• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carole Smedley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)



Firstly I would like to thank Windsor Show Committee for this prestigious invitation, secondly my stalwart Stewards, Sue and Dave Walklate who everything kept running smoothly, and finally to you, the exhibitors, who brought some excellent specimens for my judgement, in some classes there were not sufficient 1st prize cards to satisfy all.

To have 3 of my placings feature in the groups on the day, says much for the quality of the entry but to have your BOB taking G1 made my day and that for the exhibitors. Veteran and Special Beginner winners also featured, so a big thank you to all


1 Davies – CH ERMYN SNOW KNIGHT, very well made tricolour with an excellent top line, good balance of head, nice expression gained from well placed eye and ear placing. In super coat and condition his movement was easy and fluent, so pleased to hear that he took G2 in the Veteran Group later in the day and interesting to note he is grand sire of BOB Winner

2 Davies – CH CERANDA CLASS ACT, another tricolour lady of quality who just lost out on top line and movement, also her coat is just about to leave home, therefore not in the same sparkling condition as winner, she carries her title well. Pleasing head and eye, good neck and shoulders moved freely


PUPPY (1/0)

1. Weedal & Bogue – BRONABAY ILLUMINATIONS, alone this lad has time on his side but he is of good size and shape for his age. Pleasing front but needs to tighten all around. Head is developing well but just needs to fill in foreface. Moved quite well

JUNIOR (2/0)

1 Barlow – WOODHENGE STAR AGENT FOR PENDRELL, very pleasing NBT who just needs to fill out and grow as he is still in that in between stage neither puppy nor adult. Good eye set and placement, nice ears, ample neck, held top line on the move and covered the ground easily

2 WARNER – MEITZA ERIK THE KING, very well coated lad of good size. Pleasing outline and body with adequate depth of chest. Nice head with well placed eye, moved quite well.


1. MEITZA Erik The King

2. Wyer – COTTIVY MOZART, young man who needs to hold more body and condition. Pleasing head but needs more moulding in foreface. Quite good ear placement. Ample bone for his age. I was not happy to see as much white on this boy


1. Davies TOWERNAGLEN RED DRAGON WITH CERANDA. Quite promising lad of good size and moved easily not much to choose between him and

2. Dodd NIRENO HOB NOB. This boy was slightly heavier in body than winner but lost out in head pattern. Both exhibits moved quite well but I just preferred the make and shape of winner


LIMIT (9/2)

 This was an interesting class, full of quality headed by:

1) Blance & Shelton PENLIATH SPANNER IN THE WORX (Ai). What a stunning boy, if there was an award for presentation, then this lad had to win hands down as every hair was groomed to perfection.

Very pleasing, balanced head of good proportions, nice ear set. Good neck and shoulders kept a good level top line on move. I would prefer a little more width in chest and today would insist on standing very close in front and this was the only deciding factor but a very well deserved RDCC in excellent company

2) Maddox – REDFORDILL MAGIC MOMENTS TO SALVENIK JW (Imp), he is a good typical specimen of the breed, slightly lower in pasterns than I prefer but he has good bone and feet. Carries a level top-line and has a good expression from correct eye placing and well rounded foreface. His day will come



1. King & Taylor – CH OREGONIAN SNOW TIGER. My notes just said stunning and workmanlike. When I actually handled this boy, his qualities became clear. Good head with a lovely balance of skull to foreface, no flaring of cheekbones and a very well placed dark eye. Good neck and well set shoulders giving the correct angulations and thus correct straight front with good depth of chest. Good length of rib cage, which was lacking in many and solid quarters showing strength with out coarseness.

