• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Caroline Osborne Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Whippet

My thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge, my two very efficient stewards Chris and Wayne, and the exhibitors for their entry. For me it is all about conformation and soundness so my line-ups will not necessarily look ‘of a type’ but will be determined by how true they move. I was disappointed that there were not more entered in the Racing/Lure coursing classes, especially as there were dogs present that I know the owners run, a shame as it is our opportunity to showcase. There were three dogs whose bite was verging on level rather than scissor and lots who had teeth with tartar on them.

VETERAN DOG (3, 2 abs)

1. Severn DELJORHEA HE’S THE ONE AT NATTAH. Brindle 7 yrs old enjoying his day out. Moderately angulated with a good topline. Moved soundly, wagging his tail the whole time. Didn’t have the presence of the bitch in the challenge

MINOR PUPPY DOG (2, 1 abs)

1. Reece SALEEHAH SANTA’S ELF. 6mths fawn baby. Well constructed but a little narrow throughout at present. Sound enough.


1. Place AARMINIAS LUV THE WAY YOU LIE. Correct size brindle with lovely head and expression. Moderate angulation all through, well balanced. I would prefer a little more depth of brisket. Best mover in the class.

2. Chappell GOLDEN FLEECE INTO BLUEFLIGHT. Elegant fawn who has good depth and angulation. Moved well enough in profile

JUNIOR DOG (7, 2 abs)

1. Wilton-Clark SHALFLEET THE LION KING. Attractive brindle who presents a lovely outline, standing over a lot of ground. Long neck, good topline and front assembly, a tad overdone behind for me but he moved well.

2. Gower COURTBIRCH STORM WARNING Blanket marked brindle particolour. Well constructed throughout with correct top and underline, not overdone in any way and moved soundly.

YEARLING DOG (7, 1 abs)

1. Lawson RANVELI BLUE BREEZE. Blue brindle with attractive head, long neck set into well laid shoulders, good depth, length and angulated rear to match his front. Moved soundly in all directions but his handler did not make the best of him stacked

2. Poole & Winkley-Balmer EDENWHIP QUANTUM OF SOLACE. Brindle that was well handled. Good length of neck but more upright in front than I like. Deep brisket and length of rib and loin. Sound hindquarters. Moved well enough


1. Kriesel GLOBERUNNERS FANTOM Jun Ch. Correct sized dog with a super head and expression, he has a lovely flowing, balanced outline, well constructed throughout and moved accurately in all directions as a consequence. I would prefer him to carry a little less weight and have better muscle tone.

2. Severn COURTBIRCH WIND OF CHANGE FOR NATTAH. Fawn/white trim. More curvy shape with adequate angulation, good top and underline. Moved soundly


1. Cahill & Timberlake ENOLACANS ANTONIO BANDERAS AT CHIPPERLAKE (IMP). Elegant pale fawn. Lovely head and expression, finest of coats. Well angulated although I would prefer a slightly better return of upper arm. Correct top and underline, length of rib and loin. Moved well




2. Chappell BLUEFLIGHT ICE ‘N’ EASY. Blue brindle. Good head with strong underjaw. Present a balanced outline with moderate angulation. Good depth of brisket and topline. Moved well in profile.

MID-LIMIT DOG (9, 2 abs)


2. Witham/Farrant LIKIRIA MOONSHINE SONG. Pale fawn strong but balanced dog with flowing outline and well made throughout. He moves soundly in all directions.


1. Courtney COURTBIRCH FORCE OF NATURE JW. Brindle dog who has matured into a lovely dog. Love his head and expression, long neck that flows into good shoulders, with rear to match, good length and depth all through. Presents a balanced outline. Moves easily and soundly. RCC

2. Vaughan MOSSBAWNHILL CARRIES IT OFF FOR LEWCERYCAR. Fawn/white parti. An elegant dog with the finest of coat and skin. Overall well balanced, good angulation, correct topline and sound on the move.


1. Wheeler MYTHIC BALDER DES PLAINES DES BRUYERES AVEC RANVELI (Imp) JW. I have admired this quality brindle dog from when he was a puppy and was very pleased to have the opportunity to judge him. He is elegant but masculine with a lovely head and expression. His outline flows from nose to tail, he has a long neck that flows into the best of shoulders with hind angulation to match. Good depth, well ribbed back and length of loin, correct top and underline. Shown in lovely condition and well handled. His movement is true and sound. CC which I understand is his 3rd. Well deserved.

2. Jones CH JOTHRYN BJORNE TO LOVE JW. Brindle who has a good make and shape but not the scope of the winner. Moved sound enough but didn’t seem to be putting his all in this day.


1. Glasspool/Manners MANNERPOOL IT’S A FINE LIFE. Sable with moderate angulation throughout. He has a good topline and the ratio of rib to loin length is OK but, aesthetically, I would prefer a little more overall body length to give him better scope standing. Shown in fit condition, as I would expect in this class, and his was the best movement of the day, he has a true, easy gait and is light on his feet.

2. Severn NATTAH SILVER LINING. Lovely headed fawn brindle parti. Good angulation and I preferred the scope of this dog but he is not as good on the move as the winner.


1. James DRAKESOAK RUM PUNCH. Attractive dark brindle dog. Well made throughout with the best of toplines. Moved well

2. Price WHEELSPIN SILVER SHADOW AMONG SILKDANCE. Fawn with good construction although a little flat in topline at present. Sound enough on the move



2. Handley JOTHRYN GOLDEN SUN. Brindle dog, good make and shape but quite strong all through. Not quite as positive on the move as the winner.

