• Show Date: 15/12/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Anne Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)

Labradors LKA Dec 2018

Thank you all for your entry in the run-up to Christmas. And to my efficient stewards who kept all in order throughout the day. Judges would be lost without you.

Having attended very few shows during the last few years I think it was easier to be objective about what I saw today. We have things to work on in the breed, there is no doubt about it. One point is that as a breed evolves over the years the people coming into it think that what they see winning is actually correct. That is not always so. Can I suggest that people new to any breed look back at any old books, yearbooks and photographs they can get hold of. Study the dogs carefully and compare them with what they may be seeing in the ring today. Also don’t necessarily use the ‘in’ stud dogs. I know they probably give you a good idea of what they are producing, more than the little used dog, but you need to assess your bitch objectively, look at where she is good and where she fails. Then try and find a stud dog who excels where she fails, and also look at what is behind him and does it also excel where she needs improvement.

The main points needing improvement today were heads/expressions, shoulders and coats. So many expressions that by no stretch of the imagination looked at me as a Labrador should. Eye colour I had to give some leeway on as the lighting made pupils dilate and so colour was pretty much impossible to assess. Time and time again I have read critiques praising ‘good dark eye’. A dark eye in a Labrador is NOT correct. It makes the expression become totally blank. The eye should be brown or hazel. There are too many that are so dark that they appear to be nearly black. The eye is the way we ‘see into’ our dogs. It tells us many things about them.

Shoulders have been poor for many years now, especially length of upperarm. The dog cannot move correctly with a short upperarm. If you don’t understand angles by numbers the simple way to assess a shoulder is to take a line from the ground up through the foreleg and it should end up at the withers, NOT part way up the dogs neck.

Coats were very disappointing and we can’t excuse them due to hot weather, we are in the middle of winter. I found no more than a handful of really good dense undercoats with a hard feeling topcoat. Hard not harsh (different thing). The coat is a very important feature of the breed, we must try and select for good coats.

There were some positive points in todays entry. I did feel not as many dogs were severely overweight. Also there were more dogs with a better length of leg and not as deep in chest, especially in the younger classes, as last time I judged. Our breed is noted as having too short a leg and this is true in many cases, but equally this can be made to look worse by having too much chest depth. This will restrict the ability to be flexible and athletic. Bone isn’t quite as overly heavy as it was becoming. Good.

Minor Puppy Dog (15, 6 ab, 1 W/D)

1.Brown’s Ramsayville Revolver. 7mth black puppy. A real happy soul who was enjoying himself, as a pup should. Medium build and very together for his age. Loved his stamp and balance. Masculine head without being overdone. Well boned right down to his good feet. He excelled in neck, topline, tailset and carriage. Tail well clothed. Moved very soundly, covering ground well. I hope he fulfils his potential in the future. Delighted to give him BP, a very nice prospect.

2.Lewis’s Crammondkirk Let’s Get It On. 8mth black pup. Lots to like about him. Not quite as balanced as 1 at the moment. Stands evenly on all four legs, though perhaps could stand over a shade more ground. Pleasing head and expression. Very good in bone and feet. Well sprung ribs. He moved soundly with drive. Half brother to 1.

3.Druggan’s A Sense Of Pleasure’s Get Lucky.

Puppy Dog (7, 3 ab)

1.Percival’s Wynfaul Wicked. Black. Lovely to see a pup with legs and not carrying too much weight. Bags of scope. He will take time to fill and deepen in body but this is no bad thing. Would like a shade more upperarm length to allow more forward extension. Nice bone and compact feet. Good in rib and loin. Also in quarter angulation. Tail well set and clothed. It’ll be interesting to see what he makes into.

2.Ayres Hannabee To Hull N Back with Musubi. Black. Different type of male. For me his head is a bit short & broad in skull and muzzle. He has a strong medium length of neck. Bone OK, just turned feet a little. Well sprung ribs. Tail could be better coated. He was in really good condition and moved well in profile.

3.Smith’s Flyenpyg Porky Pig.

