• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: anthony oakden Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Hamiltonstovare

Hamiltonstovare Windsor 2018

Many thanks all for your entries. I was conscious about how hot it was so early on in the morning so tried not to move your dog’s unnecessarily.

Not mentioned individually I thought all exhibits were well marked and all looked good for size. Feet are an important one in a hunting hound and all excelled here.

Very much a hardy and even tempered breed.

Open Dog (3.0)

1st Cooks Ned Ch Flixtonia Would You Believe at Tedandi – most upstanding hound with presence. Has a rectangular body with excellent overall conformation. Muscular well laid shoulders, firm top line with slightest tuck up. Hindquarters moderately angulated. In fair coat for time of year with some undercoat under his top coat. In fantastic hard muscular condition. Although a hot day he put some oomph into his movement today showing a relatively long stride in profile with drive from his powerful quarters. Tail carried correctly in line with his back. Son of both RBD and BB. Not just a looker and a sound mover but has a degree of showmanship which made him stand out more than the others. My BOB today.

2nd Leigh’s Ned Ch Kilcavan Mr Jemmerley at Flixtonia. Sire of the above with both hounds sharing the same outlook. Balanced throughout. Really good rib with muscular loin. Preferred the head on Jemmerley to his son and he has a more tranquil expression. However the heat had already got to this exhibit on the day and he didn’t reach and drive like his son did. Another day and a cooler one at that I think I would have had fun choosing one over the other. Two impressive males who I like a lot. RBD.

3rd Walkers and Leigh’s Flixtonia Blaze of Glory. Not his time just yet and owners need to continue learning their craft. Let’s see him when he’s matured more in body as I feel his chest and rib haven’t fully developed. In idea show condition with good muscle. Covered the ground well with a sound gait. Just needs time that’s all.

Junior (1,0)

1st Leigh’s Flixtonia The Chosen One. Pretty hound with typical characteristics throughout. Outline is there as is her confirmation. Now just needs to develop in body and movement. Has plenty of time . BP.

Post Graduate bitch (1,0)

1st Russell’s Flixtonia Maggie May at Dalynrics. May I respectfully say what an underrated example of the breed. Okay so she doesn’t push herself to get noticed but surely it’s there for everyone to see what a good type Hamilton she is. Lovely head with broad skull. Beautiful tranquil expression. Well-constructed rectangular shaped body. Chest has depth, ribs are well sprung and fairly long in length. Loin is muscular which shows strength. Hindquarters muscular with good turn of stifle. Like all today, profile movement showed a long reachy stride with drive from her rear. Another one with correct tail carriage in line with her back line on the move. RBB.

Open bitch (1,0)

1st Leigh’s Ned Ch Flixtonia Rose of England – Wonderful hound and very much the template of the breed for me. Lovely head and expression. Good ears and neck. Her body very well developed with excellent chest, rib and loin. Hindquarters moderately angulated with plenty of muscle on thighs. As mentioned with other exhibits today all had really good profile action. But what Rose, has which up to date I haven’t seen on any other of the breed is parallel movement from the rear on the out and back. Wonderful. Today’s best dog may of put more in today but it was a close decision for BOB. Honoured to of judged this exhibit. BB and RBOB.

Anthony Oakden