• Show Date: 01/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carol Harwood Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Shih Tzu

Southern Counties Canine Association Ch Show 3rd June 2018

Shih Tzu – Judge Carol Harwood.

I would like to thank Southern Counties Canine Association for inviting me to judge, thanks also to my two Stewards for keeping my ring running so smoothly and a huge thank you to the exhibitors for such a wonderful entry of 80 dogs and the sporting way in which my decisions were received. It was a lovely day weather wise although it was rather hot as the morning progressed. My overall impression of the breed since I last judged has positives and negatives, the positives include excellent temperaments and presentation; toplines on the majority were level and most were well bodied. However, construction and movement are still a problem in some, a few had narrow chests and ribcages and tails flat on backs. Another concern is steep shoulders and short upper arms, while muscle tone in a few exhibits left a lot to be desired, this in turn affected movement with a lack of forward reach and limited rear drive which affected the desired showing of the full pad.

  Minor Puppy – Dog (Entries: 2 Absentees: 0)

1ST RUTTER’s CHANIKOS LIVING THE DREAM – well presented with a mature coat, he is full of character, with a lovely head and expression, open nostrils and good pigmentation. Balanced outline, level topline and sturdy body with excellent tailset and carriage. Moved with reach and drive, keeping his outline.

2ND HERRING’s QUINGSHUI THE LEGACY BEGINS - lovely head, broad with well placed eyes & a good width of muzzle, level topline, good tailset, well angulated rear, moves well going round but needs to tighten up in movement.

Puppy – Dog (Entries: 3 Absentees: 0)

1ST HITT & GIBSON’s VIRTULVILAGE REBEL RISING AT MIRACEY - Stylish young dog, with a lovely head and expression, large dark expressive eyes, good bone, well ribbed back with correct topline which is covered with a good coat, moved well and with presence although was a touch stubborn at times.

2ND RUSSELL & EVANS’ TA MARIA BLACK EDITION AT MATSUBA (IMP) - nice size and shape with broad head, dark eye, lovely body and good width, just not holding top line level on the table, well presented and handled, would like a bit more lift to tail on the move as he flattened it on his back.


Junior – Dog (Entries: 4 Absentees: 0)

1ST CARTER & LEIGH’s GLADMIN SOWETO STORM (MS M H & S M) - good size and shape. Lovely head with a dark eye and good nose placement giving a soft expression. Deep chest and round ribcage, in good coat. Balanced throughout. Covered the ground well and showing pad

2ND BOJANOWSKI-TOMS’ SISTASU SILVER TOP – balanced with plenty of substance and bone, good length to ear leathers with square muzzle and wide open nostrils, broad in chest. Retains level topline on move but would like more forward reach although he does show plenty of rear pad.


Yearling – Dog (Entries: 5 Absentees: 1 )

1ST FAIRLEY’s ROSSVALE HERE COMES THE SUN OVER FAIRMERE - nicely balanced honest dog with a pleasing head and expression, good width to jaws and well set nose, strong neck set into good shoulders and level topline, correct tail set, well padded feet, good coat, moved well.

2ND YORKE’s MIDDLETUNE WILDEST CHARMER – large well furnished head, well set dark expressive eyes, well made body, plenty of bone and with good topline & tailset, moved freely but just lengthened himself on the move.


Graduate – Dog (Entries: 3 Absentees: 1)


2ND CHADWICK’s SANTOSHA BLACK DAWN AT HAJENZA – masculine dog with plenty of bone, standing on well padded feet, strong body with good ribcage, would like him a bit shorter and he needed more animation on the move.

Post Graduate – Dog (Entries: 3 Absentees: 0)

1ST MATTHEWS’s MIRACEY SON OF A PREACHER MAN FOR MATSHA - – eyecatching dog with a beautiful broad head, excellent pigment, dark expressive eyes, good length of neck, level back, well angulated rear, all topped by a lovely jacket, moves well holding his outline, would just like a bit more of him.

