• Show Date: 25/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Becky Johnson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Gundog Group


My sincere thanks to the Officers and Committee of Bath Canine Society for affording me the honour of judging the Gundog Group. All breeds were represented and there was quality in depth throughout. The BIS ring is probably one of the best in the country and gives ample opportunity for the dogs to show themselves to advantage. Some I felt didn’t really appreciate the warmth inside the marquee and whereas they stacked up well, they didn’t move as well as they could have done. Another thing I became very aware of was the lack of muscle tone in some dogs. I short listed 11 - Bracco (Owlspoint King Of Trouble at Brackenvale JW ShCM), GSP (Taftazini Honour Wynna), Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla (Sh Ch Tragus Fox Appeal), Irish Red & White Setter (Sh Ch Rastasha Golden Rapper JW), Italian Spinone (Bardontop Spells Chaos JW), Large Munsterlander (Ch Raycris Freya JW), Pointer (White Squall Seasyde Iced Tea (imp)), Clumber Spaniel (Sh Ch Winhampton Over The Yardarm at Harrifield JW ShCM), Irish Water Spaniel (Sh Ch Cuboglach Petite Wave), Sussex Spaniel (Ch Pindari Myrtle JW) and Welsh Springer Spaniel (Sh Ch Bowdonia Seraphina JW ShCM).  

1st: Pointer - Siddle’s White Squall Seasyde Iced Tea (imp). So well balanced all through and stacked up she presented a flowing outline. Head of correct proportions with definite stop and dish faced appearance. Clean neck leading to well laid shoulder. Level topline with correct tail set. Well muscled hindquarters with good width of second thigh. On the move she excelled - smooth, accurate and ground covering whilst maintaining her outline throughout. The more I asked the more she gave. Beautifully handled on a loose lead which showed her to advantage.

2nd: Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla - Upton’s Sh Ch Tragus Fox Appeal. This dog caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. He is totally free from exaggeration. Correctly proportioned head with the skull slightly longer than the muzzle and moderate stop. Well laid shoulder with corresponding return of upper arm and elbows tight to the brisket. Well ribbed back leading through to strong well muscled hindquarters. Excellent coat texture. On the move he really excelled - totally parallel both fore and aft and showing good open side gait when viewed in profile.

3rd: Irish Water Spaniel - Ford’s Sh Ch Cuboglach Petite Wave. Stunning bitch whom I have done well before both in the breed and group ring. She screams breed type. Up to size but still within the standard. She is beautifully balanced all through. Her head is ultra feminine with a slightly aloof expression. Strong neck leading through to well laid shoulders and corresponding return of upper arm. Well barrelled ribcage with short deep loin. Her hindquarters are well muscled with well angulated stifles and well let down hocks. On the move she displays the correct rolling gait for the breed and good forward extension when viewed in profile. Excellent coat texture and presented to perfection.

4th: Large Munsterlander - Ogle & Butler’s Ch Raycris Freya JW. Another whom I have judged on more than one occasion but like a good wine she simply gets better with age. Today she was on top form and probably the best I have seen her look. Well balanced throughout. Well moulded head with a very soft expression. Strong, slightly arched neck leading to well laid back shoulder. Correct spring of rib and short loin. Her hindquarters are extremely well muscled with correct moderate bend of stifle and good width of second thigh. Accurate on the move - both fore and aft and displaying a true springy gait when viewed in profile - no doubt that she could easily cover a grouse moor.

The seven remaining dogs were not disgraced in not being placed - it was a case of splitting hairs - the Bracco and the Spinoni pushed particularly hard.

Breeders Group

Although only 2 of the 6 entered came forward I felt that they both excelled in depth of quality.

1st Osborne’s Field Spaniels (Elgert). Beautifully matched trio who moved in perfect unison together. All very similar in heads and outlines.

2nd Thompson’s German Longhaired Pointers (Sarscottah). A little more varied in type than the winners. Moved well and not disgraced by their runner up position.

Becky A Johnson