• Show Date: 31/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

United Kingdom Toydog Society

Breed: Maltese

What a pleasure to judge one of my favourite breeds at this prestigious show for Toy breeds. My thanks to the Committee for their invitation, an appointment I thoroughly enjoyed. My appreciation too for the quality entry brought by the exhibitors. I found little to be concerned about other than a couple of misaligned bites, slightly too flat a tail carriage on some, the odd click or two in the rear legs and, not unusual for this time of year, the occasional ‘winter nose’. With just a couple of exceptions presentation on the whole was outstanding, not something that is achieved overnight but does come with practice. All I can say is that some must practice a lot because the presentation of my principal winners was remarkable.

Special Beginners D/B (4, 0)

1st Green – Vouzime Queen Elsa Over Samorrey: Balanced head of correct proportions, sparkling eye, good ear placement, correct scissor bite, a wealth of coat cool to the touch, adequate dark pigment, erratic at first on the move eventually settling to show a positive rear action. Best Special Beginners.

2nd Pearson – Vontese Chimaera George: Masculine head and expression, dark eye, good bite and a correct texture coat. Dark pigment where needed and a good positive movement.

3rd Oliver – Cannon Islay Princess

Res. Prescott – Twinkle Baby

Veteran Dog (1, 0)

1st Welbourn, Dowsett, Tyler & Dowsett – Ir Ch Zumarnk Hot Pursuit CW12 ShCM: This dog rarely fails to impress. His masculine head is correctly balanced, a true bite and dark sparkling eye, dark pigment, a lovely straight coat, correct texture that is cool to the touch. Purposeful on the move with a level topline and classic in profile on the stand. A real credit to his handler and owners. Best Veteran and delighted to see him go Best Veteran in Show.

Puppy Dog (2, 1)

1st Blythin – Superman Kazkovyy Lev Julesville (Imp): Correctly proportioned head, good bite, dark oval eye, good coat texture, moved OK, will improve when front tightens.

Junior Dog (1, 0)

1st Balfour – Snowkai’s Light In The Dark for Suncube: Eye catching youngster, dark oval eye, correct bite, good ear placement, gently rounded skull, good stop and cushioned cheeks. Very good pigment, firm cobby body, level topline, lovely coat of excellent texture, correct tail carriage and placement. Moved confidently displaying a classic outline. Res CC

Post Graduate Dog (4, 2)

1st Jonusaite – Elite Way Aguar Boss: Balanced head with a good stop and scissor bite, dark oval eyes, good pigment. A very good coat texture, cool to the touch, level topline and very good tail set and carriage. Slightly longer in leg but a balanced and stylish mover.

2nd Paylor – Infinite Happy Story Houston with Lindeza: Good head properties, appealing expression, dark eye, good bite and pigment. Good overall balance in outline, coat has potential but needs a little more work in preparation to bring out that undoubted silky texture. Moved soundly.

Limit Dog (1, 0)

1st Ripsher – Villarose Man Of My Dreams: Loved his size, his head is perhaps the closest to the breed standard of those present today. Gently rounded skull, broad muzzle and cushioned cheeks, scissor bite and lovely dark eyes. Well placed ears and lovely cobby body covered with a very good textured and cool coat. Moved sound and true.

Open Dog (5, 1)

1st Flannigan & Dornan – Ch Diamond Gemeni Out Of Control at Snowkai: My star of the day, simply stood out in his gleaming white coat. A well balanced head with broad muzzle, well cushioned cheeks and sparkling dark oval eye complete with black rims and visible halos. An excellent bite, good stop and a gently rounded skull, well feathered ears and a firm well ribbed body, correct tail set and carriage. A fully developed silky textured coat was the icing on this cake, flowing with confidence around the ring. First class presentation, a pleasure to award the CC & BOB and delighted to see him shortlisted in the final cut.