2ND GRAY’s RAGABBEY SCHNAPPS - masculine head with good width between eyes, strong neck but would like a bit more length, broad ribcage and level back, well padded feet, would like a bit more extension on the move but he does hold his outline.


Limit – Dog (Entries: 6 Absentees: 0)

1ST HEALEY’s CHELLANDA TAKE A CHANCE ON ME SHCM - Sturdy eye-catcing dog. Broad skull, good neck and shoulders, excellent bone and level top line. Constructed well throughout. Correct tail set and carriage. Excellent balance. Covers the ground with such a positive attitude, demands attention. Sound fore and aft. Shown in good coat of a correct texture which was well presented.

2ND BEER & TILLEY’s MIRACEY ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE FOR TILBE JW SHCM - – another nice dog who pushed winner hard, and again just needs to be in firmer condition but like the winner I liked his type & balance, his head and expression are very good, and he has good bone throughout and moved freely and with style.


Open – Dog (Entries: 10 Absentees: 0)

An excellent class that I really enjoyed judging

1ST HITT’s CH MIRACEY ALL GUNS BLAZIN - lovely dog bang on form and of excellent type. He is very well proportioned throughout, he has the most lovely head and arrogant expression with wide square jaws and well placed nose with open nostrils, excellent pigmentation, good mouth and good furnishings complete the picture, he has a strong well arched neck which is set into good shoulders and stands on thick feet, with a well made body of correct depth and level back, well angulated rear with high set tail, and in hard muscular condition throughout, all this topped by a lovely jacket, he moved round with style and drive and the right amount of arrogance. He had everything I was looking for and I was delighted to award him the Dog C.C. & BOB

2ND SCOTT’s CH HONEYSHUCHUN GOD OF THUNDER – eye catching, nicely balanced honest dog with a lovely head and dark well placed eyes giving a lovely expression, good width to jaws and well set nose, strong neck set into good shoulders and level topline, correct tail set, well padded feet, good coat which was well presented, moved well. Reserve C.C.


Veteran - Dog Or Bitch (Entries: 1 Absentees: 0)

1ST TAMERON MR GIVENCHY (MRS B E TURNER) – 12 years old and in excellent condition, he is nicely balanced with masculine head and pleasing expression, strong muzzle which is well furnished, well set eyes, good width to chest and depth to body, moved well holding his shape.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme - Dog Or Bitch (Entries: 2 Absentees: 0)

1ST ZIMMEK’s ROSSVALE SECRET AFFAIR IS YUNQISHING JW - pretty bitch with good head and expression. Correct eye, good jaw, nicly balance and with good body but would just prefer and a bit more width to chest. Well padded feet and moved freely.

2ND ZIMMEK’s ROSSVALE XCLUSIVE MODEL AT YUNQISHING – another pretty bitch, solid body but was not settled due to handler keep changing and she was roaching her back on the table, she has good feet, but was not as settled on the move as winner.

Minor Puppy – Bitch (Entries: 11 Absentees: 2) A lovely class of babies and the winner is outstanding.

1ST GILKES’ ZEEVA REFLECTIONS – what a stunner this bitch is, of excellent type and confirmation, she has the most exquisite head and expression, with correct nose placement, broad jaws and well set ears which framed the face to create a beautiful overall picture, she has a strong well arched neck which is set into good shoulders, with correct bone and stands on firm well padded feet, excellent ribcage of correct depth and with a level topline and high tail set, all topped by a good jacket for one so young, she flowed effortlessly round the ring with great presence and the right hint of arrogance but still retaining a naughty puppy character, loved her and was delighted to award her the C.C. and Best Puppy.

2ND HEALEY’s CHELLANDA WHO'S THAT GIRL – another lovely puppy, very pretty and well balanced throughout. Excellent head, dark eye, tip-tilted nose and dark pigment. She has a good neck, rib and top line. Stands on well padded feet and moves freely, she was unfortunate to meet winner in such top form.


