• Show Date: 11/11/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Cathie Brown Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Eastern Whippet Society

Breed: Whippet

North Eastern Whippet Society 11.11.18


I would like to thank the North Eastern Whippet Society for the honour of judging bitches at their brilliantly organised championship show. As I hadn't judged the breed for over 5 years I was interested to see if it had changed in that period. I found reasons to be cheerful, in that it appears from this entry, that rears have improved with far fewer over angulated whippets with the consequent loss of strength and balance which results from this fault, and I found plenty of lovely bitches of a moderate size. Much has been written about fronts by other judges in their summaries recently with which I concur, so I will  just mention some other aspects of conformation which left me feeling less than content. What has happened to tails? Few were long enough to extend past the hocks, and mouths worried me, there were a good number of frilly bites, certainly not the square set teeth and close scissor bite required. I also found a number of coarse thick ears that tended to prick up or sit awkwardly. No dog is perfect and these are small things when looked at individually but they all contribute to breed type. I hope these comments will be taken by everyone, as guardians of our wonderful breed, in the constructive spirit with which I write them.

I was looking for an athletic, elegant bitch with front and rear angulation in balance and all the curviness, grace and freedom of movement that a beautiful  whippet should posses. Thank you to all the exhibitors who brought their whippets, it was my privilege to judge each and every one of them.

Veteran (5)

1st Mason's Aphrael Casting Pearl.  

Very shapely and feminine pale brindle with elegance and quality, pleasing head and a pretty arch to her neck, correct bone, well knuckled feet. She moved the best in the class.

2nd Hedley's Knoxhill Snowy Morning.  

Fawn girl in lovely fit condition, strong muscular topline, excellent width to second thigh, good bend of pastern and nice low hocks, lots to admire about this 8 year old lady who certainly looked and felt fit and ready for a day in the field.

3rd Skelley's Ringmore Fleur de Lis

Minor Puppy (11)

1st Wilson's Edenwhip Grange Fell at Willowash.

Pale fawn baby, very raw but with a nice overall balance in her conformation front and rear. Correct bone for size, decent front assembly showing layback of upper arm and well sprung pasterns, attractive body shape and topline, with a well made rear and neat movement coming and going.

2nd Leslie's Agrith Allis White Heart.

 Gold Fawn with a pleasing outline, her neck flowing nicely into her shoulders, an attractive curvy underline, correct bone, good angles fore and aft and a nice long tail.

3rd Moore's Zoraden Secret Sins at Sunwalkers

Puppy (15)

1st Howgate's Palmik Queen of Diamonds JW.

Dark brindle and white, a petite girl and consequently quite mature for age, she felt lovely under the hand with her smooth curvy body, correct bone and well let down hocks. Moved correct and true

2nd Jones' Jothryn Blondes Av More Fun.

Red fawn girl with white trim of very nice make and shape, good proportions all through and a correct balanced and attractive outline. Good strong rear without exaggeration. Stands well over her ground, showed beautifully.

3rd Turner's Gilnockie Have Faith

Junior (7)

1st Lawley's Crosscop Its Magic for Lawleymoon.

Gold fawn bitch. What a cracking whippet this young girl is; she stood out in this class and indeed in the entry today winning the RCC. Her outline is absolutely gorgeous with curves in the right places, correct angulation, plenty of scope in her lovely body and beautiful topline all wrapped up in a gorgeous quality coat and skin. She simply flows under the hand and moves as she should. Held her topline on the move, beautifully presented and handled.

2nd Paterson's Wheelspin Galileo Fly.

Pale fawn, a neat compact bitch of lovely quality who presented a true whippety outline with a flowing topline and nicely balanced front and rear. Correct bone, low hocks and well bent pasterns.

3rd Ellis's Railfield Rainnymph

Yearling (9)

1st Morris, Waddell & Mycroft's

 Crosscop Let it Shine for Supeta. Gold fawn with white trim, lovely well balanced bitch with so much to appreciate, good neck into shoulder, super topline and correctly angulated strong rear, in gorgeous fit and shiny condition, beautifully presented and moved very soundly.

2nd Smith's Lorbri Mistletoe Magic.

Dark brindle with white trim with a sweet expression. Shapely girl with lots of elegance about her, smooth to go over, neck flowing well into her shoulders, deep brisket and graceful arched topline. Presented a very attractive outline.