Junior Dog (7, 2 ab)

1.Lesley’s Aramis Britannica Archipelago at Steeleigh (what a mouthful). Black. His type and balance was what struck me on first glance. In beautiful condition and well muscled. He was determined not to use his ears but once he did, for a second, I could see a pleasing expression and nicely proportioned head. Good reach of neck into well angulated front. Excellent bone, super spring of rib and strong through loin. Well developed first and second thigh and a good turn of stifle. Good ground covering movement once he got his act together. With ordinary luck should go on to do very well.

2.Druggan’s A Sense of Pleasure El Toro at Balladoole. Another black. Very typey. Preferred 1’s head and expression. Enough neck, strong bone and good spring of rib. Good length of back and a strong topline. Softer in coat and condition than 1. He is well balanced and gives a good overall picture in profile. Went well from the side but will benefit from tightening up a bit behind.

3.Jenner’s Lyjansen Simba’s Savanna.

Yearling Dog (4, 1 ab)

1.Litherland’s Oakhouse Oscar Pistorius. Choc. Nicely matured for his age. He won this class on coat texture and expression. Pleasing expression with well set ears. Strong though neck into well angulated front. Excellent well boned legs, strong and correctly coupled through rib and loin. Firm in topline and nice length of back as he isn’t too short. Tail set and carriage good. Moved very soundly.

2.Britton’s Llanstinan Louis Lewis Bowstone. Black. Totally different type of dog and he is going to take time to come to his best. A lot of the best ones do. Good to see a young dog who isn’t already overdone. His head and expression should finish well in time. Well balanced with a good leg length and not too deep in rib. Bone OK. He wasn’t carrying the density of coat of 1 today. Strong in topline and loin. Not the 2nd thigh yet but this should develop with maturity. Moved soundly.

3.King’s Linthwaite Excalibur.

Graduate Dog 7, 1 ab)

1.Aramis Britannica Archipelago at Steeleigh.

2.Maclean’s Afinmore Absolut. Black medium sized male who is coming along gradually. He is well balanced and very typey. Head and expression are pleasing. In excellent condition, not too heavy yet covered. Legs well boned with that much needed slight give in pastern and compact feet. Strong neck of a good length. Short coupling and strong though loin. Well muscled quarters. 1 just beat him on coming to me tidier today. Nice dog none the less.

3.Autey’s Chadfrith Alcazaba.

Post Grad Dog (6, 1 W/D)

1.Johnson’s Cremino Chilly Pepper. Yes a yellow. And for those who think I don’t appreciate them there were not many here today to judge. This dog is coming along steadily and he is so well balanced and unexaggerated. Pleasant expression and head is far from finished yet. He stands naturally four square and works well with his handler. Very good reach of neck. Bone OK. Really well sprung ribs and strong through loin. He has well angulated quarters that are strong and he uses them well on the move so enabling drive without effort. Reasonable coat texture, his tail could have been a little better clothed but he perhaps wasn’t in full coat. Hope he goes on to do well in the future.

2.Wojcik’s Courtrose Celtic Rupert. Black who is slower to mature. Nice type of dog, not a big one but was in lovely condition with no excess weight. Would prefer a little more length of muzzle but he has a pleasing expression. Good length of neck. Bone OK. He was just turning his feet out a little. Hopefully his rib will develop a little more in time. His coat was in really good condition. He excelled in movement as he went around the ring covering ground with the minimum of effort. Nice steady dog.

3.Stmacajo Boba Fett.

Mid Limit Dog (7)

1.Litherland’s Oakhouse Oh Two. Medium size black who is maturing into a really nice dog. Lovely typical Lab, definitely no exaggerations here. Loved his head and expression, one of the best here today, he looks at you in an intelligent yet gentle way, NOT huffing and puffing with flying ears. He is balanced and is well angulated front and rear. Coat is dense with a definite under and topcoat. Good reach of neck, firm topline, well sprung in rib, tail set and carriage just right. Nicely boned legs and compact feet. Strong quarters with good moderate turn of stifle and well let down hock and a good length of rear pastern. His movement is very good, especially in profile. This dog is easily good enough to make up, today just beaten on finish and a dog who really excels in movement and was spot on today. Good luck with him. RCC.