2nd Urquhart – Obsession White Star Of Eternity: Loved the cobby body on this boy which showed in his square outline and level topline on the move. Appealing head and expression, nicely balanced with good ear set, dark expressive eyes and excellent pigment. Lovely texture coat which flowed with him as he moved which he did truly and soundly. He can be a little uncooperative on the stand which is a challenge for his handler.

3rd Cayton & Welbourn – Zumarnik Blurred Lines.

Res. Gillies – Am Ch Delcost Beyond Infinity.

Veteran Bitch (1, 0)

1st Pearson – Sugar Princess for Vontese: This ‘young’ 10 year old was having such a fun time she could have been a puppy. Balanced head, clear sparkling eye, well placed ears and a gently rounded skull, she has a silky textured coat, clearly well cared for and moved with the enthusiasm of a youngster. The times her four feet were in contact with the ground and on the stand she showed her level topline and correctly set tail.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1, 0)

1st Farmer – Dual Sangria She’s Got The Look: A sweet head and expression, a mischievous dark eye, good bite, pigment starting to show, a cobby body, level topline and well set tail. All covered with a good quantity of white puppy coat. Moved steadily but found this a distraction when presented with a change of handler in the challenge. However, I found her to be worthy of Best Puppy

Junior Bitch (5, 1)

1st Flannigan & Dornan – Snowkai’s Diamond White: Well balanced head, good ear placement, sparkling dark oval eye, well cushioned cheeks, correct bite, broad muzzle and gently rounded skull. Firm cobby body, good ribs and level topline with good tail set and carriage. Lovely cool silky coat, good pigment, good front and rear assemblies, moved well.

2nd Urquhart – Blackpark Double Diamond: Well proportioned head, good dark eye and ear placement. Correct bite and lovely pigment. A wealth of cool silky coat covering a good cobby body, a very lively performer with a mind of her own and somewhat excitable on the move.

3rd Green – Vouzime Queen Elsa over Samorrey.

Res. Sulek – Kiki Se-La-Vi (Imp)

Post Graduate Bitch (4, 0)

1st Hutchinson – Areown Jasmine: Compact and cobby with an appealing expression, correctly proportioned head, slightly smaller dark sparkling eye, good scissor bite, lovely texture coat over a firm body and ribs, well set tail and a level topline. Confident and true mover.

2nd Jonusaite – Esmeralada For Emperatrice York Fan: Balanced head, dark sparkling eye, well set ears and gently rounded skull. Cool silky coat texture, well presented and moved well.

3rd Oliver – Cannon Islay Princess.

Limit Bitch (3, 0)

1st Jonsuaite – Emperatrice Grand Galattea: Lovely overall balance, well proportioned head, dark oval eye and cushioned cheeks. Correct scissor bite, well placed ears and a well presented cool silky coat. Good pigment in all the right places, moved soundly.

2nd Oliver – Cannon Islay Princess: Smart and cobby with a nice dark eye and appealing expression, balanced head and correct bite, good pigment, a correctly textured coat nicely presented and moved with confidence.

3rd Urquhart – Blackpark Diamond Lil.

Open Bitch (6, 2)

1st Gillies – Ta-Jon’s Livin On Tulsa Time for Delcost: Excellent overall balance, appealing head with a dark sparkling eye, well filled cheeks and a perfect scissor bite. Well placed and carried ears, well feathered, either side of a gently rounded skull. Firm cobby body, with a covering of the most luxurious silky coat, good ribs and correct tail set and carriage, she is a lively mover but once settled presented a lovely profile characterised with a level topline. CC

2nd Grant & Walker – Ch Travilla Chic And Petite with Linmont: Another from the top draw with a lovely balanced head, dark sparkling eye, good ear carriage, super coat of an excellent texture, firm body and ribs, moved well and looked a picture in profile with a level topline. Res CC

3rd Flannigan & Dornan – Snowkai’s Diamond In The Sky.

Res. Urquhart – Blackpark Finished Photo.

Brian Lees