• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carolyn Lambert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Bull Terrier

I would like to thank the Scottish Kennel Club Committee for inviting me to judge at their Championship Show. It is a lovely venue and unlike when I previously showed there, the rings are now inside. With the Scottish weather being so contrary, it is little wonder that judging now takes place under cover but the day was lovely and the exhibitors were probably grateful for the shade. I would also like to thank my most efficient ring stewards, Gillian and Alec for all their help. The entry was pretty good at 35 but with 13 absent on the day. The overall quality was very good and I was more than happy with my CC and RCC winners.

Class 591 Puppy Dog (1) (0 absent)

1st. Dodd & Rowlands’ Bluepoint Patchogue – 9 month old white dog with a Tri coloured eye patch and ear marking. Lovely smooth profile to head with well-placed ears. Good mouth. Short backed, mature bodylines, movement a bit close from behind. Would have liked a bit more angulation to hindquarters and his front feet turned out a touch. Otherwise a very pleasing, typy dog. Best Puppy Dog.

Class 592 Junior Dog (3) (1 absent)

1st. Lamonby’s Emred Dikram Devils Brew – Outstanding, typy, white dog with black ear markings. Beautiful head, strong, well filled and smooth, with correct eye placement and well placed ears. Good mouth. Straight front, good round bone with lovely neat feet. Short backed with very well angulated hindquarters. A really, super, well-made dog teeming with quality, and with a lovely temperament, Presented in tip top condition and beautifully handled. Still just a baby, he can only get better. DCC & BOB.

2nd. Hedges’ Civert Stop the Cavalry – A solidly built, well shaped Tri-colour boy. Big, well packed head with a good profile. His ears were a touch big and he was not keen to use them. Good mouth. Plenty of bone but his front could be straighter. Well shaped hindquarters and movement was ok, covering the ground well. Shown in good condition.

Class 593 Post Graduate Dog (5) (2 absent)

1st. Newman’s Pinebull At First Light – Compact hi quality white dog with a strong, well filled head with a lovely curved profile and great muzzle strength. Well placed ears. His expression is sharp with correctly placed eyes. Well made with plenty of bone and neat, cat like feet. Straight front and very well angulated hindquarters. Slight mismark on tail.

2nd. Donachy’s Kenquince Revenge Is Sweet – White dog with a black ear and eye mark. Nicely made terrier type with a short back, well angulated hindquarters and a straight front. Neat feet. His head lacked the classic profile but his ears were correctly placed and he has a good expression. Moved well both ways.

3rd. McDonagh & McLeish’s Irazistabull Hades Upstart.

Class 594 Limit Dog (4) (2 absent)

1st. Mathison’s Sellbullie Dark Side of Blazinbullys – Very smart, cobby black/brindle dog. Pleasing profile to his head, well shaped and filled. Lovely neat, well placed ears. Good mouth. Very short back, with plenty of bone, straight front and tidy feet. Lovely, well angulated hindquarters. Movement was OK, jaunty and powerful. Challenged hard for the Res CC

2nd. Phillips’ Bullyon Beyond Measure – Tall, heavyweight, white dog. His head was strong with a good profile. He has a perfect mouth. He was not using his ears and was clearly not feeling himself as he had hurt his tail earlier in the day and clearly affecting his tail carriage and his overall performance. Lots to like, plenty of bone with very mature bodylines but a bit long in back. His front feet turned out a bit but his rear angulation is good.

Class 595 Open Dog – (4) (1 absent)

1st. Sineri’s Ch White Kamikaze – Very smart, well-made white dog with eye mark. Strong head with good strength but just lacking a classic profile. Well placed ears. Good mouth. Short, mature bodylines with good front, strong neck, short body and well angulated rear quarters. Moved extremely well with drive and was parallel. Shown in first class condition and presented very well. RDCC

2nd. Jowers’ Clansmann Centurion Player – Pleasing high quality white dog with a lovely profile but would prefer more fill to head when viewed from the front. Well placed ears and good mouth. Very good, straight front with well-shaped feet. Terrier type body, with well-shaped hindquarters. Movement a touch close behind but altogether a decent all round type of dog.

