• Show Date: 05/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Border Collie


05 OCT 18


Many thanks to this friendly Society for giving me the opportunity to award my first set of CCs in this long admired breed. Having been offered this appointment some time ago, I was very much looking forward to my day. Many thanks to all the exhibitors who accepted all of my decisions with such good grace, you made me feel very humble to judge your beautiful breed. Temperaments, on the whole, were excellent, for me this must be paramount.


1. Kinsey’s Miraje Keep It Cool. B/w young man of 8 months, looking well. Kind, expressive head with dark eye. Good length of neck and pleasing front shoulder assembly. Nicely angulated throughout with strong, well-muscled rear. Moved with promising extension and drive, presented in immaculate condition with quality jacket, BPD.

2. Ashman’s Bordadale Blue Marvel. Blue of 6 months. Not the head of class winner but kind expression. Fair angulation in front and rear with sound top-line and good muscle. A little reluctant on the move where I would like to see more extension in front and drive from rear. Well presented in good coat.


1. Ashman’s Bordadale Blue Marvel.


1. Lee’s Master of Illusion JW. Approaching 18 months, nicely presented male in good coat, masculine head with kind expressive, dark eye. Well angulated all through with good body proportions. Sound top-line and correct bone. Very unsettled on the move but once into his stride, he showed some promising movement.

2. Shahmatova’s Nashdom Putting on the Style. 13 months and presented in tip-top condition although preferred the head and eye of my class winner. Good length of neck with pleasing front and depth of chest. Well muscled, he showed some good movement but would like a tidier rear action moving away.


1. Lee’s Master of Illusion JW.

2. Johnson’s Tonkory Talking Point at Tidespring. 18 months and on the lower end of the scale for size. Appealing head with good length of neck and pleasing front. Correct body proportions with sound top-line, he showed some promising extension and drive in profile. Well presented young dog in fit condition.

3. Skinner/Cowley’s Axernamoon Casablanca of Jackcamb.

PGD – Liked this class very much.

1. Walters’ Goytre Hiding My Heart. Fit young dog of 2½ years in hard condition. Masculine head and expression. Good neck with lovely shoulder placement and correct body proportions. Well angulated in front and rear with sound well-muscled top-line, this dog did not disappoint on the move. Typical movement with correct extension and drive and beautifully presented.

2. Garland’s Tonkory Royale. Another lovely male of 2 years. Masculine head with kind expression. Lovely length of neck leading into a good shoulder placement. Correct body proportions and length of rib with strong loin. Unsettled on the move with change of handler which was a shame, I felt I did not see this dog’s true potential. Presented in excellent coat.

3. Kinton/Davis’ Kinaway All Is Said and Done for Jacamalis JW.

LD - Spoilt for choice in this class, a class that really made me think, too many pleasing dogs and not enough cards.

1. Ritchie’s Sashdan High Hopes for Dykebar JW. Beautifully proportioned dog of 2½ years and pleased he came today. Most appealing head with lovely dark, expressive eyes. Correct shape and balance in head with good length of neck leading into a super front assembly. Good body proportions, well angulated all through with toned muscle, in hard condition. When settled into his movement, he showed typical extension and drive in all directions. Presented in immaculate condition. One to watch with interest in the future.

2. Tunnicliff’s Littlethorn Manta JW. Another lovely male of 3 years moving out well. Pleasing head with lovely expression, correct length of neck and straight front. Liked his body proportions and outline both standing and moving. Fit and well-muscled, he was presented in immaculate condition.

3. Kerr’s Sheltysham Song of Swag for Borderclan (AI).


1. Green’s Sh Ch. Fayken I Am Legend JW. Outstanding male of 7 years, shown in his absolute prime. Appealing head with the most gorgeous expressive eyes, balanced skull, strong muzzle and under-jaw. Correct length to neck leading into a lovely front assembly. Good depth of chest and lovely length and shape of rib. Good body proportions and correctly angulated all through. This dog was turned out in tip-top condition, scoring for his harmonious movement, just as a border collie should, not a paw out of place. Pleased to award him the DCC.

2. Fawcett’s Sh Ch. Laceway Photo Finish. Another lovely male of 6 years moving well in all directions as if he meant business. Masculine head with lovely expression and dark eye. Smooth outline and well-muscled top-line, he was beautifully angulated all through with good depth of chest and correct rib. Well muscled and fit, this male was presented in first class condition in quality coat.

3. Shahmatova’s Nashdom Putting on the Ritz (AI).


1. Hales’ Sh Ch. Laceway Lone Ranger JW. Loved this 8 year old male very much and clearly has a beautiful temperament. Gorgeous head and melting expression with kind, dark eye. Good length of neck with correct front assembly and depth of chest, correct rib and strong loin. Smooth outline with accurate body proportions. In immaculate condition, he moved out in all directions effortlessly with nothing to fault, RDCC.

2. Grant’s Sh Ch. Janbell Valentino avec Coussiere JW. Another handsome male of 8 years, certainly not showing any sign of his veteran years. Lovely expression and dark eye. Good reach of neck leading into well-laid shoulders. Sound top-line and correct body proportions, he moved out well and was presented in clean and fit condition.

3. Collins’ Sh Ch. Bordadale Blue Savannah.


1. Garland’s Tonkory Doyle JW ShCM. Beautifully presented male of 6½ years with keen expression and balanced head. Good reach of neck leading into a well angulated front, good bone. Correct body proportions, this boy was fit and well-muscled with sound top-line which he held well standing and on the move. Used the ring effectively to show some typical extension and drive.

