyager to Villeas .

JUNIOR (11,2) A very lovely trio headed this class. 1. Grady’s Glenrioch Gorgeous George. And Gorgeous he is ! In superb muscular condition. Caught me eye on the move for his power, drive and presence – and makes a fabulous picture standing too! Wondefrul neck into strong level topline. Well angulated at the front with superb forechest and super return of upperarm. Well sprung ribcage with plenty of heart room. Strong in loin. Good turn of stifle. Good bone and substance. Not so appealing in his head for me - hopefully he develops more work into his head as he matures, good dark eye. His ring presence , movement and superb construction won him the class, 2. Maynard’s Chinnordale Cue Card. Most lovely head and expression! Good length of neck flowing into well laid clean shoulders. Would like more forechest . Good ribcage. Strong loin. Superb level topline and tailset. Very strong quarters. Moved out to advantage with an excellent length of stride. 3. McDonald’s Lamancha Magical Moments .

YEARLING (6,1) 1. Dunbar’s Linigor Tomich. Strong, masculine of good size and substance. Well boned with good feet. In full coat with ample feathering. Well sprung, deep ribcage. Superb strong neck of good length and flow into strong level topline, muscular loin. Good second thighs. Makes a very balanced picture . Free and easy mover to show off his good constuction. 2. Maidens’ Kerrien Wicket Keeper. Pretty head with kind dark eye . Excellent pigment. Strong well muscled dog. Superb length and flow of neck , set into clean shoulders. Level topline. Good short strong loin. Good second thighs. Good legs and feet. Covered the ground well. 3. Webb’s Mitchnel Bear with Me by Hectson .

NOVICE (16,4) 1. Maidens’ Kerrien Wicket Keeper 2. Rose & Neil’s Gildas Amor Infiniti . Animated waggy strong fit muscular dog of good construction. Super straight legs. Sweet head and kind expression. Good strong neck. Super front construction. Strong muscular loin. Wonderful front angulation with good forechest and retuern of upperarm. Lovely rear quarters . Well muscled strong loin. Good topline and tailset. Has a great attitude and ring presence. 3. Carmikli’s Giddygold Deep Blue Music .

TYRO (11,4) 1. Anderson’s Linchael Salvo. Attractive, big, blonde ,well boned masculine, of great scope and substance. Most beautiful head and expression. Good length of neck and flow into well laid clean shoulders and level topline. Well sprung ribcage, longer cast. Good feet. Good second thighs. Well angulated behnd. Has a long groud covering stride when he gets going but still needs to tighten on the move. 2. Rose & Neil’s Gildas Amor Infiniti 3. Golder & Ward’s Laurenly Vincent .

GRADUATE (9,1) 1. Seamon’s Messano Blue Suede Shoes JW. Well constructed young boy , nice to go over with everything where your hands would want it! Ideally would prefer more pigment. Well chiselled head with deep , strong muzzle. Good neck and flow into super topline. Good front and rear angulation. A little long in loin but strong muscular couplings. Superb ribcage. Excells on the move with effortless ground covering stride with good reach in front and good drive from the rear. Despite the heat. 2. Angell’s Millanza Toy Story JW. Masculine head. With good pigment and dark eyes. In good coat with plentyful feathering. Strong level topline. Good angles at both ends. Good forechest and spring of rib. Strong ,level topline. Longer cast . Strong couplings. Very lovely bone annd substance. 3. Maidens’ Kerrien Wicket Keeper.

POST GRADUTE (11,1) 1.Swatton’s Suntide Exceedingly Good JW. Very appealing for his type and construction, no exagerations but harmony and balance throughout. Superb kind, well chiselled head. Excellent neck and flow into level topline and tail set. Good front angulation. Super ribcage. Good legs and feet and bone. Well turned stifle and good second thighs. Steady, positive mover. 2. Morss’ Xanthos Bullet Proof JW. Close up behind 1. Beautiful , balanced, well presented in good coat and condition. Sweet head and expression. Good dark pigment. Preferred the neck and flow of 1. Superb in his angles with fabulous well laid back shoulders and very good forechest. Excellent return of upperarm placing his forelegs well under his body. Equally super hind angulation , enabling him to move with good reach and drive. Superb strong powerful movement. Good spring of rib. 3. Wallington’s Wynrita Keep a Dream.

