• Show Date: 27/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carol Benson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

Leeds Championship Dog Show 


Golden Retriever Dogs 

Weather turned from very hot to heavy rain overnight so quite a number of absentees but we were lucky the rain stopped for our judging and we could fully use the excellent rings provided. I was pleased to have many quality dogs to go over, though some were not in their best coats. The weather has played havoc with coats this year. A few dogs I otherwise liked were carrying a bit too much weight for me today. Temperaments were exemplary and my KC Breed watch report had no issues. I would like to thank my two Stewards who both did a sterling job and kept the ring running smoothly. Thanks also to the Committee for organising the show and for their great hospitality. 

My Co-Judge and I found it difficult to decide on BOB and BP as we liked each other’s winners so we asked the Referee to decide. She chose the Dog Sh Ch Monchique Pure Imagination JW ShCM for BOB and the Dog puppy Golmas Guardsman for BP. We agreed the Bitch, Putjade Pink Diamonds for Lovissa JW should be BV and Mockingjay Van De Corner Brook to Auristela (Imp) should be Best Special Beginners. 

Minor Puppy Dog (9,1abs) 

1st Catterall & Jackson Golmas Guardsman 

7 months, in good condition with mid gold coat. Attractive head and eye shape enhanced by dark pigment. Excels in reach of neck, lay back of shoulder and upper arm. Level topline, well ribbed back and strong rear quarters with good turn of stifle. Good length of leg and neat feet. Free stood to advantage. Moved with long free strides though needs to tighten which will come as he matures. A very promising young puppy who I am sure will have a bright future. BPD & BPIB 

2nd Robinson Baricia Emporio Diamond 

8 months with profuse pale cream coat. Nice head and expression with strong neck into a decent front assembly and rear to match. Level topline and tail set. Good ribcage and couplings. He looked quite mature for his age and made a lovely outline when stacked which he held well on the move. 

3rd Playle Gartraiths Hemingway 

Puppy Dog (10, 4) 

1st Catterall & Jackson Golmas Guardsman 

2nd Webster Tasheen Peppermint 

10 months with a lovely wavy mid gold coat. Handsome head and expression. Good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders, nice return of upper arm. Level through topline 


 and tail set with good spring of ribcage. Nicely turned stifles. Straight legs with neat feet. A bit of a fidget but made an attractive outline once settled. Moved well. 

3rd Jackson Terra Di Siena Lorenzo at Swanavon (Imp) 


Junior Dog (13, 3) 

1st Tindale Eldoret Fernando 

A new one to me but he caught my eye on first go around. Pale cream coat. Nicely shaped head with dark pigment. Well-constructed front and rear quarters in balance. Level topline, good spring of rib and short coupled. Correct length of leg with nice feet. Carrying the right amount of weight and in good muscular condition throughout. He moved with great head carriage, drive and long free strides.   

2nd O’Gorman Berrymeade Grand Central 

Mid gold, in good condition throughout. Broad masculine head with lovely dark pigment. Excellent front assembly, well sprung ribs, level topline. Rear quarters in balance with front making an attractive outline. Moved well. A lot to like about him. 

3rd Phipps-Baker & Baker Maddouse Top Hat 


Yearling Dog (5, 0) 

1st Dunbar Linirgor Tomich JW 

Stunning outline on this light gold youngster. A good sized dog with correct length of leg and round cat like feet. Gentle head with a kind expression. Good reach and strength of his neck into well laid back shoulders. Super return of upper arm. Well ribbed back and short strong couplings. Level topline and tail set. Strong nicely turned stifles. Moved with purpose, straight and true. 

2nd Seamons Messano Blue Suede Shoes JW 

Such an eye catching outline and he pushed the winner hard for first place. Pale cream in good coat and condition. Gentle masculine head, lovely flow of neck into good shoulders and upper arm. Level topline and tail set. Good through ribbing and couplings. Good legs and feet. Well-muscled rear which he used to advantage on the move. 

3rd Griggs Mulfield Sea Of Dreams 


Graduate Dog (7, 2) 

1st Anderson Linchael Salvo 

Pale cream, wavy coat and in good condition. He has an eye-catching outline both stacked and on the move. Well balanced throughout with the most handsome expression and dark pigment. Excels in front assembly and has well sprung ribs of good length and depth. Correct length to his legs and neat feet. Strong rear with good turn of stifle. Moved out well, straight and true. 

2nd Angel Millanza Toy Story JW 

Nice head and expression with good pigment. In tip top condition with the most beautiful cream wavy coat. Well-made front and rear quarters in balance. Level topline and tail set. Pushed 1 hard for his place but just preferred legs on winner. A close call and very nice dog who moved with great carriage and purpose. 