2.Britton’s Bowstones Pumpkin. Yellow dog who was set on enjoying himself today. Nice type of dog, mid-size and balanced. Pleasing head and expression. Well ribbed and correct length of loin. Really drove around the ring at a sensible pace. Coat a bit softer than 1. Decent tail. Strong well boned legs. Overall gives a good picture of a Labrador.

3.Lesley’s Steeleigh Blue Print.

Limit Dog (4)

1.Maclean’s Afinmore Alain. Choc. What a lovely dog this is. You don’t even need to put your hands on him to find this out. He is so right where so many fail at the moment. Typical and balanced. He has bags of scope and fits the Standard in nearly all ways. Masculine head and expression but in no way course and overdone. Lovely clean reachy neck set into a well angulated front. Good, but not excessive, bone and tight feet. Well ribbed back and strength through loin. Firm topline with a decent length of back. Tail set and carriage is lovely. He flows from his head to end of his tail. He out-moved everything here. And I don’t mean by racing around the ring at great speed. He has the ability to cover ground with the minimum of effort and surely that’s what it’s about. A working dog has to last all day and this dog certainly could. I know he isn’t the extrovert type that do so much winning nowadays but he shows nice and steadily and does everything his handler asks of him. Really hope he gains his title and I was pleased to give him his first CC, and BOB, today.

2.Kennett’s Magnavalleys Cornishman. A black who was placed in a lower class and I thought he deserved his placing in this class today. Liked his type, head and expression. Well sprung in rib. His coat was a little soft. Tail a pretty good shape. Well let-down hocks with a good length of rear pastern. Moved with drive, just a shade wide coming to me. Could mature into a nice dog.

3.Bold’s Shaymiloney Senate

Open Dog (8, 4 ab, 2 W/D

1.Carpanini’s Carpenny Primo. No mistaking this black for anything but a Labrador. He and his sister (in OB) probably had the best coat textures of the day. Nice head proportions and expression. Not too much stop which was where a number failed today. Excellent bone and feet. Just a shade more upperarm length would have completed his front assembly but he moves with plenty of drive off a strong well developed quarter. Tail set and carriage very good. Seemed a sensible guy who rang true to breed type. Would be a worth title holder. His day should come.

2.Percival’s Wynfaul The Wizard. Another black who makes the most of himself but he would insist on lifting his head and neck up high and back which wasn’t helping his front movement. He is a medium size dog with excellent bone and feet. Head and expression masculine. Strong through back, rib and loin. For me I’d prefer slightly more length in body overall. Good tail set and carriage. Uses his quarters well and he was in tip top condition, as were all this exhibitors dogs.

Veteran Dog (6, 1 ab)

1.Finney’s Play On Words. Black male who was in wonderful condition without an ounce of fat on him. Clean lined and well balanced. Good medium sized dog who has no excesses overall. Neck could be a bit longer but he has a decent line from top of head to end of tail. Well sprung ribs and good loin length and strength. Not the densest of coats and shape of tail that the standard requires but what he had was in lovely condition. He drove around the ring well using his strongly muscled quarters.

2.Jenner’s Rossacre Trail Blazer at Lyjansen. Nice head and expression and I liked his calmness. Could do with a longer upperarm but layback good. Good firm topline and he carries his tail well, though it wasn’t as well clothed as it could have been today. Bone OK. Well deserved his placing.

3.Logan’s Driffwold Break Free to Minocqua

Good Citizen Dog (6, 1 W/D)

1.Bold’s Shaymiloney Solsilvanus. Medium size male with a masculine head that wasn’t overdone. He is well balanced overall and I liked his proportions. Feet let him down a bit by being on the large size. Decent bone right down his legs. Good in topline, coat texture OK. He seemed rather loose in hocks when moving away from me. Good stamp of dog.

2.Mullett & Maclean’s Shaymiloney Schinus Afinmore. A bigger rangier type of dog who will take longer. He was in excellent condition and I liked his expression. Good reach of neck, coat texture reasonable. Nicely boned legs and tight feet. Good turn of stifle and moved OK.

3.Callender’s Parbuckle Blue Spruce.

