• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Antony Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer

Judge’s Report

SKC Championship Show – 20th May 2018

German Wirehaired Pointers – Judge: Mr Antony J W Taylor (Maursett) 

It is some time since I last judged GWPs and, as always, it is a great pleasure to get my hands on a breed that has been part of my life for so many years. I was pleased to find correct dentition and scissor bites, dark eyes and correct coats together with a number of well muscled GWPs clearly capable of a day’s work in the field. Movement was generally good, although breeders need to pay attention to rear movement as this was disappointing in some. Temperaments were excellent and there was a degree of uniformity in terms of size which I found most pleasing. 

Puppy Dog (2 Entries, 0 Abs) 1st, RCC & BP Morris & Evans’ Bareve Brynderi. What a super example of the breed. A mature looking puppy, but not overdone in any way. He has a lovely appealing head and expression, with dark eyes and correct ear set. He has good face furnishings, depth of chest and good angulation front and rear. Inner and outer coat is correct and he was shown in hard condition, moving round the ring with style. Will watch his future development with interest. 2nd Johnson’s Skarvister Hildisvini. Very different to 1 and unlucky to come up against him. A little nervous today and needs to drop his tail on the move. However, he was also shown in hard condition and has a good inner and outer coat.  

Post Graduate Dog (1 entries, 0 abs) – 1st Lovatt’s Beechillawn I’m Free With Shirostar. Stood alone, but quality nevertheless. Scissor bite, dark eyes, good face furnishings and ear set. Depth of chest was good, as was turn of stifle. Another who was a bit proud of his tail today, which unfortunately detracted from his outline on the move.

Limit Dog (1 entry, 0 abs) – 1st & Dog CC Pinkerton’s Bareve Boshkloof. Super looking dog, with very appealing head and expression, good face furnishings, dark eye and balanced throughout. Deep chest and excellent angulation, allowing for true movement fore and aft. He is a delight to go over and was presented in excellent, hard condition which showed in his flowing movement. A superb, creditable example of the breed. 

Puppy Bitch (3 entries, 1 abs) – Not an easy decision as both of these youngsters have their merits, with both having correct coat and not over done in the way of facial furnishings. 1st Lovatt’s Beechilawn Amarillo Starlight of Shirostar. Pleasing head and expression, scissor bite, strong neck, depth to chest and sound condition. Not exaggerated in any way. Moved well. 2nd Johnson’s Skarvister Skjaldmaer. Another young bitch with lots to offer. She has a feminine head, appealing expression, scissor bite. Unfortunately, she had a dead tail today which took away from her overall conformation and also carrying a little too much weight for my liking.  

Junior Bitch (1 entry, 0 abs) – 1st McCullough’s Kimmax Koz I Kan. At just 12 months, this is a very mature, quality young bitch. Enough facial furnishings, scissor bite. Topline is good, along with depth of chest and rear angulation. Tail set is good and she moved well.

Post Graduate Bitch (4 entries, 1 abs) – 1st Caffel & Kavanagh’s Hushwing Louboutin to Doberway. Won the class on movement, which was true fore and aft. A feminine head and expression, good dentition and scissor bit, balanced proportions all round, correct inner and outer coat, depth of chest and topline. Moved with drive. 2nd Howard’s Tickencote Fight’t Monlight. Pleasing, feminine head and expression, plenty of face furnishings and well balanced. Would prefer a darker eye and she did not have the movement of 1. 3rd Moore’s Tickencote Side of Angels.   

Limit Bitch (4 entries 0 abs) - 1st & RCC, Pinkerton & Brewer’s Bareve Bruevinka. Beautifully balanced bitch, free from exaggeration. Very appealing, feminine head and intelligent expression, with dark eyes, correct dentition and scissor bite. Good depth to chest, good topline, strong in loin and moved around the ring with drive and enthusiasm. 2nd Cooke’s Tynsil Tennyson. Very different to 1, but a pleasing bitch nevertheless. She is well balanced and of the correct size, scissor bite, strong neck and in good, hard condition. Not the movement of 1 today. 3rd Morris & Evans’ Bareve Boken.

Open Bitch (2 entries, 0 abs) – Two quality examples of the breed. 1st, BCC & BOB McCullough’s Kimmax Miss Kongeniality. Loved this bitch, with a super feminine head and expression, correct dentition and scissor bite, enough reach of neck, good depth of chest and well balanced. Correct tail set and she certainly moved around the ring in style today. Inner and outer coat is excellent and she is well muscled. It is rare to award a dog or bitch their fourth CC to find that they gain their title, but I gather this was the case as a result of her earlier success as a puppy. She thoroughly deserves her title 2nd Pinkerton’s Sh Ch Esmee Dragon From Rhona’s Home at Bareve (Imp Nld). Again, beautifully balanced, with good topline, inner and outer coat. Feminine expression, full dentition and scissor bite, not overdone in neck. Depth of chest is good and she was presented in sound, hard condition. Good rear angulation resulting in excellent movement. 

Veteran Bitch (1 Entry, 0 absent) I always enjoy judging the veteran’s and GWPs never disappoint in this regard. 1st Turnbull’s Kimmax Kayenta at Elagram. Beautifully presented. Very appealing head and expression, dark eyes, scissor bite, not overdone in neck, depth of chest and correct proportions. Inner and outer coat was good. Moved well.

Antony J W Taylor