• Show Date: 06/07/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Bart van Maren Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

EAST Of ENGLAND Championship Show Critiques Golden Retriever Bitches ~ Judge – Bart van Maren 

I would thank the East of England Show committee for the invitation to judge the bitches and the exhibitors for entering their Golden Retrievers. I was very pleased with my entry and especially in the younger classes saw some very promissing examples of our breed. I thouroughly enjoyed my judging on a wonderful day in the sun.

 MINOR PUPPY (10,4) 1.O’Neil’s Linigor Misty Mornings at Strathlon - Very attractive bitch puppy, shows a lot of breed type. Pleasing head and expression, very well fitting to her overall balance. Lovely neck flowing into well laid back shoulders. Excellent bone, super topline which she holds on the move. Good ground covering action, moved with style and animation. 2.Kipp’s Willowlawn Orient Express To Wheatcroft - Very promising puppy of an excellernt type. Lovely quarters .Still really a puppy but has everything she needs in the right place. Excellent outline. Very sweet feminine head.Shows a lot of promise for the future. Moved round the ring with style, pleasing to look at. 3.Clarke’s Meipere Candy Land for Lanssonne. 

PUPPY (11,3) 1. Clarkson’s Drumkilty Lisdoonvarna - Already a very well developed puppy for age, shown in perfect condition, super outline and a beautiful picture with a perfect balance throughout that pleases the eye, excellent bone, well shaped head with good eye placement and very attractive expression, great neck, holds herself together on the move and moved to her advantage, found her a super girl so very well constructed and put together so pleased to give her the RCC. 2. O,Neil’s Linigor Misty Mornings at Strathlon. 3.Brown’s Leynosk Glitter ‘n’Gold 

JUNIOR (18,7) 1. Crookes and Jenkinson’s Quakerhall Pandora’s Bounty - Lovely well matured junior, deep through the heart, excellent body and spring of rib. Level toppline. Lovely head and expression. Shown in excellent condition. Shows a lot of breed type, well presented and used her quarters to her advantage on the move. 2. Anderssons Linchael Livia - Very lovely feminine girl from a good size and a lovely picture to look at. Very sweet head with a soft expression and well placed eye, excellent pigmentation. Lovely neck, well laid back shoulder and excellent return of upperarm good spring of rib for age. Lovely bone & neat feet. Lovely hindquarters. Covered the ground well on the move. We;; presented. 3. Foster’s Mockingjay vd Cornerbrook to Auristela 

YEARLING (14,4) 1. Jolly’s Kerrien She’s the One.I Loved this one very much, sweet head , great pigment, shows a lot of breed type, very feminine, very lovely outline & balance overall , excellent neck and layback of shoulders and return of upperarm, excellent topline which all shows on the move. Shows a lot of promise for the future, needed a little bit more confidence in the ring but I am sure that will come. 2. Morrissey’s & Tappenden’s Messano Flaming Star JW . Lovely well matured, attractive junior, deep through the heart, excellent body and spring of rib. Lovely head and expression. Excellent neck & shoulder. Shown in excellent condition. Well presented and used her quarters to her advantage on the move to cover the ground well. 3. Stonebridge’s Toseland Iced Gem 

NOVICE (15 Entries, 12 Absent) 1. O'Neil ’s Linigor Misty Mornings at Strathlon. 2. Furbank’s Kayzaelle Karamel Kookie – Well sized female of a good type. Excellent neck and shoulders, level topline with good tailset. Superb rear which enabled her to move with drive and cover the ground well on the move, well presented. 3. Ward’s Xanthos Quiero Que Sepas for Flesselles 

 TYRO BITCH (10 Entries, 8 Absent) 1. Furbank’s Kayzaelle Karamel Kookie 2. O'Neill’s Strathlon Sweet Sensation. Well sized bitch shown in an excellent condition. Feminine head,well presented. Excellent outline with a good layback of shoulder, A bit upright in upperarn which shows on the move in a shorter stride in front. Also looks a little a long because of that. Level topline and good tailset. . 

