• Show Date: 07/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Bob Rushton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: King Charles Spaniel

Three Counties Championship Show 2018

King Charles Spaniel

Judge: Bob Rushton (Tiflin )

Many of the dogs lacked the correct cobby underline with short back and deep chest required by the breed standard. I found that the correct heads went very much with the cobby ( short) bodies and well-constructed fore-chest with balanced forearm and shoulder. I agree that if the head is not right, then there is little point in looking much further, however the quest for good head with deep broad chest is what I hoped for . I hope that this helps understand my judging.

BEST OF BREED : 4896 MELVILLE Miss C Amantra Chorale

Dog CC : 4896 MELVILLE Miss C Amantra Chorale

Res Dog CC : 4907 SMITH Mr & Mrs S C Ch Headra's Truly Magic Is Justacharma

Bitch CC : 4871 BOWLES-ROBINSON Mrs C Ch Baldragon She Demands JW

Res Bitch CC : 4888 GOODWIN Mr S R Lanola Mademoiselle JW

Best Puppy : 4920 WOOD Mr R Tudorhurst Guardian

Best Veteran :

Class 1461 PD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4920 WOOD Mr R Tudorhurst Guardian

Two very good dogs, The first placed dog was well angulated, with even shoulder and upper arm, this was fixed on to a broad chest in the correct place to give him enough fore-chest for the breed. He has good width and shape of rib, deep to the elbow, and sweeping back to a short loin, giving him that classic KCS underline. He is cobby (short) without coarseness, with good top line. His movement was good with no overreaching and enough forward drive. Pleasing head with dark eye, well-proportioned with good dome and rise. He has a mischievous, but friendly look clean face without any loose lip. Saw him in the group and loved the way he grabbed his owners trousers! Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd: 4889 HARDIMAN Mr & Mrs T W & C A Tovarich Ticket To Ride

Well-made puppy, with appealing expression, dark eye, correct front and level top line. I placed this dog second because I preferred the movement and head of the first place dog.

Class 1462 JD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4920 WOOD Mr R Tudorhurst Guardian

As previous

2nd: 4910 SMITH Mr & Mrs S C Tudorhurst Warrior for Justacharma

Interestingly this dog is from the same litter as my first place, and yet he seemed to be a month or two behind in maturity, and I don’t mean character. His front and chest is very good, but not yet as well developed as 1. Good overall shape, with correct underline and level top line, with good square croup, cobby ( short) and with correct, balanced angulation and again, not too much spare in the face giving desired facial shape. Cushioning will develop later. Dark eye and a good character. Will make a nice dog.

3rd: 4885 FRENCH, Miss M C & TRAYNOR Mr B Mitapip Elusive Ruby

Class 1463 PGD (10 Entries) Abs: 0

In this class the first two had the perfect front assembly and short coupling, the 3rd, 4th and 5th had reasonable fronts, though shoulders set a little far forward.

1st: 4896 MELVILLE Miss C Amantra Chorale

This is a most typical of King Charles spaniels. This was a big class and he was last to be judged. There were some lovely dogs in this class, but when he was put on the table, I was so surprised and said to the owner ahhh now the king Charles Spaniel has arrived! this is because I feel it is not often that you get a dog that technically meets the requirements of the breed standard so closely and you could see instantly that he does. Starting with his movement, a short dog ( cobby) will often have problems with the front catching up with the back, over reaching. The structure of the KCS has to be just right to avoid this problem, so on first look as he went around the ring I knew he was going to be good, no overreaching. Importantly he has the correct broad and deep ribcage that is the chassis that the KCS is built upon, this is long(rib) and when viewed from above is sort of heart shaped. It’s important that the shoulders and upper arm are of the same length and that they are fixed on far enough back to allow the dog to move freely. His movement was pleasing to watch, parallel going and coming and with strong pasterns, desirable and correct, but not often found in the King Charles. He is a well boned dog without any hint of coarseness. He is very fit and well-muscled. He has a well-proportioned face, eyes and nose in line, dark eye, close lips and his cushioning under the eye is well developed. He has a good dome without exaggeration. He has a dark eye and appealing expression. Presented today in profuse correct coat in excellent clean condition, most importantly he is a very nice character. Thank you for bringing this dog; Dog CC and BOB

