• Show Date: 08/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Bev Dummett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: Spaniel (American Cocker)

I would like to thank the Kennel Club for asking me to judge at this prestigious event, my two stewards, Nicky and Gemma, who worked so hard all day and also the exhibitors for bringing their dogs. I had a lovely day. The quality on the whole was very good and both the limit and open classes in both sexes were splendid. Sadly, there were only 2 CC’s to award but I could easily have handed out at least 20 in each sex. I wish we had the FCI grading system as then I would have graded many exhibits as “excellent”. Everyone interprets the standard differently and the placings on the day were down to my personal opinions. In classes where the quality was high, it came down to what I feel epitomises our lovely breed, a plush head which sets the breed apart from other spaniels, a good front with plenty of heartroom for doing gundog work and compact body. I found some exhibits to be long cast, some upright shoulders which causes ski slope toplines which is not what the standard asks for. I am worried that the breed is becoming more exaggerated, with extra long necks and backs, long in loin and stacked on their knees. I was pleased not to see any small, undersized dogs, though some I hope wont grow on as could be over size. Some exhibits seemed a bit flat and “show tired” and so paid the price. Temperaments were good but many lacked muscletone, which again is needed for a gundog for be able to work all day in the field, its not all about glamour and presentation. The KC were adamant that dogs are “fit for function and fit for purpose” and my winners certainly displayed this.

Veteran dog. (8, 1a) What a great class to start the day, filled with some of my favourites. All were a credit to their owners. 1st and Best veteran in breed. Sh Ch Misticolas north to south to Dewych, B/T I have awarded a CC to in his younger days. Still has the look at me factor he had then. Full of breed type, powered round the ring belying his 13 years.Correctly marked black/tan. 2, Afterglow Dancing Brave, another I have done well before, and doesn’t look like a veteran. Now aged 8 and a half, has very good depth of chest and rib. Plush head. Coat gleaming and moved out with purpose, unlucky to meet 1 today. 3, Sh Ch Saltdean Jimmy ticket. One you need to get hands on to appreciate how well made he is, not the shoulders of first two but still a worthy champion and in good condition for his age, 11 years young.

Minor Puppy, (1). 1st Very Vigie nobody is perfect, Imp Fra. Impressive tri boy, holds good outline on the move, scores in neck and body, just needs to come together and will go onto to great things. Pressed puppy dog hard for bpd.

Puppy dog (4, 1a) 1st and BPD, Afterglow London grammar, well up to size flashy tri dog, plenty of show attitude, liked his head and expression, very well presented and handled. 2, Mycalleys Daniel, really liked this buff pup, compact body with excellent depth of chest, once settled in the ring will make his mark for sure. 3, Rivetts Leader Line Indy, Imp Blr, nice head and soft expression, well muscled up but today unsettled on the move, not as mature in body as the other 2 but has plenty of time, well groomed and handled.

Junior dog. (7). 1st Colorfulls quince blossom JW NJK, Loved this red white dog, fits the standard for me, plush head, compact in body with lovely forechest and rib, moved well to take this strong class but then really played his handler up in the challenge and threw his chances away, such a shame, but its dog on the day. Immaculate presentation. 2, Afterglow life of Brian, can see why this chap was top puppy last year, eye catching on the move, plush head, however for me, just needs to mature in body, I am sure he will follow in his dams footsteps. First class handling and presentation. 3, Light of joy Iz Mazhornoho lada, another red/ white boy with lovely headpiece, lovely outline, just needs to settle more on the move, but liked him a lot.

Yearling dog (8, 1a) 1st, Very vigie mistral-gagnant Lux ch, lovely black white boy, again liked his plush head and compact body, moved soundly with purpose, so well groomed. Once fully mature a star in the making. Was pushed hard by 2, Born to run to Afterglow, classy black dog, plush head, just slightly longer cast than winner and needs to mature in middle piece but lots to like and will make up Im sure. Well handled and put down to perfection. 3, Light of joy Iz Mazhornoho lada.

Post grad, (9) 1st Wraxhill baton rouge, wow this boy has certainly matured nicely since I last saw him as a puppy. Loved his head and outline, has a good front and moved with style and drive. Well groomed and handled and one to watch for the future. 2, Ecclesiastes big thrill, stunning buff dog, liked his head and expression, compact in body, pushed 1 hard but didn’t have the show attitude of 1. 3, Mickcals black star, honest compact dog who has all the essentials, just needs to show himself off more but this will come. In good condition and muscle tone.

Limit dog, (10) Excellent class full of quality 1st, Letjashaja ptitsa genuine atomic toys, stunning black dog from Russia, stylish mover but workman like, lovely plush head,good depth of chest and compact in body, well presented and handled and close up for top honours. 2 Harrisburg kiss the girls, loved this buff boy, who was so unlucky to meet 1 today, has good neck, shoulders and forechest, hope his title isn’t far away as he deserves it. 3, Aesku Armani code for tricajon, Imp Isl, flashy tri boy, well up to size, for me was heavier in backskull than winners, but a quality dog who was well handled to earn his place in a tough class.

Open dog ( 13, 1a) Wow what a class, every one a deserving champion, so was down to my personal preference. 1, and DCC, Cacis could be messi, classy black dog who pulled out all the stops to beat 2, can see his is all male, liked his head, has good forechest and rib, lovely outline on the stack and move. Shown in fabulous condition. 2, RDCC, Sh Ch Very vigie lollipop, another one I have done well as a pup and he has had a great show career here and abroad since then. Quality dog put down to perfection, on the day just preferred head of 1, but was so close. 3, Int Ch Buballoos key to your heart, sound stylish buff, not quite as plush in head as 1 and 2, but scored in fabulous body and outline. Another fit for purpose and presented and handled well.