Ample bone and correct shaped feet which were well padded. Moved so easily to take not only this class but the CC, BOB and to add icing to the cake, on his co-owners birthday Group 1


2. Rees – STADWEN FIGARO, another with a very pleasing head and expression, handled well but appeared shorter in body and outline to winner. Lovely top line on the move and one who made use of the ring to show his virtues

3. McGregor & Van Eeghan, CH NIRENO LUKE SKYWALKER, sire of class winner and has passed on his many virtues, not disgraced in the class

GCD – D/B (4/2)

1. Legerton – ERMYN TIME TO DREAM FOR SOLAW – unplaced in a strong Limit class but well deserved his place here. Full of life and liked his make and shape but failed in front movement.

2. Van Eeghen – BALLETCO ZEBAS STARLIGHT, very pretty bitch who I would prefer to more size and substance for the show ring. In super hard working condition. Moved with enthusiasm in all directions

SB D/B (2/0)

1. Warner – Meitza Erik The King

2. Rowling – Castle boy (IKC) – good coloured lad of nice size. Pleasing head and top line but failed in front assembly as it was not as straight as I would prefer


1. Down – ELESSAR RAINBOW BY DESIGN, young lady who took everything in her stride. Pleasing head and foreface. Good ear set for her age. Well boned for her age, good body and hindquarters, moved out easily

2. Woodey – BARAWOOD SPIRITO LIBERO (AI) – another young lady who has not quite got hold of her ears and this just spoilt her overall expression. Good head and neck, kept a lovely top-line when moving. Time is very much on her side.

PUPPY (1/0)

1. Maddox – SALVENIK SUMMER ROSEBUD, my star of the day as this little lady has many virtues. Lovely head, so well balanced, good eye set. Well placed ears of good size and shape. Ample neck leading into well placed shoulders, good front and ample depth of chest for her age. Good body length, ample rib-cage and well made hind-quarters. Neat well padded feet and although alone in her class, she took a very well deserved RCC over her pretty dam, and BPIB

JUNIOR ( 4/1)

1. Coulson – WOODHENGE STORM PRINCESS NBT, one who appealed for her make and shape and movement. Head is well balanced and no flaring. Well placed and well set ear. Good top-line, presented in super coat and condition. One for the future.

2. Wyer – COTTIVY TWELFTH NIGHT, very similar to winner but slightly longer cast from ribs to quarters. Good depth of chest and good front. Pleasing head and expression Moved quite well

3. Badham-Thornhill – BENINGLE’S SONG BIRD



1 Barlow – HIGHWORTH VANITY FAIR FOR PENDRELL, very appealing lady who is not quite back into full show condition but she has very many virtues including a lovely size and shape. Pleasing head with a well placed eye. Good front. Just needs to tighten up on movement but has well padded feet and kept a level top-line

2 Davies – CERANDA OCEAN BREEZE – mature lady with a very pleasing head and eye. Good body shape moved well in profile but not as positive in front as I prefer


LIMIT (8/3)

1. Rees – STADWEN ROSINA, very well made lady of good size and shape. Pleasing head but I would prefer a slightly better eye shape to improve her expression. Well made with good shoulders and ample neck. Good top-line and moved easily to win this class

2. Maddox – BERTLEY AUTUMNAL ROSE WITH SALVENIK, one I judged as a baby and she has shown much of the potential she promised then. Good head and foreface, lovely shape and moved quite well perhaps a little wide behind today


OPEN (6/1) A lovely class full of quality bitches some of which were lower down the line and on another day would win – Thanks for bringing these ladies today.

1. Rees CH STADWEN TINKERBELLE, well constructed lady of good size and shape. Ample bone, good depth of chest. Well placed shoulders and held a level top-line moving. Coat is just about to go but it is a correct texture. Pleasing head and eye. Good front, covered the ground with ease and took this class and BCC

2. MADDOX – CH BERTLEY SUMMER ROSE WITH SALVENIK, dam of the puppy winner and she has certainly passed on her virtues. Slightly smaller in construction to winner and today not as positive moving as she appeared to be rather affected by the intense heat. Lovely head and eye, good foreface and another who has a good level top-line


JUDGE: Carole A Smedley