2nd: 4900 SINGLETON Mrs S C Lichens All About Edward Celxo

This is another correct type dog, with short back and the correct King Charles underline, short in loin, wide chest with shoulders fixed on such that the dogs chest is forward of the point of shoulder. Good dome, correct for a blenheim, their dome being never so pronounced as a tri. Dark eye with appealing expression good rise above the eyes, correctly coated, well broken markings without a predominance of white. I preferred the first place dogs overall quality and movement, but this dog is still an excellent specimen to preserve type in the breed.

3rd: 4908 SMITH Mr & Mrs S C Justacharma One So Magic

Class 1464 LD (8 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 4887 GOODWIN Mr J R Diggle Dandelion JW

I have always liked this dog and feel he has a lot to offer the breed. He has good type, with classic shape, upsweeping underline and strong level back that is short in loin. Correct front with good width of chest and balanced moderate angulation, correct square croup. Attractive head with dark eye and kind expression, with good dome. I preferred the graduate dogs size and angulation in choosing the ticket winner.

2nd: 4897 MELVILLE Miss C Amantra Tiberius

This dog is again a very typical specimen, cobby, deep chest, short in back , and dark eye. He has moderately angulated front balanced in the rear, well-constructed with enough fore chest. He has the correct dome for a blenheim, with a good coat and condition. His shoulders giving a slightly shorter neck than I would have liked was the reason that he was second in this class.

3rd: 4898 PORTINGALE Mr & Mrs P & J C Jacrianna King's Ransome JW

Class 1465 OD (7 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 4907 SMITH Mr & Mrs S C Ch Headra's Truly Magic Is Justacharma

This is an excellent specimen of the breed that offers type, construction and good character. He is well constructed, with equal length of shoulder and upper arm, balanced front and rear angulation. Good broad chest with shoulders set to give sufficient fore-chest. Level back maintained on the move. Good head, with pleasing expression, dark eye and dry lip, Reserve CC. I preferred the underline, shape and short body of the CC winner, but this is marginal and I would have happily given this dog the CC in the absence of the winner.

2nd: 4872 CLARKE Mrs P Stonepit Super Sydney For Poltomic

I have liked this dog when I have seen him in the ring before. He has the correct front assembly with a well-placed shoulder and balanced upper arm. He is short, with a short loin and plenty of rib. He moves well without over reaching, demonstrating the breeds cobby nature. He has a dark eye, good dome, and appealing expression and moved around the ring with effortless drive. He just lacked the confidence and character of the first placed dog.

3rd: 4912 SOUTHAM Mrs Y Apollo Twee Z Valldemose (Imp)

Class 1466 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 4863 AUSTIN Mrs K L & Mr M L Oh Dandy Boy Hero

Although on his own, this is a well-deserved first place with a well-constructed dog, with deep chest and good underline, balanced shoulder and length of upper arm, good for-chest, level top line maintained on the move. Large typical head, dark eye, pleasing expression. Presented in good condition, best Veteran in Breed.

Class 1467 PB (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4906 SKELTON Mrs D Tudorhurst Sorceress Taf

A well-made blenheim bitch with very typical head, with a good dome, dark eye, sweet expression and good underjaw. She has a well-constructed front, and is short in back with the correct underline. She was a bit inexperienced, but was worth persevering with to see her go nicely around the ring.