3rd Robinson Lamancha Keep The Faith 


Post Graduate Dog (12, 1) 

1st Swatton Suntide Exceedingly Good JW 

Mid gold with gentle, masculine head and kindly expression. Dark pigment. Strong neck of good length flowing into well laid back shoulders. Good fore-chest and return of upper arm. Ribcage well sprung and short in couplings. Level topline held on the move. Strong well-muscled hind quarters and legs of good length with cat like feet. Liked his overall outline and proportions which won him the class.  Moved with long free strides with good drive. 

2nd Gourlay Corrievern Son Of Kyle 

In gleaming dark gold coat this dog really caught my eye on the go around. Attractive head and expression with good pigment. Nicely balanced throughout and standing four square on legs of good length. Level topline and good ribbing. Well angled front and rear quarters. He came into his own on the move, positively gliding round the ring with good free strides, pushed hard for first place. 

3rd Bradwell Beamsley Paddington Bear 

Mid-Limit Dog (10, 3) 

1st Gerhold Jaymardy Indigo Pacific JW 

Light gold and noticeably well-muscled throughout. Handsome head with nice eye shape and pigment. Excellent front with neck of good length and strength, shoulders well laid and good return of upper arm. Level topline and well sprung rib cage. Excellent, well-muscled hind quarters with nice turn of stifles. Good legs and feet. He moved with long free strides covering the ground well. 

2nd Towers & Henderson Alibren Galileo to Westervane 

Beautifully balanced outline. Good shape to his head and muzzle with kind eyes and good pigment. Lovely condition throughout.  Topline level and correct tail set. Well angled front and rear. Good ribcage and short couplings. Correct length of legs with neat feet. Moved well 

3rd Kipps Wheatcroft White Flame JW 

Limit Dog (8, 3) 

1st Haxton Dantassie Does It Again JW 

A dog who really draws the eye for his balanced outline. In beautiful wavy mid gold coat. Stacked to advantage showing his head carriage and flow of neckline into shoulder and perfect topline. Everything in symmetry and without exaggeration. Handsome head with gentle expression. Nicely shaped eyes with dark pigmentation. Angles both to front and rear are excellent, well sprung ribcage and short coupled. Standing four square on good legs and feet, he didn’t put a foot wrong. He moved out with great drive and correct footfall. Please to award him RCC 

2nd Biddulph Dibblesdae The Magic Goes On 

One I judged as a puppy and he has matured into a quality dog. Beautifully presented in gleaming mid gold coat. Handsome head and expression with dark pigment. Strong neck into well laid back shoulders, good return of upper arm and legs of correct length. Level topline and tail set. Strong rear quarters. Moved out well. 

3rd Loverock Thorywait Crackerjack at Lovissa 

Open Dog (6, 1) 

1st Broadhead Sh Ch Monchique Pure Imagination JW ShCM 

Pale cream wavy coat, well-presented and in lovely condition. Gentle, though masculine head with nice eye shape and dark pigmentation. Good reach and strength to his neck flowing into shoulders with good length to blade and lay back. Upper arm of equal length and good return placing legs well under body. Ribcage deep and well-sprung with short couplings. Strong rear quarters. Well- muscled throughout and stacked to advantage making a stunning outline. He moved out with long strides, straight and true. Happy disposition and handled to perfect. Delighted to award him the CC. BOB on referee’s decision and pleased to watch him be short listed in the group. Well done. 

2nd Angel Sh Ch Millanza Take A Bow JW 

Pale cream coat and totally balanced in outline. Handsome head and expression, good reach of neck into excellent front quarters, level topline and tail set. Good spring to ribs and short coupled. Rear quarters strong with good turn of stifle. Moved well and with purpose. 

3rd Trinder Thornywait San Valentino JW ShCM 

Veteran Dog (1, 0) 

1st Barnes Shaphiron Jokers Wild JW 

Mid gold in good coat and condition. Gentle well shaped head with good reach of neck into well-placed shoulders. Good length and return of upper arm. Well bodied and rear quarters in harmony with front giving total balance. Level topline and tail set. Moved steady and true. 

Special Beginners Dog (4, 1) 

1st Webster Tasheen Peppermint 

2nd Jackson Terra Di Siena Lorenzo at Swanavon 

Mid gold, 9 month old. 3rd in Puppy class. Smaller framed dog but made a pleasing shape when stood and held it on the move. Nice head and expression. Good reach of neck, decent front and rear to balance. Level topline and tail set. Correct length of legs and neat feet. Strode out well. 

3rd Robinson Baricia Emporio Diamond 


Judge Carol Benson