• Show Date: 27/04/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carole Smedley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Collie (Smooth)

WELKS 2018. Collie Smooth

This was the last set of CC’s on offer to the breed at WELKS and I was honoured to officiate. However it was not a good show day as Friday traffic issues and awful weather conditions delayed the start of judging and being 3rd in the ring made it an exceptionally long and cold day for many, including me!

I last judged this lovely breed at Crufts 2014 and most of those entered today were new to me. However, although I had no issues with any of my top winners there are some comments I feel should be made concerning the breed as a whole.

This is a working dog and as such should be strong and firm in bone, body and outline, far too many were too fine in both bone, construction and size could well become an issue especially those in the lower classes. I was looking for a sound collie, with elegance, strength and capable of carrying out a days work.

Heads varied from small and fine to strong and heavy both in profile and depth, ears are still a problem as far too many had “light fly away” ears which spoils the required expression. Having remarked upon that all my major winners were pleasing to me which more made up for the lack of quality I found in some classes in which I with-held awards accordingly.

Finally, it would appear that far too many judges are impressed at the speed at which some exhibitors move around the ring to try and disguise poor movement but not me! If a dog is constructed correctly, it will move correctly regardless of speed. Please learn to move your dog at the correct pace



Two lovely gentlemen greeted me in this class, both 9 year old litter mates.

1. FOXEARTH FASHION GURU FOR KOCZKODAN, sable who appealed for his shape and type. Pleasing head and ear carriage. Good neck and shoulders just had the edge in bone over his brother. Moved easily with drive.

2. CH FOXEARTH FORWARD THINKING FOR MCCLELLAND. Very similar in size and outline but just not the substance I was looking for. His ear carriage today was not as positive as I prefer and just lost out to his brother

JUNIOR With-Held


Three very different types on show in this class

1. Bell & Cowling – KOCZKODAN NOSTROMO, young tri who appears to be maturing well. Clean head and eye, well set and used ears. Ample neck and well placed shoulders. Good chest room and ribs. Kept a pleasing top line on the move and stood correctly when asked.

2. Beeney – CONEYPARK BLACK SABBATH, slightly heavy build than winner, head is a tad too heavy in profile for me. I would prefer more angulation in the shoulders and this was reflected in his front movement.



1. Loader – CONEYPARK COUNTDOWN FOR ALLANGILL, beautifully presented sable of good size and outline. Pleasing head but in profile has too much depth from skull to jaw. Good ear set and carriage. Good eye placement. Good neck and shoulders. Held top line on move. With maturity should improve, one I did consider for the RCC.

2. Eke – FOXEARTH FLAG DAY, tricolour, slightly smaller than winner and much finer in overall bone and construction. Lacks depth of chest and I would prefer more shoulder angulation. Moved quite well


LIMIT (1/0)

1. Denton – BRACKENHAYE FIELDS OF GOLD, although alone in this class, this lad has many qualities. Clean head and skull, good in profile and balanced throughout. Good neck and shoulders. In good condition with good bone and neat feet. Moved with drive and very positive profile movement. Well deserved the RDCC

OPEN (2/0)

1. French CH BRECKAMORE BY DESIGN, one I have seen from ringside and he appealed for his size, outline and breed type. Very pleasing balanced head. Lovely foreface and muzzle. Well placed stop and good eye set. Happy to use his well placed ears. Good depth of chest and front assembly with good rib cage and loin. This lad scores on his fluent movement especially in profile as he covers the ground with ease and keeps a lovely top line. One of the few blue merles who is actually a BLUE and is in good hard working condition, this lad could work all day, my pleasure to give him this class, the CC and eventually BOB over a very feminine bitch. Thank you for bringing him

2. Gay – CH YAGANE’S BLUE MIST, an old favourite of mine who is just beginning to show his age in his head and movement. Not a big lad, but all very much in proportion. Pleasing head, good stop and expression. I would prefer slightly tighter shoulder placement. Good top line on the move but not as positive in rear movement as winner, but he carries his title well.



1. Benton’s ALOPEX MARIONETTE OF OAKESTELLE, what can I say about this little lady that has not been written before. She is an absolute credit to both her breeder and owner. Pleasing head, good eye and ear set. Slightly finer in head than I was looking for but her overall balance is good. Moves very well for her age and really seems to enjoy her day out in the show ring. Such a pleasure to see her today and well done.

PUPPY (4/1)

1. Hooley – FOXEARTH FASHION FOR JAGENTRAUM. Well made tricolour that just needs more time to reach her potential. Today, although correctly set, she did carry her ears rather low but used them when asked. Very pleasing balanced head of good proportions well placed stop. Ample neck and shoulders. Moved easily in all directions BPB & BPIB

2. Benton’s OAKESTELLE ASTERIA, 10 month baby who really needs to grow on as at present she is still on the small side. Her head, although balanced is far too small and fine for me. Good ear set. Nice outline but I would prefer more strength in her rear and this showed in her movement.



1. French – WYNELE ALICE BLUE GOWN WITH BRECKAMORE. Lovely blue merle of correct colour and size. Well made head and foreface. Good ear carriage. Ample strong neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Good feet and bone. Well developed chest and rib cage. Solid top line on the move. I would not wish her to grow on any more as I feel she has the makings of a multiple CC winner but today had to settle for a very well deserved RCC.


1. Flower – BRECKAMORE BUTTERFINGERS, another bred by this talented breeder and there is so much to like about her. Lovely head pattern, good foreface and well set and used ears. Good in outline, moved at the right speed which showed her top line and good profile movement.

LIMIT (4/1)

A difficult class, as one exhibit had been spooked badly in an earlier stakes class and came into the ring quite unsettled and subsequently was not performing to advantage.

1. Sweeney – PLAISANCE BLUE BELLE, mature blue merle, not the best of colours but had everything I was looking for in proportion although I would prefer her to be a shade bigger all around. Pleasing head and eye. Nice front and shoulders. Good neck and top line, moved correctly.

2. Lusty – BLAMORDER ICE CREAM DREAM. Another blue, again not the colour the standard calls for. Well made bitch, just a tad too fine in bone and construction. Quite a pleasing head and eye. Ears could be better set and used. Nice neck and shoulders. Moved quite well

3. Pletz-Kazantzis & Busby FOXEARTH FANDELLA

OPEN (4/0)

Lovely class of ladies who all had different virtues, headed by

1. Hartley – CH FOXEARTH FINNISH SPIRIT AT JIMJACK, tricolour in super body and condition. Excellent head qualities, lovely eye and expression and showed well. Good neck and shoulders, ample chest and heart room. Lovely top line and strong hind quarters, moved, covering the ground easily holding her top line. Well deserved CC in good company.

2. BLAMORDER BACK TO THE START FOR SARENTH. Lovely well made tricolour to whom I have given a RBIS All Breeds. Very pleasing balanced head, good foreface, well placed stop but was not happy using her ears and this was the only deciding factor as I called her in to challenge for the RBCC. Moves so easily in harmony with her handler covering the ground easily.


Judge: Carole Smedley