• Show Date: 16/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carol Newman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Of England Bulldog Society

Breed: Bulldog

Judges’ Critiques by Carol Newman

South of England Bulldog Society

Breed championship show

Sunday 16th September 2018-09-17 Judge Carol Newman (Wencar)

Just like to thank the committee and the steward for all there help and all the people that entered there lovely dog under me so happy with the lovely entry had a wonderful day thank you for all your hard work and looking after me so well really enjoy my day thank you

Veteran dog/bitch 6

1stCh Laroyal’s Best kept Secret JW red/white 8 years old and ran round the ring like a young one full of herself it was lovely to see she was really enjoying her day a worthy ch and winner in lovely condion

2nd Ladymere Alabama Slammer red/white another really fit and health great to see in our older in lovely condition a pleasure to go over moved and showed well enjoyed her day as well


Minor puppy dog (6)

1st Kelloe David Hockney red/white 7 months, very standard with sweet but sour expression, good straight bone, reach of neck & topline & dark broad wide open nostril just fell in love with this boy and he looks like a minor puppy that is lovely to see moved and show well wish he was mine

2ndTreasurabull Peaky Blinder red/white solid all round puppy with good sour expression, good width of

solid all round puppy with good sour expression, good width of jaw, dark eyes and broad flat skull. Pear shaped body hard class to judge some lovely puppy dogs move and showed lovely

3rd Silobull Suppersonic red/white

Puppy Dog 1

Chelajay’s Limited Edition Brindle /white big male, well off for bone, large head

with lots of work, big nose, clear eyes, good front,in lovely condition, moved well

Junior Dog 12 very strong class

1st Burchell Mr Bohannon at Britanic Brindle /white lovely standard boy pleasing to the eye, good head with wide jaw & upturn broad nose & body shape, moved well love this boy should go far

2nd IceGlint I’m Febian r/w very close between 1& 2, Dark eyes, good pigmentation. Good turn of jaw. Strong straight bone to neat feet. Good depth of brisket. Good spring of rib. Nice top line. Good Tail setting moved and showed well

3rd Startini Betelgeuse b/w

Yearling Dog 5

1st Ruakuri Hikurangi R/w what a lovely deep red colour in great condition good turn of a true under jaw, dark clear eyes, good open nostrils, nice square front down to tight feet, good spring of rib lovely pear shape body. Moved really well & in lovely condition

2 Andlare okey Dokey R/w good headed dog with upturn of underjaw strong bone & brisket, tacked on shoulders to tight feet, moved well in lovely condition

3 Pokoluck Mr Cracker jw

Novice Dog 1

Ladymere Kingston b/w Great head qualities with good shaped skull flat with well divided furrow, broad nose with widest of nostrils, first time show and hanger first time just need practise only one in class

Post Graduate Dog 8

1st GarcelBull Alexander JWWWATC (Auo2083sp) A big r/w boy strong head good jaw and well set ears and dark eyes , barrel rib with good tuck-up, topline & tail, moved very well & shown in super condition, lots to like;

2 Lumbuse Mr Douglas Home for Ryjarlow r/w standard size with sour expression, good width of jaw and upsweep, broad flat skull and rose ears. Deep brisket and good top line moved well.

3rd Onahia Del Atlante He’s the Only One At Waneta (imp Esp)

Limit Dog 9 this was a wonderfull class

1st RicatoriRedesigned r/w always admiered this dog from the ring side and didn’t spoil when I went over him very much my type with no obvious faults, hence very pleasing to the eye, strong bone, good upturn of underjaw, wide skull, correct topline with reach of neck to tailset, good mover

2 Britishpride Spectre r/w Lovely brick shape hear dark eye sort body good rib cage strong bone well proportioned with plenty of substance, well muscled arched neck, strong head, correct tail moved and showed well love this boy

3 Erimusbulls Mannion JWr/w

Open dog 10 (another wonderful class great to judge so many lovely boys)

1st VendettaDe Boqoeron Unstopabull r/w what a lot of male bulldog, brick shaped skull with wide straight jaw, dark eyes and well placed ears. Tacked on shoulders with good brisket and spring of rib. Pear shaped body great rear angulations moved and handled well. he took my breath away when I went over him should be in my kennel lol My DCC and Best in show

2nd Fr/int Ch Happy and Glorious Hennessy R/w another lovely standard dog run up close for CC won the dog Res CC and Res Best in show strong head, correct layback with ear& eye placement, good upturn of underjaw, deep brisket, tight feet, lovely spring of rib and great bone liked his movement.moved like a dream

3 Ch Milasha Preacher Man Mystyle R/w and worthy champion

Minor puppy Bitch 16

1 Mystye She’s no Ladyat Britanic W/R lovely puppy very feminine promising standard size puppy,

 liked her body shape to neat hindquarters, head with upturn of jaw, dark eyes well placement good wide nostril moved well in great condition

