• Date: 10/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judge: Audrey White Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

London Collie Club

Breed: Collie (Rough)

Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge dogs.

MPD (13, 4 Absent)

Brookers, Corisian French Connection, Fantastic, lovely head, eye and expression, moved with drive for one so young. 

Hassocks, Camanna Code Name, Mature puppy, all dog, nice head, level topline, shown and handled well.

Walkers and Richie, Norska de Remember our Love for Starlenga 

PD (6, 2 Absent)

Hawkins and Foy, Beldones Napoleon, Nicely balanced head, sweet expression, good conformation well bent stifle, short hocks, excellent movement, best pub in breed

Cronk, Culbrae Code Red at Shelborn, Very pleasing head, flat skull, rounded fore face, well placed eyes and moved well.

Erjohn encouraged to be blue.

JD ( 4, 1 Absent)

Lockyer, Think of me Prince of Sunlight at Gataj ‘imp HUN’, Nice head and expression, sable who moved well on good feet. 

Broadhead, Rahlissa only make believe, Fine upstanding boy, much to like but on the day his coat was on the blow. 

Lizmark Gold Sovereign 

ND (7, 2 Absent)

Cronk ,Culbrae Code Red at Shelborn

Randals, Ladar balethasar, Blue merle with all the right attributes just needs time to mature.

Darahill, Xanadu

GD (5, 1 Absent)

Humphrey, Shasm Sign of the Times (JW), Sable of lovely type and quality, moved with free flowing action, lovely body and a well balanced head with lovely ears and expression

Mclughlin, Moondance de Cabrenysset for Brihow ‘imp FRA’, Lovely headed blue merle dog, clear colour, presented and handled well.

Gataj beau of surprises (JW)

Post Graduate (5, 0 Absent)

Hawkins and Foy, Beldones Tom Wood, I liked his body shape, he looked elegant but still masculine, well placed shoulder with a god reach of neck. Best of legs and feet. Excellent bend of stifle, good hocks and a nicely carried tail. Good movement.

Jones and Blackburn, Erjohn early edition, Appealing blue merle, well balanced head with good ears which he was hesitant to use, moves steadily.

Shantique Stardust

MLD (4, 0 Absent)

Browns, Jazzman du clos de Seawind for Mertrisa ‘imp ROM’ Head is well balanced, correctly placed eyes, good legs and feet, good movement. 

Condon, Bounty taste for Aaronwell ‘imp RUS’ (JW) Shcm, Soundly constructed merle dog, well moulded head, ears held correctly when alert, moved well.

Pages, Linmead Amalie bring me back (JW)

LD (5, 1 Absent)

Scott, Magical moon of Lowlands Green Valley for Shantique ‘imp FRA’, Lovely boy, took my eye as soon as he entered the ring, lovely head and expression, used his ears to his best advantage, moved very well as his construction body suggests. It was my pleasure to award the CC.

Hassocks, Colour me perfect, Another Blue Merle, good coat and bone, good conformation 

I am fantastic du bois des Amazones for Corisian ‘imp FRA’

Open (4, 0 Absent)

Tippers, Ch Tiganlea too Good to be Forgotten, Having gone over this dog before I certainly didn’t forget him, stands foursquare on a loose lead, obviously adores his handler, handler had total control. RCC.

Condon, Jugband blues du clos de Seawind Bia Aaronwell ‘imp FRA’ Quality headed blue merle, good body and coat, shows well in excellent order. 

Chelbourne Soul desire for Triburle

Judge Audrey White