2nd: 4878 CRIDLAND Mrs J A Alizee Vom Weihertal TAF

Of excellent type, with sound character, tri bitch with level back, good underline, well-constructed with balanced front , pleasing expression with dark eye, moved well around the ring. I found not a lot of difference between them although of different types. Given time she will make a lovely specimen

3rd: 4874 CONSTABLE Mrs M Mitapip High Hopes Holly

Class 1468 JB (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 4869 BOWLES-ROBINSON Mrs C My Exotic World Demands Baldragon (Imp)

First place went to a tri bitch with good reach of neck; well laid shoulders with equal length of shoulder and upper arm. Short in loin with correct underline. Dark eye, good dome and pleasing expression Moved well around the ring.

2nd: 4867 BAKER Mr R S & Mrs R K Cofton Dusty Blue

A short backed dog, with good chest shape, correct front, balanced angulation. Good dome and rise, dry lips, pleasing expression, preferred 1st place because it was a little more together.

3rd: 4917 SUTHERLAND Mrs W & Mr R Mitapip Raindance

Class 1469 PGB (7 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 4870 BOWLES-ROBINSON Mrs C Baldragon Hold That Thought

Well-made blenheim bitch, with typical head, dark eye, good dome , well-constructed all round ,with correct front with deep chest and short in back, good reach of neck, moved well around the ring.

2nd: 4866 AUSTIN, Mr M & Mrs K & BAKER Miss E Cofton Dancing Though Life Jw

Tri bitch with level back, balanced angulation front and rear, sweet face with appealing expression, excellent type. Good head with dark eye, moved well around the ring.

3rd: 4914 STONE Mrs J C Maynorth Look of Love

Class 1470 LB (5 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 4888 GOODWIN Mr S R Lanola Mademoiselle JW

Classic shape, very typical, deep chest with correct balanced shoulder and upper arm, short in loin, correct angle of croup; squarely set. Good dome to a typical head, dark eye, long luxurious ear fringing, pleasing expression, and good on the move without over reaching. Pleased to award her reserve CC. In choosing the CC winner over this dog I just preferred the balance and overall look of the CC winner, however this bitch has a lot to offer the breed in type and construction

2nd: 4905 SINGLETON Mrs S C Celxo Theodora

5 year old bitch, good dome, attractive expression, well cushioned. Well-constructed, movement difficult to access as she unfortunately did not want to perform today.

3rd: 4881 DAWSON, Ms M & JONES Mrs C Pomelo Buttons and Bows

Class 1471 OB (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4871 BOWLES-ROBINSON Mrs C Ch Baldragon She Demands JW

Attractive bitch with classic typical head, long luxurious ears, dark eye, good dome, well cushioned under eye, darkly pigmented with good character. She has a well-developed chest, with long rib and short loin. Her shoulders are balanced with matching upper arm, set on as to give the correct fore-chest. She has a similarly well-constructed rear with a correct angle of square croup. Her movement was free and easy . Bitch CC. In selecting my best of breed, I thought this was a very typical bitch, well-constructed, but the dog had better driving movement and was better condition with stronger muscles.

2nd: 4915 STONE Mrs J C Maynorth Back To Black JW

A mature black and tan bitch, most appealing typical bitch, short back, with deep ribcage, short in loin. Correct front assembly with balanced fore-arm and shoulder, correctly placed on a broad chest. This is balanced by the dog’s rear construction giving true movement without any overreaching. She has a most appealing expression, with dark eye, good dome and perfuse coat of the correct texture for the breed. I preferred the overall appearance and head of the CC and reserve CC to this dog, never the less this is a very typical quality bitch.

3rd: 4894 KENDALL, Mrs M E & ASKINS Mrs I M Cofton Winter Time Tale At Headra JW :

Class 1472 VB (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 4913 SPEIGHT Mrs G Gayhalo Chantilly Lace At Bonniroy

10 yearold B/t Bitch, good front, and typical shape

2nd: 4865 AUSTIN Mrs K L & Mr M L Baldragon May Bea Baby

Tri bitch with good head, dark eye, pleasing expression, but today I preferred the construction and movement of 1.