• Show Date: 16/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Bertil Lundgren Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

 I was very happy when I got my invitation to judge Golden retriever bitches at the Border Union Dog Show in Kelso. I have judged Golden retrievers in most European countries including England, so this was my second time in Great Britain. I have followed the breed since the beginning of the eighties both in the showring and in the field. The Golden retriever is a working gundog and must be judged according to that. The Standard is short but includes the important things like conformation, coat structure and of course, very important, temperament. As you will be able to see in my report I take a lot of concern in the movement and temperament of the dogs. To judge Golden retrievers in Scotland was a fantastic opportunity. I had heard from friends that the Show is held at a wonderful venue in Kelso and I was not disappointed, a fantastic venue in beautiful surroundings. It’s not that far from Guisachan, the ancestral home of the Golden retriever where Lord Tweedmouth founded the breed 150 years ago. The weather was perfect for a dog show, a bit windy but no rain. I expected good quality and I was not disappointed, there were some strong classes of nice bitches. 

Minor Puppy Bitch 13 entries, 1 abs

Always fun to judge puppies, full of enthusiasm and promise for the future and this entry was no exception.

1:st My winner was Mrs. Haxtons Dantassie Dancing Moonbeam, a girl who took my eye standing and even more moving. Very well balanced with correct proportions, angulation and a nice topline. Moved with good reach and drive, already very true. Nice feminine head

2: nd was Middlemiss Corsemaul I´m going home to Harmaljoy who has a nice frame to fill in, today a bit more “puppyish” in her moves than 1: st. Strong back, good spring of ribs and a strong back.

Puppy Bitch 11 entries, 1 abs

1:st O’Neill’s Strathlon Sweet Sensation who has a beautiful outline, a feminine head with a soft expression. Good reach of neck and a nice topline, well bodied for age. Moved with a good attitude, reach and drive.

2: nd Dukes Qakerhall Royal Bounty at Cadellard, also very promising excellent proportions, good angulation and spring of ribs. Moved with good reach but needs to steady.

Junior 12 entries, 6 abs

1:st Fosters Mockingjay van der Corner Brook to Auristela again a bitch with a nice outline, very well balanced, lovely feminine head with the kindest expression. Her construction made her move with a lot of reach and drive, true both ways.

2: nd O’Neill’s Strathlon Sweet Sensation, see Puppy Bitch class

Yearling 13 entries, 4 abs

1:st Jolly’s Kerrien She´s the One and for me she really was “the One” in this class. Excellent proportions, good angulation, beautiful feminine head, level topline, well let down hocks. Covered the ground well with a lot of drive.

2: nd Fosters Mockingjay van der Corner Brook to Auristela, see Junior class

Novice 12 entries, 1 abs

1:st Fosters Mockingjay van der Corner Brook to Auristela, see Junior class

2: nd Best and Kelly’s Gillbryan Currant Bun at Ellyest who has such typical Golden retriever attitude, so friendly and positive. Good proportions, very feminine head, well set on neck, good angulation and spring of ribs. Short strong loin, good reach in front.

Graduate 6 entries, 3 ab

1:st Rodgers Rojillair Evening Magic of Odarla JW a bitch with a nice “here I am attitude”. Nice outline with good reach of neck and strong topline standing and moving

Well bodied. Move true and with good reach.

2: nd Maguires Glenrioch Starlight at Suarike very good proportions and angulation, short strong loin, nice topline, moved with good reach and enough drive, nice attitude

Post Graduate 13 entries, 2 abs

Another strong class, again some really good movers

1:st Haxtons Dantassie Disadora, very well balanced, nice feminine head and kind expression. Beautiful topline standing and moving. Correct angulation that made her move true and with drive

2: nd McGeochs Nedlezah Hey Jude JW, very nice outline and attitude, a bit longer in body than nr1 but nice topline, well bodied with good spring of ribs. Moved with good reach, enough drive

Mid Limit 13 entries, 5 abs

1:st MacDonald and Murrays Rathcloon Thyme n Punishment JW. Very pleasing standing and moving, nice happy attitude and good conformation. Excellent spring of ribs, level topline. Lots of drive in her moves. 2: nd Neill handling for Miss McGroarty; Tamniarn Martha, so nice in type and conformation. Very pleasing head and expression, good reach of neck, nice topline and tail set. Moved true and with goo reach. 

Limit 24 entries, 4 abs

Biggest class of the day, a lot of quality to go through 

1:st Catterall’s Golmas Gilotty, so much breed type, well balanced, angulation according to standard, excellent spring of ribs, level topline standing and moving, moved true from every angle, very nice feminine head and expression. Lovely coat, good bone

2: nd O’Neill’s Thornywait Colored Red. Again, lots of excellent breed type, very feminine head, very good reach of neck, strong back, good spring of ribs, moved with good reach and drive. Good coat and bone 

Open 10 entries, 3 abs

1:st Clarkson’s Ch Drumkilty Hibernia JW, top quality bitch with excellent proportions, good reach of neck, very good angulation, level topline good forechest and spring of ribs. Moved with very good reach and drive. Good bone, excellent coat in full bloom.

2: nd Morse’s Xanthos Givenchy, a nice picture standing and moving, very feminine head, enough reach of neck, level topline. Good spring of ribs, short strong loin. Moved with drive, good coat and bone

Veteran 8 entries, 2 abs

Always a favorite class, veterans in good shape is a pleasure to judge and this class was no exception.

1:st Gradys Sh Ch Thornywait My Girl at Glenrioch at eight years in tip-top shape and with a lot of quality, very well balanced, excellent proportions, good reach of neck, beautiful topline

one of the best movers of the day, good bone and coat quality.

2: nd Wards Sh Ch Laurenley Layla JW also eight years and in very good shape, very good proportions and spring of ribs, feminine head and expression, moved true and with good reach, level topline, well set on tail. Good bone and coat quality

I was very pleased with all my winners and choosing CC and Reserve CC was a tough decision, finally Catterall’s Golmas Gilotty got the nod for the CC and Haxtons Dantassie Disadora for the Reserve.

 Best of Breed was judged together with my co-judge Mrs Margaret Bourne who had judged the dogs. Her choice for Best male was Subairs Billy Elliot de Ria Vela, still young but a with a most pleasing head, excellent proportions, very good angulation. Moved with a lovely attitude, good reach and drive. We agreed for him as BOB.

My day was as pleasant that I expected. My heartfelt thank you to BUAS Canine Section, the Committee, my stewards who helped me through the day and of course the exhibitors, good luck in the future!

Bertil Lundgren