• Show Date: 13/10/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carol Moore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

British Gordon Setter Club

Breed: Gordon Setter

British Gordon Setter Club


A lovely days judging some quality dogs, thank you to the Committee for giving me the opportunity and for making it such an enjoyable day. Thanks must also go to my stewards Bryan Hill and John Millward for keeping my ring running so smoothly.


Veteran (6,2abs)

1st Robson SHCH Laurelhach Limited Edition at Yohenoak. This 8 year old is in the prime of condition, confirming the slow maturing, longevity of the breed. Fabulous outline, so firm in topline with the correct amount of flat bone and good feet. Deep in muzzle with a lovely clear tan and soft brown eye and a kind expression. Lovely reach of neck leading to a well set front assembly with the right amount of forechest and angulation. Deep well sprung rib leading to a strong coupling and broad thighs with firm muscling. He showed great reach and a beautiful profile movement showing a true rapport with his handler. He fought off top competition to take DCC BIS and BV

2nd Cornum CIB/Am/It CH Ludstar Don Corleone. Really loved this boys head, just the right proportions with clear brown eyes and plenty of work. Good length of neck and layback of shoulder, slightly wider in front than 1st and not quite as clear in tan. Deep well sprung rib with back rib and strong coupling. Nicely shaped rear gave driving movement.

3rd Butler Yennadon Fortes at Rubymoon

Minor Puppy (5)

1st Beckers Totally Different V D Mergelhoeve. This boy was the most developed and balanced youngster, at only 6 months old he did find it difficult to concentrate but could see enough of his movement to see he could move true. For me at the moment his head is a little long and narrow, lovely length of neck and a great front assembly with lots of forechest. Pleasing depth of rib and kept his topline well standing and moving

2nd Walker Diersett Plutonium. A promising youngster with a handsome head, pleasing expression with a dark eye. Very raw baby but has all the essentials and good angulations just not as developed as 1st and a little taller on the leg at the moment. Settled and balanced on the move.

3rd Cornum Locksheath Back in Black

Puppy (6, 2 abs)

1st Beckers Totally Different V D Mergelhoeve (repeat)

2nd Horler Hernwood Jack O’Lantern by Rackens. Well up to size with bone to match, good depth to muzzle but a little long in foreface at the moment. Dark brown eye and correctly shaped skull. Strong, long neck flowed into well set shoulders with a good length to upperarm. Mature enough through the body with a firm topline held well on the move, not quite the forechest of the winner today.

3rd Walker Diersett Plutonium

Junior (3)

1st Parker-Smith & Tuer Lignum Evolution. Loved this boy’s size and shape, correct flat bone and tight feet. Head not as balanced as I would like being a little shorter in muzzle but has a lovely kind eye and cheeky expression. Flowed through the neck and shoulders along a strong topline to a well set tail with plenty of rib underneath. Wanted to set his own pace on the moved and when he got his way showed great reach and drive.

2nd Harker Hernwood Achilles at Etterick JW. Much bigger framed dog that 1st. Classic Gordon head with the softest expression and parallel planes. Pleasing neck into laidback shoulders, plenty of depth and spring of rib under a firm topline, good bone but feet are a little flat . Moved out well with driving rear action

3rd Michalak Kyuna Dream Merchant

Yearling (8, 1abs)

1st Bryant Kilnrae Hallmark JW. A diamond in the rough, a little judicious trimming would help to accentuate his qualities but it was all there to find when I put my hands on him. Masculine balanced head with correct depth of muzzle and a kind brown eye, tan was a little muddier than I prefer. Cracking front with lovely reach of neck and superb flat bone, plenty of rib leading to a firm coupling and broad rear. Powerful rear action showing good drive.

2nd Millar Yennadon Benriach JW. Standard sized boy of good make and shape, presented a clean outline with a strong topline. Good length of muzzle, quite strong in stop and backskull. Powerful neck, well set shoulder and firm topline which he held well on the move. Clean bone and tight feet gave a driving movement. In excellent condition with gleaming coat and clear tan.

