• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carolyn Lambert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Bull Terrier (Miniature)

Bull Terrier (Miniature)

I would like to thank the Scottish Kennel Club Committee for inviting me to judge at their Championship Show. It is a lovely venue and unlike when I previously showed there, the rings are now inside. With the Scottish weather being so contrary, it is little wonder that judging now takes place under cover but the day was lovely and the exhibitors were probably grateful for the shade. I would also like to thank my most efficient ring stewards, Gillian and Alec for all their help. The entry was good at 27 but sadly the number of animals absent was high at 10. Still there was no absence of quality and I was very pleased with the ultimate winners. There were a few over the measure but not by much and there were many bang on the measure and one actually under! Expressions have improved and I feel that our “Mini Cousins” are now very much living up to the old adage “looking like what it says on the tin”.

Class 603 Puppy Dog (1) (0 absent)

1st. Brommont-Lothary’s Queequeg Bonsai Von Amadis – A super, well shaped brindle dog. His head is powerful with a good profile. Nicely shaped and placed ears with a good expression. Slight mouth fault. Lovely front, neat feet and good width to his ribcage. Well angulated quarters and his movement was parallel both ways. Height was bang on the measure. RDCC & BP

Class 604 Junior Dog (0) (0 absent)

Class 605 Post Graduate Dog (1) (0 absent)

1st. Barr’s Giffinbull Stone Roses – Smart, cobby red dog. Well shaped head lacking some profile. Well shaped ears, placed correctly. Good front, well bodied with nicely angulated hindquarters. He was quite shy and proving difficult to handle, so I was unable to access his movement as he clearly just wanted to leave the ring.

Class 606 Limit Dog (1) (0 absent)

1st. Barr’s Giffinbull Fools Gold – Typy red dog who was exactly on the measure. Well shaped head but would like a bit more fill. Well placed ears. Slight mouth fault. Front needs to tighten. Slightly long cast. Movement was very good, wide and parallel with good pace.

Class 607 Open Dog – (5) (3 absent)

1st. Phillips’ Bullyon Ready To Measure – Super white dog teeming with quality. Short backed, well shaped, clean body lines. Lovely head, classic profile with plenty of strength to his muzzle. Very neat, well placed ears and a cracking expression. Although he has a slight mouth fault and is a smidgeon over the measure, his obvious type and quality are more than enough to overcome these minor points in my view. His calm and delightfully happy temperament is very evident and he is a pleasure to go over. Shown in super condition. DCC & BOB

2nd. Boyne’s Decadance Dauntless At Boannadeen – Typy white dog with red ear marking. Short head which is well filled. Slight mouth fault. Ears are well placed and he has a pleasing expression. Moved well from behind, covering the ground with power and pace. Just over the measure.

Class 608 Veteran Dog (1) (0 absent)

1st. Woods’ Prince Guvnor At Kiltonthorpe – Over eight year old Tri-colour dog. Not looking a bit his age. His head does not have enough profile but his ears are well shaped and bang on top. Good mouth. Straight front with nice, tidy feet. Short bodied. Shown in very good condition, he is a credit to his owner. BV

Class 609 Puppy Bitch (1) (1 absent)

Class 610 Junior Bitch (5) (2 absent)

1st.Whittaker’s Wengormick Petite Firenze – Very pretty brindle and white bitch. Beautifully made with lovely make and shape. Her head is nicely shaped head, but lacking a little in profile. Ears are neat and well placed. Perfect mouth. Lovely neck with good reach. Good front and well angulated and shaped hindquarters. Short coupled. Her movement was parallel both ways. Well-presented and handled perfectly. RBCC

2nd. McGregor’s Opium Bonsai Von Amadis – Very pretty, dainty, terrier type black/brindle and white bitch with a good head, nicely shaped profile a deep muzzle and a perfect mouth. Good front and lovely, cat like feet. Good reach of neck and well shaped hind quarters. She is certainly a smart show girl and eye catching but I would like to see more substance. Shown in beautiful condition and handled well.

3rd. Heard’s Louwab Frau Perchta.

Class 611 Post Graduate Bitch (3) (1 absent)

1st.Stephens & Mitchell’s Mysibul’s Of Amazing Grace From Seayess – Very smart, small brindle and white bitch. Pretty head, well shaped with plenty of fill. Neat well placed ears. Good front with a deep brisket. A little long in body, with well angulated quarters. Under the measure. Moved well.

2nd. Boynes’s Duvessa Chiquita At Boannadeen – Tiny brindle bitch. Short, filled head with well-set ears but a slightly round eye which spoils her expression. Slight mouth fault. Her front is not her fortune and her hindquarters could do with more angulation. However on the plus side, her movement is pretty good and she is well under the measure.

Class 612 Limit Bitch (3) (0 absent)

1st. Stephens & Tominey’s Seayess Mistyrious – Beautifully put together, very smart and typy brindle bitch. Her head is well shaped and filled with a smooth profile. Well placed ears with a good mouth. She has a slightly round eye. Good front with enough bone and neat, tidy feet. Short body, plenty of substance, nicely tucked up with well angulated hindquarters. She was slightly over the measure but her quality and type stand her in good stead. She was good on the move, striding out and covering the ground well. Calm and happy temperament she makes a great showgirl. Has quality and style in abundance and won the CC with something to spare so I was somewhat surprised to learn it is her first. BCC

2nd. Boyne’s Decadance Dollar Belle At Boannadeen – Very smart, black/brindle bitch. Pleasing profile to head but lacking a bit of fill. Ears were a good shape and well placed. Slight mouth fault. Front good, with nice reach of neck. Would like to see a bit more bone. Slightly over the measure but her hindquarters were well angulated and she moved pretty well. Presented in tip top condition, her coat was gleaming.

3rd. Woods’ Duvessa Little Eva At Kiltonthorpe.

Class 613 Open Bitch (4) (3 absent)

1st. Glass’ Int/Lux Ch. Angels Warriors Tiny Forever – Small, red and white bitch with a decent profile to her head but needing a bit more fill to the muzzle. Her ears are neat and well set. Correct mouth. Straight front with a short, well shaped body and neat cat like feet. Good size and moved well at the rear. Very sweet temperament, she showed well.

Class 614 Veteran Bitch (0) (0 absent)

Carolyn Lambert (Judge)