• Show Date: 04/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Bridget Croucher Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Shih Tzu

Paignton & DFA – Shih Tzu – 07.08.18

A small but quality entry especially in the bitch classes. Many thanks to exhibitors for an enjoyable day.

Minor Puppy Dog 5 (2)

1st: Herrings Quingshui The Legacy Begins – smart, confident dog. Such a lot to like about him. Kind, intelligent expression. Pleasing head, good body, correct bone, good topline, correct coat for age, moved happily. Hopefully he won’t grow on.

2nd: Smiths Essvana Lord Flash Heart at Lacoral – a very raw baby who moved happily and seemed to be enjoying his day. Super temperament. All the basics are there – just needs time to develop.

3rd: Bojanowski-Toms Sistasu Silver Store

Puppy Dog 2 (0)

1st: E Lord Flash at L

2nd: Marachowska & Marachowska Passernomen Boni Mores – a dog with a handsome head and pleasing expression. Difficult to assess – he needs more practice and training. Would prefer him on a smaller scale.

Junior Dog 4 (1)

1st: Maules Daltricia Kwakwali – excels in showmanship. Head carried correctly, good neck and shoulders, good tail set. Correct well made body. Good bone. Confident mover.

2nd: Bojanowski-Toms Sistasu Silver Top – pleasing dog in many ways. I liked his expression, good eye shape and colour, correct topline and coat. Moved correctly. I would just prefer a better muzzle.

3rd: Prestidge Tameron Mr Aramis Classic at Portiakiss

Yearling Dog 1 (0)

1st: Yorkes Middletune Wildest Charmer – masculine in head which is of correct shape. Good eye, correct muzzle. Good topline and tail set. A tad lethargic on the move.

Post Graduate Dog 2 (0)

1st: Matthews Miracey Son of a Preacher Man for Matsha – a smart, easy moving dog. I liked his head, good eye, good muzzle. Good topline, all in proportion, ideally I would like a bit more of him.

2nd: Boylans Stubbina Herbert Pocket – solid dog in good hard condition. Not over confident but did enough. Good dark eye, well bodied, correct bone. Moved adequately.

Limit Dog 2 (0)

1st: Maules Daltricia Mondego – I liked this dog last time I judged and I haven’t changed my mind. Love his arrogant attitude and natural showmanship. His solid black colour makes him harder to assess but I found him well balanced all through. Excellent body, good topline and tailset. His head is carried correctly and is masculine without being overdone. Moved with style. CC

2nd: Jones Carlita Reason to Dream – another of lovely type. Pleasing head and expression. Correct eye shape. Well bodied, good topline and tailset. Moved with style.

Open Dog 3 (0)

1st: Herrings Ch Weatsom Margarets Legacy for Quingshui – another exhibit with that arrogant attitude that is so appealing. Super head with correct muzzle and well shaped eye. Correct body, good topline, lovely tail carriage, steady mover. Quality all through, RCC

2nd: Bradshaw/Symonds Ch Cremefern Sweet Talkin Guy – Shorter in body than my winner with everything in proportion. Pleasing head with masculine expression. Good coat of correct texture. Steady mover.

3rd: Barrons Battery Included at Maitreya

Sp Begs Bitch 1 (0)

1st: Jones Carlita Time to Samba – a sweet unexaggerated bitch with a lovely expression. Well made all through and so sympathetically handled, she moved with style. Congratulations on winning the Utility Sp Begs group.

Minor Puppy Bitch 1 (0)

1st: Quicks Minfaa La Cucaracha- full of mischief and determined to play the clown today. Pretty head, good eye, correct muzzle. Firm body, good topline, correct bone. Very erratic on the move but it will come with practice.

Puppy Bitch 5 (0)

1st: Gilkes Zeeva Reflections – headed a lovely quality class. Loved her overall deportment, held herself so proudly daring me not to give her first place! Pretty head with a lovely feminine expression. Correct neck, good topline and tailset. Well bodied, correct bone. Moved truly. An exciting prospect. BP

2nd: Gregorys Marpalyn Super Star – such a pretty girl, I loved her head which is set on a correct neck. Warm and mischievous eyes of correct shape. Ideal size, correct body, good topline, coat just right for age. Moved truly.

3rd: Stevens Peekin Miss Jive Bunny-Tu

Junior Bitch 2 (1)

1st: Stevens Peekin Miss Jazz-Ming-Tu – another lady full of her own importance. Lovely dark eyes full of expression. Correctly shaped head. I liked her overall shape, correct bone and body. Could be a tad truer in front but she is very young still.

Yearling Bitch 1 (0)

1st: C Time to Samba

Post Graduate Bitch 3 (0)

1st: Keree-Bartolo Shirkeira Leather N’ Lace – lovely clean outline with good topline and correct tailset. Good head carriage, correct neck, pleasing eye. Moved with style.

2nd: Healeys IsishouseQueen Meritaten for Chellanda – the naughty one! Pretty head, good body, correct topline. Did her own thing when moving – a real character.

3rd: Prestidge Tameron Miss Be Delicious at Portiakiss

Limit Bitch 6 (0)

1st: Quicks Minfaa Pocahontas – immaculately presented she presents a well balanced picture. Head is set on correctly, correct neck, good bone, pleasing topline. A steady mover, delighted to award her RCC.

2nd: Howards Tameron Miss Paris – another of lovely quality. Cracking topline, well made all through with correct bone. Pleasing head, sweet expression. Another who moved with smooth action.

3rd: Bradshaw/Symonds Cremefern Lily the Pink

Open Bitch 3 (0)

1st: Howards Ch Tameron Miss Black Opium – so much arrogance – she’s a champion and she knows it! Lovely head, feminine expression, good pigment. Correct bone, excellent body, level topline, good tail set. A joy to watch on the move. CC and BOB

2nd: Yorkes Minfaa Dancin Check to Cheek at Middletune – another quality bitch who presented a clean outline. Good topline, correct neck. Sweet expression, another steady mover.

3rd: Diffeys Marhilway Edge Related

Bridget Croucher