Minor Puppy Bitch (14, 5 ab)

1.Lewis’s Crammondkirk’s Yo Yo. What a sweety. Feminine black puppy who is well balanced. Loved her type and overall proportions. Well built and nice to see a pup who looks like a pup and is not overdone at this stage of growth. Lovely clean outline, good bone and feet. Well sprung ribs and strong topline. Correctly coupled and a healthy weight. Moved steadily and soundly. Well set tail that she carried nicely. Still got her puppy coat and once she’s changed it then should have a harder topcoat. Half sister to BP winner, BPB

2.Schopen’s Meadovillabs Super Star of Barnagrow. Another black by the same sire. Again I liked her type and balance. A more mature pup then 1 but without quite the overall lines and balance as yet. Feminine expression, strong neck that is long enough. Well sprung though rib and strength through loin. Moved very soundly.

3.Richmond’s Brigglebank Birdsnest.

Puppy Bitch (17, 7 ab)

1.Carpanini’s Carpenny Philly. Black sired by OD winner. Very typey pup with a good head and expression. Excellent bone and feet. Well sprung ribs not too deep and a dense puppy coat. Liked her in profile and once she learnt that the moving grates under the carpet were OK then she moved soundly and covered the ground well.

2.Kent’s Trewinnard Tamar. Liked this young black. She is the type to take her time to mature and come together but she has so much that is Labrador. Feminine expression, good reach of neck, excellent bone and feet. I liked the daylight under her and she has a good leg length. Nothing short and dumpy about her. In smashing condition and I will be interested to see how she grows on. Very good ground covering movement in profile.

3.Percival’s Wynfaul Wind Chimes.

Junior Bitch (16, 4 ab) Nice class.

1.Hodge’s Naiken Dance Rhythm. This cracking youngster headed a nice class. She is all Labrador and has that thing that is difficult to define – class. Class, yet an honesty about her too. Difficult to get the two things together. Loved her head and expression, balance and clean lines. Really good medium bone and tight feet. Beautiful reach of neck that then flows on down to the end of her tail. Strong topline and she carries her tail in the right way, off her back but not in a ridged way. Super quarters that she uses to effect on the move. Was pleased to give her the RCC today and I wouldn’t be surprised if she gains her title very soon. Lovely bitch.

2.Venturi’s Leospring Magnolia. Yellow who caught my eye when she came into the ring. A really typical Labrador who is of a type we used to see, but rarely do today. Really appreciated her. Sweet expression and she looks you in the eye in a very genuine way. Go and look at her and you will see the type of head that is sadly lacking in the show Labrador today. Medium bone, good reach of neck and well angulated front and rear. Well sprung in rib and correct depth and proportion. Good length of loin being not too short. Moved with ease and gave a lovely picture in profile.

3.Lewis’s Crammondkirk Rockin Robin.

Yearling Bitch 11, 1 ab, 1 W/D)

1.Edward’s Kimbajak Taittinger. Nice yellow of an older type. Good to see. Sweet feminine expression. Not a big one but nicely balanced. Strong neck and a good rib. Bone OK. Well developed in thigh. Moved very well, especially in profile. Hope she just grows on a shade.

2.Key’s Keydella Kafe Noir. Choc bitch who is going to take time to reach her best. Intelligent expression with an eye colour that blends in, good strong neck. I liked her leg length and rib depth. Well turned stifles and she used her quarters well on the move. Just beaten by 1 on upperarm length. She could mature into a very nice bitch.

3.Reynold’s Carromer Classy Read.

Graduate Bitch (18, 5 ab, 1 WD)

1.Digweed’s Notonlyblack Eclipse of Moon at Willokin. Didn’t know this black at all but the more I saw of her the more I liked her. She is very typical and has no exaggerations. Perhaps her stop could be a little less to make her expression a shade more feminine. Good flowing lines. I thought her length of back, rib and loin was excellent. Nothing short and cobby about her. Stands over a good amount of ground. Well angulated front and back, good bone and feet. Well set on tail carried in a typical way. In really good condition. Nice bitch.

2.Britton’s Bowstones Windchime. Slightly lighter built very fit black. Not carrying any excess weight. Lots of potential. A nice feminine expression and a good reach of neck. Decent bone. 1 had the beating of her on upperarm. Good in topline and well developed first thigh. Moved out really well and covered the ground.