3rd Bowers' Saraquele Sound Effects

Novice (12)

1st Jones' Jothryn Blondes Av More Fun

2nd Head's Demerlay Strawberry Ice. appropriately named for her colour, this pale red fawn with white trim is a compact young lady with a pretty outline. Lovely flow of neck into shoulder with decent layback of upper arm, a strong second thigh and well let down hocks. She moved very well.

3rd Graham's Pursenet Gold Coast

Graduate (5)

1st Lewis's Shalfleet Silk N'Honey by Makem.

Dark brindle with white trim, another compact bitch who moved well holding her topline and very tidy up and back. She has the correct curvy outline with a deep brisket and moderate strong well angulated rear with well developed second thigh..

2nd Paterson's Wheelspin Painted Lady.

 Pale fawn graceful bitch, rangier than the winner, with a beautiful outline in profile but could have more width all through. Lovely coat and skin, good layback of shoulder and well knuckled feet.

Post Graduate (11)

1st Robinson's Tarward Ginetta.

Elegant fawn and white parti of correct size with plenty of whippet type. Pretty feminine head good ears and neck, lovely flowing curves with a correct underline and topline which she held on the move. Moved out well.

2nd Leslie's Windwalker Winifred.

Fawn bitch, stronger type than my winner but with a very attractive outline, excellent layback of shoulder into her well ribbed body and well muscled topline, put down in super fit condition.

3rd Wilkinson's Citycroft Starfall

Mid Limit (6)

1st Home & Fisher-Home's Citycroft My Fair Lady of Jasarat JW Sh.CM.

Attractive red fawn with superb balance, a lovely bitch all through, full of breed type. Pretty head, good ears. Lovely make and shape, excellent topline flowing into her strong quarters, and moved beautifully to match.

2nd Hardcastle's Collooney Nickers in a Twist.

 Pale fawn brindle of similar type to the winner, attractive head and very feminine . Shapely body with curves in the right places and a graceful topline. Moved out well.

3rd Sykes & Mycroft's Supeta's The Special One Of Veredon

Limit (17)

1st Hardcastle's Collooney Lizzie Giz Abit.

Pale fawn girl, such a lovely smooth flowing outline from the tip of her nose to her tail, her graceful neck flows beautifully into her shoulder, brisket meets her elbows. Excellent sweep of underline, well let down hocks. Moved out well covering the ground.

2nd Harding-Waite & Waite's

Mulranny Miss Moneypenny at Calderdeth. Brindle girl put down in fabulous condition showing grace and strength in her outline. Feminine head, she is the correct size with oodles of whippet type. Correctly angulated strong rear, good bend of pastern.

3rd Green & Place's Collooney Hells Angel of Brochinbelle

Open (15)

I needed more cards in this class, so sadly some very nice whippets went home empty handed.

1st Home & Fisher-Home's Ch Citycroft Creme Caramel of Jasarat JW

My star of the day, winning the CC and BIS with the agreement of my co judge. Exquisite pale fawn teeming with quality and elegance. She is so whippety from her pretty head to the tip of her tail. Presented in gorgeous condition with beautiful coat and skin, she is not exaggerated in any way and as a result presents a super balanced picture. very sound movement from this beautiful moderately sized bitch.

2nd Green & Place's Ch. Collooney Queen of Dragons with Brochinbelle JW Sh.CM.

 Another beautifully balanced bitch who I have admired from the ringside, it was a real privilege to get my hands on her. Fawn and white parti with a gorgeous head, arched neck and correct whippet outline, muscular topline flowing into strong quarters. This lovely curvy girl flows under the hand. Very well constructed all through, shown in fabulous condition and moved beautifully for her expert handler. Pushed hard for top honours.

3rd Morris & Waddell's Ch. Nothing Compares To You at Crosscop Sh.CM

Special Racing & Coursing (4)

1st Hedley's Knoxhill Let's Dance .

Pale red fawn, feminine with some elegance and a beautiful underline, ribbed well back, adequate bone, low hocks.

2nd Leathart & Skelley's Ringmore Day Lily.

Fawn. Curvaceous whippety girl, very feminine and smooth to go over. Well sprung pasterns and moderately angulated rear.

Cathie Brown: Judge