2. Tansley’s Bilyara River Ranch ShCM. 9 year old male presented in clean, fit condition. Kind expression with dark eye. Nicely angulated throughout with toned muscle. Pleasing body proportions, he showed some good extension and drive in profile.

3. Surridge’s Goytre Saucie Moment JW ShCM.


1. Edmonds’ Tazaeos Hot Legs (AI). Feminine girl of 8 months. Balanced head with gorgeous expression. Lovely reach of neck with good shoulder placement and correct body proportions. Nicely angulated front and rear, she was presented in quality coat. When settled into her stride, she showed some promising reach and drive, BPB, BPIB.

2. Kinsey’s Miraje Peaky Blinder. Lovely young girl of 8 months, litter sister to my BPD. Kind head and expression with lovely temperament. Looked well in profile on the move, just a little ‘bum’ high at the moment and carrying a little too much weight. Presented in beautiful coat.


1. Simmons/Inverno’s Sashdan Never Ending Story (AI). What a lovely young bitch of just 12 months to top this class, took my eye when first sent around the ring and moved effortlessly in profile. Very feminine and expressive with balanced head. No mistaking she is still a baby but pulled out all the stops today and very much warranted being considered for the CC. Beautifully angulated and proportioned all through, she can only improve as she matures and settles, a worthy bitch who I was pleased to award RBCC.

2. Walters’ Goytre Summer Breeze. Another bitch of super quality. 15 months, I loved her femininity and expressive eyes. Maturing beautifully with some lovely qualities. Smooth outline when moving and standing, she gaited correctly in all directions. Correct body proportions and turned out in fit, well –muscled condition. Beautifully presented young bitch who I shall watch with interest.

3. Shahmatova’s Nashdom La Vie Est Belle.


1. Gregory’s Tonkory Some Have It JW. Very feminine bitch, typical from this kennel, of 22 months. Gorgeous head and expression with dark eye. Good length of neck with pleasing shoulder assembly, correct proportions and well-muscled rear which showed in her sound and easy movement. Another immaculately presented.

2. Large’s Wizaland Solitaire. Another nicely made bitch of 20 months presented in clean condition. Appealing feminine head with balance. Good shoulder placement and depth of chest. Showed some good reach and drive in all directions but feel her overall performance would improve if she carried a little less weight.

3. Dalby’s Axernamoon African Queen.


1. Grant’s Coussiere Dancing Queen. A sound and honest bitch of 3 years who I liked very much. Feminine head with gorgeous, enquiring expression. Lovely shoulder placement and correct body proportions. Nicely angulated in front and rear, she was well-muscled and very fit. Keen to please her handler, she moved well in all directions showing some typical extension and drive.

2. Edmonds’ Tazaeos Solar Flare. Plain girl 2½ years, of lovely quality. Expressive, feminine head with balance, melting dark eye. Well angulated in front and rear carrying good muscle. Correct body proportions and sound top-line, she moved effortlessly in all directions. Presented in immaculate condition.

3. Johnson’s Tonkory Reverie at Tidespring.


1. Tunnicliff’s Littlethorn California. This class winner made me smile when I opened the catalogue later in the day, I remember judging her as a puppy. Now at 3 years she has clearly matured into a beautiful young lady and glad I found her again! Balanced and feminine head with gorgeous expression. Nicely angulated all through with correct body proportions, depth of chest and rib. Well-muscled and fit she moved effortlessly in all directions and was presented in excellent condition.

2. Gregory’s Tonkory Putting On The Style. Another lovely example, this 2½ year old bitch was shown in immaculate condition. Very feminine in head with keen expression and kind eye. Excellent angulation front and rear with pleasing body proportions. When settled and focused into her stride she moved beautifully.

3. Johnson’s Kanamaren Anything She Does at Tidespring.

OB – Two outstanding bitches headed this class.

1. Green’s Sh Ch. Fayken I Am Love JW. This ultra feminine bitch absolutely ticked all the right boxes with me for breed type and movement from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail. Gorgeous head and expression with the most soul-searching eyes. Beautifully angulated with the smoothest of outlines, she gaited effortlessly in all directions and ‘owned’ the ring. Correct length of neck with lovely shoulder placement, depth of chest and rib. Well-muscled and in the fittest condition, she was well worthy of her BCC and subsequently BOB. Pleased to see her later short-listed in the pastoral group.

2. Walters’ Sh Ch. Goytre Daddy’s Saucie Girl JW. Another super bitch, 4½ years of lovely quality. Most feminine, balanced head with gorgeous expression and dark eye. Well placed shoulder with excellent angulation front and rear. Correct body proportions, she was presented in fit, well-muscled condition, as always from this kennel. Moved effortlessly, as one with her handler, in all directions showing correct extension and drive.

3. Gregory’s Tonkory I Should Coco JW.


1. Simmons’ Miraje It Can’t Be. What a beautiful 10 year old lady, certainly belied her veteran years and was really enjoying her day. Veterans always seem to touch your soul and she certainly did. Very feminine head and expression. Sound, well angulated front with good depth of chest and rib. Well-muscled top-line which she held well standing and on the move. Very settled on the move she showed some good extension and drive, beautifully presented.

2. Edmonds’ Simmovon Hot Stuff for Tazaeos. Another lovely veteran lady of 8 years, not quite the head and expression of my class winner but nonetheless feminine and balanced. Good body proportions and outline standing and moving, she moved out well showing some good reach. Presented in fit, well-muscled condition.

3. Good/Lewis’ Shemella Evening Mist.


1. Tansley’s Bilyara Ice Maiden. Lovely bitch of 5½ years with balanced and feminine head. Sound body proportions with pleasing angulation both front and rear. Moved well in all directions and presented in immaculate coat. Well muscled and very fit.

Cath Moffat