Puppy – Bitch (Entries: 2 Absentees: 0)

1ST RUSSELL & EVANS’ TA MARIA ROYAL FANTASY AT MATSUBA (IMP) - lovely type with correct confirmation, very feminine with exquisite head and expression, broad jaws, correct ear placement, well arched neck of good length, super body with a level topline covered with a good coat, well set tail, firm well padded feet, moved with purpose and sailed effortlessly round the ring, she pressed very hard in the challenge.

2ND STEVENS’ PEEKIN MISS JAZZ MING-TU - feminine lady of good proportions with a lovely head and well set expressive eyes, strong arched neck and deep body with rounded ribcage, high tail set, held her outline on the move.

Junior – Bitch (Entries: 4 Absentees: 1)

1ST ROBERTS’ KATONIER SECRETS AND DREAMS - Liked this young bitch very much and considered her for further honours. Very smart, beautifully presented and well handled. Large head but with a soft feminine expression. Good neck flowing into good shoulders with strong body and firm topline. Tail set and carriage spot on. Moved with an air of arrogance.

2ND YORKE & KEREE-BARTOLO’ SHIKEIRA OLIVIA AT MIDDLETUNE – smaller bitch but well made, very feminine with lovely headpiece, well proportioned body, good width to chest, well ribbed up and moved freely round the ring, not as steady behind as winner.


Yearling – Bitch (Entries: 3 Absentees: 0)

1ST DE LA COUR’s CAVATEENA WHISPERING SANDS - – well proportioned bitch with a super head & expression, good reach of neck set into well placed shoulders, rounded and deep ribcage topped by a good coat, correct tailset & stylish on the move.

2ND HITT’s KATONIER RIDE ON A STAR AT MIRACEY – what a stubborn madam she is, was doing it her way and that was final, lovely head and expression, super shape when stacked, good bone and body, just needs to co-operate more with handler on the move.


Post Graduate – Bitch (Entries: 6 Absentees: 0 )

1ST STEVENS’ PEEKIN MISS SOUZA-TU – pretty girl with lovely head and well set dark eyes with soft expression, tip tilted nose gives her a great foreface, slightly arched neck and sturdy throughout with plenty of bone, deep chested, level topline which she retains on move, good spring of rib, moving well and shows pads on her rear action.

2ND QUICK’s MINFAA POCAHONTAS – – lovely type with pleasing head and dark eyes with a soft expression, good width to jaws, ample reach of neck and correct topline with deep wide chest and rounded ribcage, held shape on the move.


Limit – Bitch (Entries: 8 Absentees: 1)

1ST YORKE’s MINFAA DANCIN CHEEK TO CHEEK AT MIDDLETUNE - lovely size with plenty of bone and substance, liked her shapely outline with high tail and nice arch of neck, very pretty with dark round eyes and slightly tip tilted nose and level black lips. Excellent coat of good texture, a sound free mover who shows pad on rear drive, a lovely girl who pushed hard in a strong line-up to win the Reserve C.C.

2ND CARTER & LEIGH’s GLADMIN INALA - Another quality bitch with good head and expression. Good width to jaw, wide chest and well boned. Nicely covered well sprung ribcage. Nice balance and good tail carriage, moved out well with drive.


Open – Bitch (Entries: 6 Absentees: 1)

1ST HITT & ROBERTS’ CH MIRACEY DISCO INFERNO– stylish bitch that is well balanced and with a pretty head and expression, good broad jaw and well-set nose, arched neck of good length and level back with high set tail, broad deep chest, held her shape on the move, but a change of handler in the challenge and she was distracted.

2ND CLIFFORD’s CH TAYDALE DANCIN IN THE STARS WITH CEDARHYTHE - well proportioned feminine bitch who scored in head piece, she has dark expressive eyes which were well set, and a strong well arched neck, lovely body with level back and stands on well padded firm feet, stylish on the move.


Carol Harwood - Judge