3rd Parker-Smith & Tuer Lignum Evolution

Novice (6)

1st Sandiford Hernwood Neptune Sea. What an exciting prospect this young boy is, when he settles and listens to his handler he is a real star. Masculine head with a cheeky dark eye and rich clear tan, good width to backskull and lowset ear. Nice size with balanced angulation front and rear, smooth outline, strong throughout with broad well muscled thigh. Powered around the ring he well deserved his shortlisting to my final four and will watch his progress with interest.

2nd Parker-Smith & Tuer Lignum Evolution (repeat)

3rd Horler Hernwood Jack O’Lantern by Rackens

Graduate (10)

1st Bryant Kilnrae Hallmark JW (repeat)

2nd Woodhouse Birchgarth Bill Bayley at Halbadier. Gentle head with good depth of muzzle and rich tan, expressive brown eye. Lovely length of neck leading to a well set shoulder with enough forechest and a good return or upperarm. Deep rib with a good spring leading to a broad muscled rear. Moved steady but a touch close behind.

3rd Norman & Robertson Yennadon Kyllachy

Post Graduate (8)

1st Melville Tsruhnova Tumnus JW. Close decision between 1st and 2nd I liked different aspects on each dog, I just felt that this boy presented a little more balanced outline on the move today. Masculine head a little deep in muzzle, strong through the neck and shoulder with a good layback, Well developed in the body, plenty of bone and substance. Held his topline well on the move with a powerful driving action.

2nd Mitchell Roydack Ruby Hidden Gem at Brobruick JW. Standard sized dog with the most lovely head, soft brown eye and melting expression. Arched neck which flows into a well angulated front with correct length to upper arm and good forechest, level topline, Well sprung ribs, strong short back, well muscled rear quarters just a little keen on the move so not a smooth in action as winner

3rd Abba Hernwood Summer Lovin

Mid Limit (2, 1abs)

1st Horn Lignum Master Marlin at Keaswood JW. Although alone this boy well deserved his place in my final line-up. Lovely make and shape with a strong topline and cracking spring of rib. His head was balanced in proportions with a strong expression, dark eye and long ear. Pleasing front assembly with the right amount of bone. Wide thighs and short rear pasterns gave driving movement.

Limit (7, 1abs)

1st Ford Liric Fusilier with Shillay JW ShCM. The other boy in my final four and one I will be watching with interest. Of correct size with a pleasing depth and length of muzzle, soft brown eye and correct in backskull. He flowed through the neck and shoulder with a super return of upper arm. Deep chest under a firm topline, broad thighs and tight feet which propelled him around the ring. Put down in fabulous condition.

2nd Tye Kyuna Olympic Arrow of Tymora ShCM. Different type to 1st with a lovely make and shape. Kind head with plenty of work in it and a gentle brown eye. Good length of neck leading to well set shoulders, plenty of depth and spring of rib, firm coupling and strong broad rear. Moved out well but not quite the drive of 1st.

3rd Sandiford & Lewis Benbuie Rock On to Hernwood JW

Open (7)

1st Boxall SHCH Ludstar Frederick Frankenstein (imp IT). A stylish dog who just oozes quality. Striking masculine head with a calm gentle expression. Excellent front assembly with a great amount of correct flat bone. Deep in rib and firm in topline he flows to broad well muscled quarters which gave strong ground covering action. Rich clear tan and a great amount of coat in fabulous condition. He lost out in the challenge due to the sheer effervescence of the veteran but was a well-deserved RCC and RBIS

2nd Robson Liric For Your Eyes Only by Yohenoak JW. Another striking dog with a beautiful outline. Masculine head with a dark eye just a fraction shorter in foreface. Strong neck leading to an excellent shoulder and return of upperarm with good brisket and spring of rib. Firm throughout with a strong rear standing and moving. In fabulous coat and condition.

3rd SHCH Liric Souvenir JW

Field Trial (1)

1st Halliday Yennadon Reiss. Pleasing size with a clean outline. Strong expression in a balanced head with clear tan and a lot of brainroom. Excellent layback of shoulder, well sprung rib under a solid topline with the best of couplings. Defined, muscled stifles gave driving movement.

Judge Carol Moore (Gadhelic)