VETERAN BITCH (8, 3 abs)

1. Grisoli CH LOROLI LET’S BOOGIE. Brindle bitch with flowing outline, long neck set into good shoulders, deep brisket, correct top and underline, well angulated hindquarters. Moves true and soundly. BVIB

2. Griffiths PELYMA PRINCESS LEIA. Fawn with pleasing head and expression, good for balance, moderately angulated, correct depth and length. Moves true coming and going but would prefer more reach and drive in profile.


1. Davies COLLOONEY BLACK VELVET PASHARIF. Lovely, quality puppy in a gleaming black/white trim jacket. Very together, super scopey outline, well angulated without exaggeration, best of toplines and moves so soundly. BPIB

2. Allisstone KAYMARK AMAZING GRACE AT HERGEHILL. Brindle particolour, very much a baby but well put together with enough depth and length for her age and sound on the move.

PUPPY BITCH (11, 1 abs)

1. Dufty & Morland TRIKEN FOLLOW THAT DREAM. Brindle particolour with balanced outline, good angulation, length and depth. Well muscled and sound on the move

2. Thomas AARMINIAS PRINCESS OF CHINA AT BOWDONIA. Another brindle particolour, lovely head, well made all through and sound. Lost out to the winner on muscle tone.

JUNIOR BITCH (7, 1 abs)

1. Brown ARDENCOTE SWEET DESTINY FOR BLUESTREAK. Pale fawn particolour. I liked her size, make and shape. Moved well in all directions.

2. Whitehead/Smith/Mixides KLARUCHART AILAMA WITH CITYCROFT (IMP). Fawn with a lovely head and expression, built on much the same lines as the winner but a size bigger. . She has good front and profile movement.


1. Wheeler RANVELI SANDY SHORES. Pretty blue brindle with elegant outline. Long neck flowing into good shoulders, deep brisket, well ribbed back but needs to strengthen through her loin. Hindquarter match her front and she moves soundly with good reach and drive.

2. Smith WELSTAR AIRS AND GRACES AT CRYHAVOC. Fawn of moderate construction, rather upright in front but deep and strong through her body and hindquarters. Sound enough on the move

NOVICE BITCH (6, 1 abs)


2. Blacklee COLLOONEY EYE FOR THE BOYS. Well made pale fawn, not overdone in any way with good top and underline. Moved soundly.


1. Franklin HACCASBROOK MADAM GIGI. Fawn brindle with a lovely head and expression. Long neck, good layback of shoulder, correct topline, moderately angulated hindquarters. Moves soundly in front and profile, a tad close behind.

2. Bray CYANGRAGE MY CUPPA TEA. Very immature brindle, good angulation fore and aft. She has good length and depth but needs the body up and develop in topline. Moved soundest of the rest of this class.


1. Oliver SPYANFLY SHE’S A SWINGER. Blue brindle with lovely outline, good balance and well made throughout. Moved well with a long, easy stride.

2. Grisoli LOROLI LOST MY STRIPES. Shaded fawn, good for size and well put together. Not the scope of the winner and moved well in profile

MID LIMIT BITCH (11, 1 abs)

1. Jones JOTHRYN GOLDEN GLOW JW. Attractive dark brindle, good for size and well made all through. Moved well enough

2. Wheeler ADAGIO DEEP COVER FOR RANVELI (IMP). Quality bitch with super outline and good conformation all through. I thought she would be my winner but although she moved well in hind and profile, she disappointed me in front movement.

LIMIT BITCH (11, 4 abs)

1. Whitehead/Smith/Mixides WINTER IS COMING TO CITYCROFT. I judged this black as a youngster and she has certainly matured into an elegant and quality lady. Flows in outline from nose to tail, correct all through with little to dislike about her. Moved absolutely true in all directions and never stopped showing. CC and BOB

2. Downing-Christie/Christie ZIGOUSE KISS THE STARS. Pale fawn strong bitch with a lovely outline and good construction. Moved well.


  1. Doherty/Van Der Schaaf CRÈME ANGLAISE’S LA COLLE NOIR. Pretty dark brindle, lovely size and well constructed throughout with correct topline. She also moves easily and accurately which won her the RCC

2. Short COLLOONEY WHOOPEE DO DORA JW . Blue brindle of very similar type and make as the winner but couldn’t match her on the move.


1. Webber ZORADEN DARKEST WINGS. Strong, well made black with good outline. Shown in good fit condition. Good profile movement

2. Severn MAGIA BLANCO CON NATTAH. Black & white with scopey outline, strong hindquarters and moves out OK but with too much knee action for my liking.

GCB (4)


2. Bass BLANDINGS TREACLE TART ShCM. Pretty brindle particolour . lovely head and eye. Good, scopy outline, well made throughout and stands over a lot of ground. Moves well in profile but untidy in front and a tad close behind.

SBB (5)

1. Handley LAWLEYMOON FIRST LOVE. Blue brindle with good head and moderate construction all through, deep through the brisket and sound enough.

2. Longhurst ZORADEN CARRERA AT ABBEYHURST. Rangier brindle with good outline, good front assembly and hindquarters to match, correct topline. Not as good in hind movement as the winner.