• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: caroline Griffin-Woods Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Retriever (Chesapeake Bay)

Thank you to SKC for offering me my first CC appointment & to my ring stewards 

Thank you to exhibitors for their entries and good grace in accepting my decision to withhold the dog tickets mainly due to the lack of maturity of the 2 males present. 11 dogs with 6 exhibited. 

Puppy dog – no entries

Junior Dog – 2, 1 abs 

1st Miss L Murray’s Takoda Nathan, a raw 14mth old, good coloured dark deadgrass in excellent coat. Needing width across the muzzle, good eye, nice ear shape & set. Onto a nice neck, little short in upper arm, needs more width in the chest front on, good depth side on, good loin, the rear angulation is slightly straight giving a slightly choppy movement, needed tighter feet & more bone RBD 

P/G Dog – 3, 1 abs 

1st  Miss D Crewe’s Chesarab Saltmarsh(us imp) 22mth old, brown, good coat, Good head would prefer slightly more width across the muzzle, paler eye than coat colour but within the standard, nice ear size & set on, nice neck length, good shoulders angulation, rib cage needs to develop further, good loin, well angled rear with good muscle tone. Moved out slightly wide at the rear, would prefer slightly lower tail carriage BD 

2nd   Miss L Murray’s Takoda Nathan 

Limit dog -1, 1 abs 

Open dog – 1, 1 abs 

Puppy bitch – no entries  

Junior bitch – 1 

1st Miss L Murray’s Luisaidh Eva, a raw 14th old, in a good dark brown coat, nice head, would prefer more width across the muzzle, nice eye, good ear shape & set on, nice neck on good shoulder angulation, needs more bone & tighter feet, good depth of chest but currently needing more width front on, good loin, good rear angles, good tail carriage. Moved out ok. 

P/G Bitch 3, 1 abs 

1st Miss C Pont’s Oakmarsh Dancing Diva, 18mths old, in good coat. Good head would prefer slightly more width across the muzzle to complete, has acceptable lighter eye than coat colour, neat ears, nice length of neck onto nicely angled shoulders, rib cage needs to mature fully to complete, good loin with good rear angulation, good tail carriage, moved out well – RCC 

2nd Miss L Murray’s Luisaidh Eva 

Limit Bitch 1, 

1st Miss C Pont’s Penrose Hash Brown, 22mths old brown in excellent coat, nice head & expression with good ear set, nice neck onto well angled shoulders, good depth of chest side on would prefer slightly more width front on & slightly tighter feet to complete. Good loin onto well angled rear. Good tail carriage, moved out well - CC & BOB 


Open Bitch 1, 1 abs 


Veteran Bitch 3, 2 abs 

1st Miss D Crewe Chesepi Neah Bay 8 ½ years old, in excellent coat but carrying a little extra weight, good head but needs more width across the muzzle, Nice neck onto good shoulder angulation, would prefer more width in the chest front on, good depth side on, good loin length, nicely angled in the rear, with good tail carriage, moved out stiffly – BV 

caroline griffin-woods