2nd Emimusbulls Vivien Leogh R/W This girl has really come on from last I sore her very feminine head good strong body nice bone very neat over nose roll, good width between clear dark eyes & flat skull with correctly set

fine ears. Good front with tight feet, barrel rib with good tuck-up moved and showed wel

3rd Locksharp Something Special R/W

Puppy Bitch 5

1st Newrck Dakota R/W extremely well balanced throughout & loved her appealing expression. Great width & turn of true underjaw, open nostrils, neat over noseroll, excellent layback, clear dark eyes, square front, nice depth of brisket, tidy feet, well angulated hindquarters, good topline & excellent tail, moved really well & in lovely condition just ear need to settle

2nd Britishpride Vercella Vita R/W plenty to like with clean lines, good brisket, reach of neck & head properties, eyes & ears,her first show was a bit frightened but a nice strong girl will come on after a few more shows

3rd RUAKURI Chashing Glory

Junior Bitch11

Britishpride Issey Miyakes white Nice head with fine wrinkle, open nostrils, dark eyes and good upturn of jaw. Good length of neck and tacked on shoulders with a cobby body. Moved well should go fare

2nd Eastenders Persian punch Kello r/w excellent body shape, strong in foreface, good layback with correct eye & ear placement & tight feet, reach of neck with topline to tailset, moved well, will go far.moved and shoed well

3rd Laroyal Lead By Exampler/w Feminine

Yearling Bitch 11 this was a lovely class

1 Helga Von Hinten Onyx Ocobo Naf taf white lovely head & expression with super turn of true underjaw, open nostrils, dark clear eyes, correct well set ears, straight bone down to tight feet great front, good reach of neck, nice tuck-up & topline. Sound mover, shown & presented in beautiful condition pleased to award her the bitch CC and nice to find out that was her 3rd making her a champion

2nd Ruakuro Shades of Red r/w what a beuatifuk deep red she is well balanced & has excellent head

qualities. Good layback, clear well set dark eyes, open nostrils, correctly placed rose ears, correct front, well off for bone, pear shape, good rib, topline & tail. Presented in pristine condition, moved & shown very well.

3rd Laroyal Lead by Example r/w

Novice Bitch 8

1st Hunthorn Galaxy of Dreams r/w compact with good facial expression, flat skull, good length of foreface, well padded cheeks, sour expression, square front & topline to tailset, good mover;

2nd Midlandbulls Candy Crush Ricatori r/w bigger than 1 well presented clean lined bitch, good brisket & reach of neck, straight bone, neat feet, good eye placement, open nostrils, moved and show well

3rd Startini Capella r/w

Postgraduate Bitch 8

1st Ruakuri Making Sweet Memories as Blenhiemstar r/w nice standard girl good shaped head. . Dark eyes, good pigmentation. Good turn of jaw. Strong straight bone to neat feet. Good spring of rib. Nice top line mover and show well

2nd Testwood Twinkle Toes for Boyattbull r/w Feminine head & expression, nice turn of underjaw, fine overnose roll, good layback, well set dark eyes, flat skull with neat rose ears, good brisket, well knuckled tight feet, good hindquarters & tail. Moved and showed well

3rd Avaword Mollie r/w

Limit Bitch 11 another lovely class to judge

1st Valley Bulls Single Lady at Margobull white just loved this girl so feminine in lovely condition very sweet face Good layback, open nostrils, very fine over nose roll, dark eyes, thin rose ears, correct square front with straight bone to good feet, nice topline, free tail, in lovely condition, moved well;

2nd Ruskuri Diamond in the Sky r/w another lovely girl slightly bigger than one with sour expression and good width of jaw, square in front with tacked on shoulders and tight feet. Pear shaped body and good top line.in lovely condshion

3rd Milasha Gigi white

Open Bitch 11 another lovely class to judge

1st Ch Eimusbulls Rita Hatworth r/w a worthy champion classic head with an excellent body shape, all in proportion, loved her expression, nice length of flat skull, good fit & turn of wide true underjaw. Nice layback, black nose with open nostrils, neat over nose roll, good width between clear dark eyes, square front, straight bone, tidy feet, good reach of neck, well sprung rib, correct pear shape body, nice topline, moved & handled well. Presented in ‘perfectly polished’ condition. pleased to give her res CC

2nd Ch Andlare This is Kaboodle JW r/w another lovely bitch lost to one on Jaw attractive powerful looking show girl impressive from all angles, good turn & fit of underjaw. Open nostrils, superb layback, well filled foreface, broad flat skull, nicely arched neck, square front with ample bone, well sprung rib, , good hindquarters, moved very well in lovely condition

3rd Ragmarte Middle Earth Blenhiemstar r/w

Carol Newman (Wencar)