• Show Date: 26/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Anne-Marie Cassidy Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Lhasa Apso Club Of Scotland

Breed: Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso Club of Scotland Championship Show

26/08/18 - Judge: Anne-Marie Cassidy (Exephials)

Thank you to the committee of LACOS for the invitation and their hospitality. I did find soundness very mixed. My dog line-up made sense to look at, but the bitches were a little all over the place! There are still very few exhibits with really good fronts, and it stood out when I found one! One bitch at first glance I thought would be an easy class winner, such a stunning balance, but moved incorrectly, and on examination, I found she had one hind paw incapable of meeting the floor without causing distress. Issues like that should not be overlooked when contemplating breeding. I feel there is still an issue of choosing show stock on outline and a pretty face, not necessarily a correct face, and it’s just not enough. Possibly more education and hands-on for newer exhibitors? The standard is just a bunch of words without getting your hands on lots of different dogs to understand it.

Forechest was lacking in many and toplines need to be stronger. Rib cages in the main were ok. Tailsets were generally good, as was pigment and underjaw which was good to see. Mouths were mostly pleasing and broad too. And there were not many exhibits that were coarse in bone or overly broad in head. We are in danger of losing the ‘old soul’ expression of an apso which would be sad. Some of the younger exhibits I felt were bordering on twee or toy-like. Very compact and flashy, but I hope they will prove me wrong and develop on and grow. The main winners were the younger end of the spectrum, chosen for my interpretation of type and soundness, and what I consider a more typical expression. They touched me basically.

As ever I appreciate the opportunity to go over your dogs, and the money and time involved.

Minor Puppy Dog 4

1st – Thompson’s Toynbee Hidden Star

7 month red gold who was the best for balance and muscle tone in the class. Attractive head with dark eye & good mouth. Classic balance and lovely tailset. Nice angles at the rear. Mature for age and looks like he will be a nice size.

2nd – Wilkins Archirondel’s Picasso

Shaded gold on his first outing I believe. V raw as yet and not carrying much weight. Liked his length of leg, would like more bone. Pleased in head and shoulder, bit flatter in tailset than 1

3rd McCoy’s Toynbee Just in Time at Pawwarzstarz

Puppy Dog 4

1st - Waterhouse’s Chtaura Sweet Talking Guy

Very neat and compact G/W parti. Bags of confidence and beautifully presented. Could use a little more body. Attractive head, slightly rounder in skull. Liked his size at this stage of development. Good front and rear angles. Kept a great outline on the move. Tailset could be a little higher. Promising. Best PD

2nd – Caswell’s Chanceinn Aza Screw Loose at Farrenmills

G/W with pleasing size & outline. Elbows not as tidy as 1 and not quite the construction.

Held his shape on the move.

3rd – McCoy’s Toynbee Just in Time at Pawwarzstarz

Junior Dog 7

1st – Phillips Dimara Cool Runnings

Impressed from entering the ring. Sable with lovely compact balance, good height/length ratio. Attractive head with dark eye and excellent mouth, gorgeous pigment. Nice angles fore and aft. Strongly muscled and well coated. Moves and shows with a confidence belying his age. Dog CC/RBIS

2nd – Clutterbuck & Cain’s Kutani Shockwave

Beautiful gold boy. Not quite as typical in head as 1. Lovely balance, coat & condition, well ribbed. Similar in front to 1, moved well.

3rd – Taylor & Johnson’s Sifrasons Military Hero

Yearling Dog 5 (1 w/dr)

1st – Taylor & Johnson’s Sifrasons Military Hero

Red gold, had better front legs than many here today, Lovely shape stacked but not holding on the move, might benefit from a coat trim. Lovely sweep to neck, dark eye and good mouth.

2nd – Gregson’s Gallerio Golden Boy

Cream, v glam outline and on first glance looked the winner but lacks some forechest. Most attractive head. Preferred the mouth of 1.

3rd – Maxwell & Chalmers Dimara Cheeky Charlie for Aintshe

Novice Dog 0

Graduate Dog 5

1st – Maxwell & Chalmers Dimara Cheeky Charlie for Aintshe

Reversed positions here as this dog finally cooperated on the move after 2 prev classes. Shaded sable. Liked his head and eye, nice size and balance, well ribbed up. Littermate to CC winner. Could be v successful if he comes together.

2nd - Gregson’s Gallerio Golden Boy

3rd – Hinshelwood’s Magic Mike Astarte Gold with Muirfauld

Post Graduate Dog 3 (1 Abs)

1st – Haigh’s Marbledale Jenson Button

Cream, loved his head and warm, soft expression, correct fallaway & pigment. A touch undershot but gave him a fab lip. Strong, compact build. Gorgeous balance & tailset.

2nd – Kemp’s Sifrason Octavious avec Zaylon

G/W, not quite the head of 1, a touch broader. Good angles and moving well. Excellent outline, in good condition.

Limit Dog 6

Hard class to judge of differing types

1st – Holland & Lewis’ Deelayne El Conquistador

Shaded sable. Love his balance and head, has the lay of shoulder and angles I appreciate without any overt heaviness of bone. Good front, moving out well with correct lift to his tail. He is currently missing a little muscletone which stopped him going further. Res DCC

2nd – Spyanki Oh Happy Day JW ShCM

Gold, a little more upright and not as clean moving in hind action. Excellent outline and head. Similar in type to 1.

3rd – Amesen Watch Me Fly to Ballito JW (imp Aus)

Open Dog 6

1st – Cain’s Ch Sandauri Showstopper for Kutani (imp Rus)

V glam gold, nice bone and type, good head proportions, not too broad in skull, and ears well set. Not overdone in any way. Moves out well.

