• Show Date: 07/09/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Anne Hardy Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Alaskan Malamute

Richmond Championship Show 8th Sept 2018 

Alaskan Malamutes -Judge Anne Hardy 

Veteran dog- 1st Miss S. Wolfe’s Ch. Hawkeye Polarni Usvit (Imp.) 8yrs. Excellent head and expression. Correct dentition, eye shape correct, with nicely set ears. Strong well shaped neck flowing into a well -placed shoulder, Excellent bone. Harmonious proportions, Good front and rear angulation. Held his topline on the move. Very good tail carriage. Sound mover with no kick back. Excellent. Dog CC BOB and Best Veteran 

SBD- 1st Mr. Mrs. Bartlett’s Articrainbow Wonder of You. 31/2 yrs, Good sexual characteristics Shoulder could be better placed. Condition could be better as he didn’t keep his topline as he moved around the ring. Movement is sound  

Puppy dog- 1st Ms.S. Ellis’ Chayo Cause Celbre 11mths Excellent head and expression Good eye shape and ear placement. Nicely shaped strong neck into a well- placed shoulder. Excellent bone and his body proportions are commensurate with size . Sound mover BP 

Jun Dog- 1st Msdmes Smith’s Snowshoes Telmarine King. 13 mths. Nicely balanced head proportions Correctly placed shoulder Good proportions although he was slightly stretched in stance. Slight roll over the back line in movement Free, strong, easy mover. Needs time. 

P/Grad dog- 1st Ms. L. Holt Freezefactor Tis The Season at Breconfrost. 19mths Good head and expression well -proportioned head with correct dentition. Good bone, compact but in proportion. Nice front and rear angulation. Moved soundly holding his topline well.  

2nd Mr. Mrs. Murray’s Snowmischief Burning Love. Out of coat, slightly long body proportions to height. Moved Ok   

3rd Mr. Mrs. Bartlett’s Articrainbow Wonder of You. 

Limit Dog 1st Mrs Smith’s Snowshoes Kings Legacy Sh. CM Good head and expression.  Balanced head proportions. Correct dentition, Nicely placed shoulder, well boned with correct body proportions. sound balanced mover  

2nd Mrs John’s Cristakell April Solstice. Another nice animal with a good masculine head and expression. Slightly short in neck. Well -balanced and in proportion. Good strong mover. 

3rd Ms. Holt’s Freezefactor Tis the Season at Breconfrost. 

Open dog- Mr. Mrs Blackburn 1st Ger. Ch. Cristakell April Shadows JW. Sh CM 3 yrs. A dog with good bone and excellent head and expression Correct muzzle proportions. Strong neck flowing into a well placed shoulder Front and rear angulations are good and body condition is firm with the topline holding firm on the move. Excellent. RCC. 

 2nd Mesdmes Ellis and Nevison’s Chayo Golden Touch Sh. CM . 31/2 yrs Top sized male with good bone, a strong masculine dog. Straight topline, Strong powerful mover. 

3rd Ms. Ellis’ Gangsta’s Ball of Fire for Chayo (Imp. )JW Sh.CM. 


Veteran Bitch-1st Ms. S. Wolfe’s Ch. Follow my Dreams Polarni Usvit Via Dreamwolves, 9 yrs. Feminine head and expression with correct dentition, well balanced head . Good body proportions. Good strong action holding her topline Excellent tail carriage and condition. 

SBB – 1st Miss Warburton’s Tailfly Jitterbug. 17 mths Medium strength bitch Head proportions could be better. Nice body proportions’, Good tail carriage. Movement sound 

Puppy bitch- 1st Mrs. Jelfs Lapema Gia Visto 10 mth topsize bitch correct dentition. Nicely proportioned feminine head. Good bone and body proportions, slightly stretched in stance. Sound movement. 

Junior Bitch- 1st Mesdmes Smith Snowshoes The White Witch, 13mths excellent feminine head and expression, correct dentition good eye shape and well set ears Neck falls into a well- placed shoulder Topline is correct. Bone is commensurate with size. Body proportions are correct. Front and rear angulation are good. An awful lot to like about this young bitch. Movement is sound with no kick back. RBCC.  

2nd Miss Warburton’s Tailfly Jitterbug 

Post/Grad 1st Mr Wadrup’s Just Got to Love me Polarni Usvit ,5 yrs strong bitch Nicely balanced body proportions. Well off for bone, strong pasterns.  Good powerful mover holding her topline.  

2nd Mrs Jelfs Lapema Nino Vidu.  3yrs Excellent feminine bitch with correct dentition lovely shaped eye. Well- shaped neck into a well -placed shoulder. Balanced body shape.  Good front and rear angulation. Sound in movement keeping her topline all the time, such a pity she was not in full condition. 

3rd Miss Brown’s Skidooshooz Bohemian Soul of Cupun 

Open Bitch 1st Ms. Ellis’ Chayo Blue Diamond 5 yrs  Topsized, strong bitch in good coat Good head and expression with balanced proportions. Neck strong and arched into a well laid shoulder. Excellent bone with strong pasterns. Good body proportions commensurate with size. Correct movement powerful side gait Excellent BCC.