3.Collins’s Carromer Worth A Glance at Kaspair.

Post Grad Bitch (14, 4 ab)

1.Bell’s Westerulston Nola. On my first walk around the ring this black caught my eye for being very typey and all Labrador. Loved her head and expression being feminine, yet with strength and proportion. Good reach of neck. Really well angulated front and rear. Good bone and feet. Coat with depth and a good feel to it. Tail well clothed and she carries it nicely. Moved sensibly and easily. An unassuming bitch who has a lot going for her.

2.Macmillan’s Afinmore Andrasta at Ebeshb. Choc bitch who wasn’t in great coat but she has a good outline and scope. Shown very well by her young handler. Head strong enough. Her bone is just enough for her size. Good straight legs. Watch her topline when she is standing. Moved soundly and well.

3.Edward’s Kimbajak Duchess Eleanor.

Mid Limit Bitch (6, 3 ab) 3 totally different bitches

1.Hodge’s Naiken Carinsia. This is the type of bitch who on first glance doesn’t catch the eye, but on getting up close and putting your hands on her you find out her many virtues. Nicely balanced all through. Would prefer a fraction more muzzle length but she has a knowing sensible expression. Strong neck of good length. Well sprung rib and correct in coupling. Bone and feet good for size of this bitch. Moved with a good length of stride. She is an honest sort who would deserve her title for that alone.

2.Mitchell’s Afinmore Ardmore. Choc bitch who is in the good brood bitch size and mould. Strongly made all through. Expressive expression from a well proportioned head. Enough neck. Excellent bone right down to her feet. She has a really strong topline and a good tail set and carriage. Well developed thighs and good turn of stifle. Coat a little on the soft side. Moved soundly.

3.Johnson’s Cremino Crushed Ice.

Limit Bitch (14, 8 ab)

1.Jenkin’s Sekada Miss Bianca. Yellow. Not a big bitch but she is all in proportion. Very correct in so many ways. Really nice Labrador expression. Enough reach of neck. Well angulated front and rear. Good bone for her size. Tidy feet. Very well sprung rib, correct in loin and topline. Stands four square and moves with drive and covers the ground well.

2.Neachell’s Picka Penny Rocheby. Biggish yellow of an older stamp. Plenty of scope. Liked her head in profile. Well set ears. Strong reachy neck. Enough bone. Good in rib. 1 was in better coat with a harder feel today and her tail was more clothed. This bitch had good driving movement and length of stride.

3.Britton’s Bowstones Polka.

Open Bitch (7, 1 ab)

1.Parrott’s Lougin Lyin’ Eyes. 5 year old bitch who I liked as a youngster. Haven’t seen her for years and was delighted to see she has matured into a lovely typical fully mature Labrador. As you go over her piece by piece she fits the Standard so well. Feminine head that looks at you right. So well balanced. Coat a really good texture. Good bone and feet, clean neck, ribs well sprung, firm topline and well coupled. She uses her tail in the right position, no high set or carriage here. She moves with a lightness of step and efficiency. Was very pleased to award her the CC, beating the young bitch on that finish that only comes with age. Was delighted to hear that this made her up. A worth title holder. The dog just beat her for BOB on his easy ground covering movement. Two lovely Labradors.

2.Carpanini’s Sh.Ch.Carpenny Portia. Lovely black bitch who like her brother excels in coat texture. If only more had coats like these two. Good medium size bitch, not as strong in topline today as the 1st. I felt she had a really nice expression, strength in neck, well sprung ribs and she moved with drive and soundness. Good well boned legs and feet. Think the best is yet to come with this girl.

3.Wile’s Ch.Dolehamhalt Dazzler of Richbourne.

Good Citizen Bitch (5)

1.Saunder’s Rossclyde Highland Dancer. Good type of bitch with scope. Good head and expression and she has a nice length of muzzle. Bone OK. She would stand with her feet turned out a bit and her coat was a bit on the soft side. In great condition and the right weight for her size. Moved OK.

2.Threader’s Gulsary Grand Design. Mid-size yellow with good overall build and condition. Reasonable coat texture, bone and feet. Moved soundly.

3.Coleman’s Frant Quidi Vidi.

Anne Taylor (judge)