Good citizen dog (7, ) 1 Afterglow dancing brave. 2 Glarus Highland laddie at Spireyanks, another buff I like a lot, workmanlike body, well muscled up, has kind eye and expression, had his show head on today and gave a good account of himself. Good coat and condition. 3 Gablequest glory days, black boy who was unlucky in the strong limit class, but once fully matured his day will come. Another with good muscletone. Well handled and presented.

Shame there were no entries in the field trail and working gundog classes..

Veteran bitch (5, 2a). Lovely class of 3 golden oldies. Thank you for bringing them. 1 Sh Ch Moonmist Tinkerbell. Has that lovely Moonmist head, now 10 years young but still powered round ring, correctly marked black/tan in lovely coat and condition. 2 Heavensway after dark at Yankeetank. Another lovely black/tan pushed 1 close but slightly longer cast, only just 7 so the baby of the class, but workman like and well muscled up. 3 Saltdean just a diddle. Completed a lovely trio, just looking her age but a credit to her owner as so fit and healthy at 11. Compact body but not the shoulders of first two for me.

Minor puppy bitch (2) 2 quality pups here who will change places many times. 1st and BPIB Afterglow Paris Dupree, more mature than 2 and more compact in body, flashy on the move, well bodied for age and a chip off the block of her famous father, Miami. 2 Zarcrest tri this one, bit overawed by the occasion but lots to like, good length of neck and shoulders well placed, needs to mature up but just a baby, well presented.

Puppy bitch (3) Another good puppy class. 1 Mycalleys Finoula, nearly 12 months black girl, compact in body, lovely plush head and good outline on the move, just didn’t have show attitude of minor pup but close up for BPIB. 2 Ashclares kiss me quick by Mycalleys, lovely black/tan girl, not quite as collected as 1 today, but very similar to 1, see they are by same sire. Correct markings. Nicely handled. 3, Truly yours mine naughty but nice, nearly 12 months old, classic head and good body but for me bit longer cast than first two.

Junior bitch (5) Although the first two were of different types both had lots to like and made a difficult decision to choose between them.There had to be a winner, so on the day it was Alibama times flys, pretty headed girl, pipped 2 on her compact body and outline and more precise movement. 2 Nasailleen secret affair, was more mature in forechest than 1, but longer cast for me. Lovely head and expression, both were well presented and handled. 3 Truly yours naughty but nice.

Yearling bitch, (5). 1st and RBCC, Bogestvennaya skazka vanilla ice cream, stunning red/white bitch, pretty head and expression, correct size, has good depth of chest, so sound and fit for purpose, fabulous coat and presentation. Close up for CC, lost out on maturity to the open winner. 2 Nasailleen secret liaison, another beautiful girl who was unlucky to meet 1, plush head and lovely in body, in good coat and condition. 3 Mickcals black velvet, another nice girl, not as collected as first two today, I see is half sister to 2nd and has similar qualities, tends to fly tail a little. I must mention a young man who handled a choc parti in this class as he did a good job and with a little more experience and confidence he will go far.

Post grad bitch (8) 1st Atomic toys she is so beautiful, how aptly named, as she is. Ideal size and shape, plush head, stylish on the move, scored in body and outline. 2 Aesku lady million for Tricajon Imp Isl, lovely parti girl, unlucky to meet 1 today, another with good body and forechest, lovely coat and condition, well handled. 3 Combleywood Abrakebabra, honest workmanlike buff girl, for me not the head of the first two, but so sound and compact, moved out well.

Limit bitch, (10, 1) Wow a fabulous class with top quality girls, especially the first 5. 1st Sabisabi Cherokee inola, black girl in fabulous condition, loved her head and outline, correct size, well muscled up, surely should make up. 2 Nasailleen witchcraft at Mycalleys, another lovely black who I see is sired by Trouble, he is certainly producing some lovely stock, an asset to the breed over here. Very close up to 1 and has similar qualities, in lovely coat and condition. 3 Plaiglen gigi with Eastriding, tri by the RDCC and again he is siring type, this girl looked fabulous today and is certainly substantial, just slightly heavier in head than first two, but a quality girl whose show attitude won over 2 more lovely girls.

Open bitch, (17) Amazing class, all worthy winners, which made for difficult decisions. 1st, BCC AND BOB Sh Ch Bananadance mrs simpson, I was very surprised yet delighted to see this girl again, My BPIB last time I judged, when she ended up top puppy in breed that year and has since attained her title. Of correct size, she has to be handled to appreciate her virtues, compact in body, lovely head and expression, excels in forechest and rib, good bone and certainly fit for function, well muscled up so could do a days work in the field easily. In gleaming coat and well handled, gave a good performance later in the group. 2 Truly yours American beauty queen, stylish black who gave 1 a run for her money, quality girl but for me slightly longer cast than 1, but has lovely plush head, good body and forechest, fabulous presentation. 3 Sh Ch Sundust c’est la vie, gorgeous buff bitch of correct size,another you need hands on to appreciate her , moved really well today and pressed first two very hard.

Good citizen bitch, (3, 1 abs) Sabisabi Cherokee yona, buff girl, certainly fit for function, her handler has come on so much since I last judged in presentation and handling, and should have a lot of fun with this girl. 2. I am a French star of americha color dreams, sweet girl, enjoying her day out, not as positive on move as 1.