MID LIMIT (10) What a class of quality dogs !! A total pleasure to go over them all and ALL five placed were truely excellent examples of our breed. Places could easily change around on another day and decisions were made on performance & minor details between the five ! 1. Towers & Henderson’s Alibren Galileo to Westervane. A lovely boy to go over as so well put together. Masculine with good bone and substance. Well chisselled head. Superb length of neck and flow into superb level topline and tailset. Appears totally balanced with very good front and rear angles. Wonderful ribcage. Good second thighs. Strong hocks. Lovely ground covering stride with good head and tail carriage. 2. Loverock & Waldron-Smith’s Lovissa Space Dust ShCM. Beautiful well chiselled head, excelleent neck , set into level topline and tailset. Very good well laid back clean shoulders , good return of upperarm. Excellent depth and spring of rib. Strong loin, well let down hocks, superb on the move and standing in profile. Very pleasing to the eye with no exaggerations. In lovely coat with good feathering. 3. McDonald’s Lamancha Just Meant To Be JW.

LIMIT (7,1) 1.Loverock’s Thornywait Crackerjack at Lovissa. Impressive, beautiful, balanced, symmetrical, masculine most gorgeous boy ! Stood out in this class both standing and on the move. In top form today ! Liked him a lot! Kind, well chisselled head with wonderful expression. Wonderful in his construction. Strong, muscular neck of good length and excellent head carriage. Superb straight strong level topline. Superb straight legs, with good bone and good feet. Good turn of stifle. Well let down hocks which are short and strong. Well laid back shoulders, excellent return of upperarm. Considered him for the RCC. 2. O’Neil’s Bluebraes Boogiewoogie at Strathlon. Another wonderful boy! Strong, balanced, well made, well muscled, masculine with excellent angles front and back. Good feathering. Powerful mover, Masculine head. 3. Kloek’s Messano Yin or Yang .

OPEN (6,0) WOW! What an honour to judge this super class of magnificent , quality males!! It was a joy to go over each one . 1.Wild’s Fenwood Ell Masterpiece at Bluewaters JW. This superb male entered the ring with his head held high, tail wagging and an eye catching confident, powerful stride and demanded to be noticed! Has obvious enjoyment to free stand and wag and move with enthusiasm as well as power, animation, reach and drive, so great to see. He fufills and typifies our breed standard to almost perfection in his construction with everything just as you would want it . Of good size, masculine.  Most glorious in his head and expression. Superb pigment . Correct scissor bite. Excellent strong muscular neck which flows into his strong level topline. Superb clean well laid back shoulders which are long in the blade. Wonderfuul return of upperarm to place his forelegs well under the body. Tight fitting elbows. Most Excellent depth of chest. Deep through the heart with well sprung ribs and well ribbed back. Super strong well muscled loin. Wonderful broad rear quarters with good turn of stifle and strong, straight, well let down hocks. Free standing four square or stacked, his outline and demeaner are legendary. He moves with precision, power and style, maintaing a level topline at all times aswell as perfect head and tail carriage, and covering the ring with long effortless stride. I had no hesitation to award him the CC and pleased to see him win BOB and be shortlisted as the only Retriever in the Group too. 2. Saarniit’s Sh Ch/Int Ch/ Multi Ch Linigor Pied Piper at Meiepere. This superb male ooozes quality, charisma and style. Wonderful head with a happy, smiley expression. Superbly well constructed throughout, with superb bone and feet. In gleaming gold coat. Fabulous mover. Unlucky to meet 1 in such top form today but happy to award him the RCC. 3. Gutierrez Ramirez & De Zutter’s Maybe Forever The One and Only.

VETERAN Dog (3,1) 1.McDonald’s Sh Ch Lamancha In Search of Pye JW ShCM. He doesnt move like a vetran ! Wonderful strong, ground covering stride. In superb coat and condition with plenty of feathering. Balanced outline, neat strong pasterns, good bone, and good ribcage. 2. Thurm’s Beldonburn’s Fairplay ShCM. Another that can still move out to cover the ground well !  Lots to like about him. Lovely head with soft sweet expression and kind eyes. Superb neck and flow. Very balanced picture. Not overdone in anyway. Lovely bone and feet.

SPECIAL BEGINNERS (6,1) 1.Wells’ Pearlbarn Peroni. Smaller male. Sweet head and expression. For me would like a better length and lay of shoulder. Good topline and ribcage. Rolling on the move. 2. Webb’s Mitchnel Bear with Me by Hecton. Good outline and balance, with straight legs. Needs more forechest. Not in his best coat today. 3. Smith’s Blondene’s Border Patol