2nd – Taylor & Johnson’s Chanceinn’s Sir Gino avec Sifrason JW ShCM

Red gold with lots of type. His head I believe has improved with age and he is an ideal size and pleasing balance. To be critical I would like his elbows to be tidier and hug his ribcage more.

3rd – Phillips Dimara Soul Boy

Veteran Dog 1

1st – Luekiki Diemos to Spyanki JW ShCM

Mature gold, have given a CC previously. Still carries a lovely outline, compact length, and in good body condition. Like the arch to his neck and outline balanced by tailset. BVIS

Minor Puppy Bitch 2

1st – Lewis’ Belazieth Sunshine Girl

Fine, upstanding gold. Doesn’t want to grow much more. Clean outline, nice bone & front. Ultra feminine head. Perfectly schooled, nice tailset & moved freely. BPIS

2nd – Thompson’s Toynbee Hot Property

Red Gold, brilliant size, nice shape and lift to tail. Not moving out as well as 1 and not as tidy in elbow.

Puppy Bitch 4

1st – McWilliams Chanceinns Crown n’ Glory

V pretty little gold sable. Nice size, best head in the class. Front ok, nice arch to neck. Moved well without being too flashy.

2nd - Waterhouse’s Chtaura Deadringer for Luv

Another nice baby in size, liked her outline and tailset. Good hind angles, and had a decent forechest.

3rd – Horne’s Lippylou’s Doolally with Chanceinn

Junior Bitch 5 (2 Abs)

Very pleasing class.

1st – Clutterbuck & Strachan’s Kutani Material Girl for Myakara

Gold sable with correct outline. Up to size, with nice head and dark eye. Beautifully presented & schooled. Compact length. Will make up easily I’m sure. Res BCC

2nd – Ritchie’s Cheolview Rosealea

Close up to 1 in soundness, but a bit taller and squarer. Nice front and head, feminine in bone. Moved well.

3rd – Taylor’s Sifrason Angel Mayfly at Billkenstar

Yearling Bitch 4 (2 Abs)

1st – Hinshelwood’s Wonder Woman Astarte Gold with Muirfauld (imp Pol)

My sort of type, liked her head and fallaway to skull. Correct length for balance. Both 1 and 2 were up to size. This one moved better coming towards me.

2nd – Taylor’s Sifrason Angel Mayfly at Billkenstar

Sable, of nice shape, pretty head but a little rounder in skull than 1. Beautifully presented with nice muscle, good tailset.

Novice Bitch 4 (1 Abs)

1st – Horne’s Lippylou’s Doolally with Chanceinn

Black, doing much better in this class, more composure. Love her head and bone. Front movement a little hard to assess due to coat, good forechest. Looks lovely stood, can just be a shade flamboyant.

2nd – Seal’s Americaz Bzanba Btansyg via Lhasenna

Grey and white, pretty girl, with an expressive lip, but a little broader in skull. Pleases in front, nice size, excellent tailset

3rd – Paradise’s Shardlow Rainbow’s End

Graduate Bitch 4 (1 Abs)

1st – Caswell’s Amdo’s One and Only for Farrenmills

Gold sable, beautiful outline and coat texture. Pretty head, excellent arch to neck. In good body & muscle, neat elbows. Moved out well.

2nd – Logan’s Spyanki Enigmatic Kisses JW ShCM

Quite soundly made gold, not the side action of 1 as she doesn’t have the same sweep to the neck, compact, still a credit to her owner in construction.

3rd – Hinshelwood’s Wonder Woman Astarte Gold with Muirfauld (imp Pol)

Post Grad Bitch 4 (1 Abs)

1st – Holland’s Deelayne Vittoria

Lovely shaded sable, Tibetan in expression, dark expressive eye. I really like her shape and quality of bone. She has improved in balance since I saw her as a pup. Both she and her littermate were rangy and are growing into themselves. Hands flow over her, lovely flat shoulder blades. Would be proud to show her. BCC/BIS

2nd – Horne’s Taemarus Miss D’Appointment with Chanceinn

Pushing quite hard, but giving some away in coat yet. Ultra-feminine, I loved her skull and expression. Very good hind action and moved out well. Just needs time.

3rd – Chesterfield’s Toynbee Gossip Girl at Burnsett

Limit Bitch 4

Difficult class of mixed type and soundness

1st – Scarll & Sykes Timazinti’s Kienke

Cream, won the class on her general construction. Nice size, feminine expression, earset affects skull shape somewhat. Flashy mover but a little upright for my preference. Compact and in admirable muscletone, good hind angles.

2nd - Seal’s Lhasenna Jomo

More the type I look for, but not quite the front and topline of 1. Good lay of shoulder, and her elbows are neat. Liked her head, skull & fallaway.

3rd – Thompson’s Toynbee Miss Clementine JW ShCM

Open Bitch 3 (1 Abs)

1st – Lewis & Norris’ Cossy’s Caffellatte

B/W, very mature in hard body condition. Like her outline and size. Attractive head but not quite my preference in expression. Lovely lip. Correct tailset, enough ribs. Moves and shows expertly without exaggeration.

2nd – Abercrombie’s Jackantoes Joy among Tibwood

Hard for this well-loved gold girl to compete against 1. But she probably had the best set of front legs in the whole entry and as someone who likes a straight front, I appreciate that. Nice size & well presented, compact, a little undershot which affects expression. Needed more tailset.

Veteran Bitch 1

1st – Scarll & Sykes Ch Timazinti Liberty

V mature and a worthy champion. Headwise the back skull is a little angular for me. Good mouth. Holds her neckline quite upright on the move. Good lay of shoulder. A natural showgirl.