3rd. Redmond’s Warhorse Lord Flash Heart.

Class 596 Veteran Dog (0) (0 absent)

Class 597 Puppy Bitch (1) (0 absent)

1st. Nisbet & Kelly’s Serenbull Soul Angel – Very pretty red bitch with feminine bodylines. Short head with a pleasing profile and enough fill. Ears are well placed and she has a good mouth. Good front with a short back and well shaped hindquarters. She moved well and showed with enthusiasm. Very promising terrier type at just under a year old. Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy.

Class 598 Junior Bitch (3) (1 absent)

1st. Lamonby’s Emred Dikram Devils Delores – Well shaped white bitch with black ear markings. Short, strong head with good profile. Good mouth. Small, well placed eye giving a lovely expression. Would have preferred a longer reach of neck. Good front, short back with small, neat feet. Good tuck up and deep brisket. Well angulated hindquarters. Presented and handled very well. Movement was a bit close behind but she flowed with pace and drive when viewed from the side.

2nd. Zabinski’s Nordbull Naughty N’Nice at Zabakrol – Smart, white bitch with black eye patch. Pleasing curve to profile but would prefer more power to the muzzle. Ears are well placed. Good front. Slightly long in back with a level topline. Well angulated hindquarters, she moved well in front but a bit close behind. Presented in very good condition.

Class 599 Post Graduate Bitch (4) (1 absent)

1st. Lightburn’s Funkaidellix’s Gold Dawn – Very pretty white bitch with red ear markings. Short head with a pleasing profile and well placed ears. Good mouth. Straight front with neat, well shaped feet. Good bodylines and well angulated hindquarters and her coat was in lovely condition. Movement was ok.

2nd. Jower’s Clansmann Wicked Dreamgirl – Tall, white bitch. Head is a little narrow when viewed from the front but the ears are well placed and she has a good expression. Good mouth. A little long in back and could do with a bit more bone. Straight front with well-shaped hindquarters.

3rd. Naomi’s Irazistabull Staring Back at Groundworx.

Class 600 Limit Bitch (3) (1 absent)

1st. Johnson’s Javarke River Romance – Beautiful, typy Tri-coloured bitch. Super head, packed right up with a lovely profile. Good reach of neck. Plenty of bone, short bodied, good front, well up on her tightly shaped toes with good angulation to hindquarters. Well shaped and correctly placed ears. Perfect mouth. Very neat, short backed with lovely shaped and angulated quarters. Moved like a dream, parallel and with drive. Presented in wonderful condition and well handled. BCC

2nd. Airey & Johnstone’s Rabram Rebellious Rose – Big white bitch with black ear markings. Head strong with good eye expression and well placed ears. Slightly long in back and a bit down on her pasterns. Moved very well from the side with power and pace.

Class 601 Open Bitch (7) (4 absent)

1st. Young’s Beebeemi High Claudia at Bullyview – White bitch with red ear markings. Great type, strong and filled head but lacking a classic profile. Super, sharp expression with well-placed ears. Good front, mature body lines, nice reach of neck. She moved well from the side and was handled to perfection. A strong sound bitch that is not flashy when is a pleasure to go over and is correct in many ways. RBCC

2nd. Morris & Heath’s Bowmountbull Black Knight at Bluepoint – Very smart terrier type black/brindle bitch. Super classically shaped profile to head with good mouth. Well shaped ears and good expression. Good reach of neck, lovely straight front with well-shaped feet. Slightly long in back and would prefer a bit more bone and substance throughout; maybe that will come with maturity. Well-handled and shown in super condition, her coat was gleaming.

3rd. Hill’s Irazistabull Hades Starlet.

Class 602 Veteran Bitch (0) (0 absent)

Carolyn Lambert (Judge)