• Show Date: 29/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carol Marsden Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Belfast Dog Show Society

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Belfast Dog Show Society

30th September 2018

Although not many dogs entered the quality was great and thank you for those that travelled over the water to attend. Proportions need to be addressed through mentoring or courses as too many are becoming too square rather than having more length to height and size should be addressed as not enough exhibits are a true medium trotting dog and are presented to be reaching the higher limits of acceptable measurements.

Minor Puppy Dog (0,0)

No Entries

Puppy Dog (0,0)

 No Entries

Junior Dog (0,0)

 No Entries

Post Graduate Dog (1,1)

1. Chen’s – Westerhaus Hiromi – Videx Mario/Willowcliff Marbella – 19mths Black and red. Great head very masculine with good eye and ears. Good neck placement into shoulder with front placement average and would prefer more breast. Hard and dry back into long and steep croup. Slightly wide going away with good side gait with reach. Average strength of bone and reaching up to maximum height. Hocks could be shorter to assist in strength of movement.

Limit Dog (2,2)

1. Smith’s – Portnall Elrick Zu Sarcol – Ch Conbhairean Freddie/Hazroh Savannah At Portnall – 2.75yrs red sable. Good strong head with kind eyes and good ear carriage. Good length of neck into good shoulder placement with an excellent front but slightly steep upper arm. Straight and firm back into a short croup. Excellent movement away and back with a side gait to match. He was a happy chap today. Great substance and strength with excellent muscle tone. In the challenge he just wasn’t engaged which was unfortunate on this day

2. Spence’s – Absela Loki – Count Ustinof Van Der Ybajo Hoeve – 3.5yrs good head and expression. Shoulder okay with adequate front assembly but tends to stand with his feet outwards. Slight rise in back formation with good length but steep croup. Away and back okay and adequate side gait when eventually he was engaged. Good strength but nearing top range in size with shorter body that impinges on proportions. Probably would have been better outside as size of ring he was ambling and has a slight hook in tail

Open Dog (3,3)

1. Wakefield’s – Lararth Django – Ch Lararth Thierry/Julie Von Haus Trendy Vom Wakematt – 4.5yrs black and red colour with black saddle. Good head with excellent eye and expression. Good strength of bone and of correct size in height to length ratios. Good front with breast bone with correct depth of chest. Good wither height and strong back into well molded croup and angle. If being a bit picky his tail set could be questioned but when checking it was just the hair over the croup that was detracting one’s eye which needs to be cleaned up. Great parallel movement away and back with great short hocks and rear angulations which transferred into an excellent side gait. Dog CC BOB

2. Jermey’s – Hettel Di Cas Mary – Schumann Von Tronje/Naile Di Casa Mary – 3.5yrs good head and expression with correct planes in the head. Good neck angles but would like a bit more length into good withers and shoulder placement. Slightly steep upper arm. Straight and strong back flowing into short and slightly steep croup. Okay away but showed to be loose in the elbows coming towards. Good strong movement. Seemed a little flat in the challenge for the Reserve CC initially but came into his own against the other challengers who were as much out of sorts. Res Dog CC

3. Niblock’s – Ir Ch Knockwood Yohann – Ch. Elmo Von Huhnegrab/Ir Ch Knockwood Miley – 6yrs. Good head and nice eye which appears to be in common with the open bitch so must run in these bloodlines. Good shoulder and front assembly with a short firm back good croup but short in length. Okay moving away and back. Steady side gait.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1,1)

1. Chen’s – Brineack Giselle – Colin Groovy Van Der Ybajo Hoeve/Brineack Cina – 8.5mths old, black and red with a feminine head and expression, correct eye shape, colour and ear carriage. Good neck into shoulder with good wither. Upper arm slightly straighter in angle than preferred with short length. Needs to firm up on back but will have plenty of time for this to occur in due course. Nice smooth correct angled croup in the correct place. Good away and back very parallel. Excellent side gait but has a slight hook in tail when moving and has super strength of bone and correct size with good height to length ratio. Very close in competition for Res CC but age just held me back will look to follow her shows in future with interest. BP Bitch BPIB

Puppy Bitch (0,0)

 No Entries

Junior Bitch (0,0)

 No Entries

Post Graduate Bitch (1,1)

 Transfer to Open Bitch

Limit Bitch (1,1)

1. Wakefield’s – Wakematt Strawberry Alice – Ch Lararth Thierry/Julie Von Haus Trendy Vom Wakematt – 2.5 yrs Black and red feminine head with good eye colour and shape. Would prefer a better stop if being critical as it was slightly shallow. Good angled neck into good wither and lay of shoulder but with a steep upper arm which is all too common unfortunately. Strong back into a short and slightly steeper angled croup. Good size and body proportions with adequate strength throughout. Slightly close going away and okay towards with a good side gait but sometimes lifts in front rather than showing forward reach. Would also like a tighter foot shape. In the challenge seemed to be a bit calmer and saw the potential she held. Res Bitch CC

Open Bitch (2,2)

1. Niblock’s - Ir Ch Knockwood Macey – Ch Conbhairean Waro/Ir Ch Knockwood Miley – 4.5yrs bitch with good head and very nice eye colour. Slight paling in clour not a distinctive as it should be. Good neck into good front with steep and short upper arm but good withers. Would hope to see more prominent breast bone. Short length of back into short and slightly steep croup. Good size and average strength. Excellent side gait good away and back, slight roll on wither on the move. Shape of feet could be better. Bitch CC

2. Wakefield’s – Wakematt Juliete – Ch Lararth Tevez – Julie Von Haus Trendy – Just shy of two yrs old strong head with adequate eye. Good neck into withers with steep front assembly. Back I would prefer to be straighter to the eye. Croup long and steep starting earlier than expected. Average strength but possibly on the high size wise. Length of hocks I would prefer to be shorter and tends to be close behind okay towards and a surprisingly spacious side gait. Was very unsettled in the challenge for Res CC.

Carol Marsden – Blacktors & Avanti