 GRADUATE BITCH (10 Entries, 2 Absent) 1. Rodgers’ Rojillair Evening Magic of Ordala JW. Very well made bitch, with a lovely overall balance, deep through the heart .Very pleasing head with lovely expression, lovely neck and shoulders, excellent bone, moved with style and drive, used her quarters to her advantage on the move. 2. Drury’s Bencoe Honky Tonk Woman JW. Excellent type, pleasing picture to look at. Well angulated front and behind. Very pleasing head, deep through the heart with excellent spring of rib. Well presented. Would prefer a little more drive from the back, lovely type. 3. Loverock’s Riera Empress of Lovissa 

POSTGRADUATE BITCH (8 Entries, 1 Absent) 1. Beeson’s Esined Titania. Well made bitch of an attractive type, pleasing feminine head with a good expression. Excellent strong neck flowing into well laid back shoulder, level topline, good tailset and carriage standing and on the move. Excellent spring of rib good bone, showed a good ground covering movement with a good drive. 2. Cruttwell’s Ashbyglen The Two of Us Excellent type, very well angulated front and behind, excellent neck and shoulders with a good return of upperarm, well sprung ribs and well developed body, moved well. 3. Lister’s Norlis Viking Pearl. 

 MID LIMIT BITCH (6 Entries, 2 Absent) 1. Braeckman-Bracke’s Glitters One Two Three Tango . Very well constructed bitch, Lovely overall balance with good angels front and behind and excellent topline and tailset. Moved with a good ground covering action and covered the ground well. Well deserved classwinner. 2. Mell’s Melloak Lily The Pink. Lovely type, Very sweet feminine head,excellent neck flowing into well laid back shoulder and level topline, would prefer a little more return of upper arm, , well boned with an excellent body, moved well. . Wilson’s Pearlbarn Pink Gin.

 LIMIT BITCH (12, 3 ) 1.Maddison’s Jaymardy Hidden Secret JW. Very lovely type and a pleasing, attractive picture to look at. Shown in excellent condition, lovely coat, and well presented. Very attractive head and expression, Well sprung ribs and developed body. Deep through the heart. Lovely neck flowing into well laid back shoulders, excellent pigmentation which finishes her head and expression. Coverd the ground very well making advantage of her excellent quarters. 2. Crookes & Jenkinson Stanroph Still TRhe Same JW – Lovely type, very pleasing to look at, deep through the heart with an excellent spring of ribs, lovely quarters front and behind, excellent bone, beautiful head and presented in blooming condition. Lovely picture to look at. Moved very well. 3. Brown’s Fenpinque Glitterspelle 

 OPEN BITCH (9 , 2 ) 1. Dunbar’s Sh Ch Linigor Violets Are Blue JW . Gorgeous bitch in the prime of her life. Of lovely type. Shows good contact with her handler & great ring attitude. She has all the essentials needed. Shown & presented in perfect condition. The sweetest of heads with an expression to die for. Everything is good, head, balance, and both angels front and behind . Most excellent level toppline and tail set. A very well deserved CC winner today. As expected she covered the ground very well on the move. The heat was probably hitting her a little harder than the dog in the Challenge for BOB but a great breed representative. 2. Clarkson’s Ch. Drumkilty Hibernia JW . Another one of excellence.Super bitch of excellent type. Loved everything about her. Very appealing in both her type & construction, being very well made throughout with a melting expression and a very attractive head. A good size and pleasing picture to look at. Unfortunately probably because of the heat she lacked a little drive and animation on the move but moved correctly, a great breed representative. 3. Morss’ Xanthos Givenchy JW. 

 VETERAN BITCH (8 , 2 ) 1. Loverock’s Putjade Pink Diamonds for Lovissa JW. Strong bitch, very well made throughout & of a lovely type, very pleasing head and expression, straight in front with excellent bone, excells in her correct angulation in front and behind, good straight topline with excellent tailset, covered the ground very well on the move. In beautiful coat and presentation. 2. Braeckman’s Golden Rose-Bays Jattefin. Lovely bitch of an excellent type, pleasing head and expression, excellent bone, lovely angulation front and behind, not in her best coat today, Moved out well , with reach from the front with drive from behind and showed a good length of stride in profile on the move. 3. Tuck’s Tamsbrook Timotae . 

SPECIAL BEGINNERS BITCH (4 , 2 ) 1. Taggart’s Altindan Go with The Flow. Well matured bitch of a good type, deep through trhe heart, lovely head, good front assembly. Pasterns could be a little stronger , well angulated behind. Excellent mover, coverde the ground very well. 2. Rush’s Tiltham Isla Anna Maria. Excellent bitch in type, good head and expression, good length of neck, good layback of shoulder, a little upright in upperarm, therefor loose in elbows, would prefer a little bit more spring of rib and depth of body, sufficiently angulated behind, moved alright.