• Show Date: 01/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ann Stocks Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Southern Counties Canine Association 2018 – Friday 1st June

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Firstly I wish to thank the Officers and committee of Southern Counties for asking me to judge at this well organised show. I also thank my very proficient stewards who kept the ring running to enable my BOB to get into the group ring on time.

I was extremely pleased with my entry in size and quality and thank you all for your entries but can I just say that as exhibitors you need to watch your own dog move. Some rear actions left a lot to be desired. Also I feel the quality is better in the bitches than the dogs but I do realise there were a few males missing today. After saying that I was very pleased with my winners and congratulate them.

MPD 5(0) 1. Rees’ Embeth Wishmaker. Blen baby of just 6 mths. Once he settled you could appreciate how well made he is. Short coupled with a good set on tail. Nice angulation starting to show through his puppy coat. Loved his expression and his exuberance.

2. Lovel’s Pascavle Hudson At Lovetrac. Blen Boy of 9 mths well marked and good angulation. Lovely dark pigment and good size eye for head, soft expression. More mature than 1 but not quite the balance.

3.Spall & Clark’s Korraines Peaky Blinder at Llapsttam.

PD 2(1) 1. Paradise’s Sunsante Arrow to Shardlow. 10mth black & tan boy who stood alone. Nice head with good bright tan. Well placed ears and round dark eye. Coat coming in nicely but he is quite immature yet. His body needs more time.

JD 4(2) 1. Hughes’ Granasil Lovelace Loranka. Smart Ruby boy who has a beautiful shape and good angulation. Pleasing head with well set ears framing his lovely dark eyes and cushioned face. He moved out with style keeping a good topline and carrying his tail level with his back. His coat is a true ruby colour and he has plenty of feathering.

2. Crane’s Cranvale Washington. A blen. dog with a beautiful head. Lovely dark eyes and dense pigment framed by well set ears gave him a soft melting expression. He has good angulation and a wealth of coat. He just lost his shape a little on the move today.

3. Stansbury’s Cathmead Michael Roughan at Dooraclare.

YD 8(1) This class was the best of the day for depth of quality.

1. Bayliss’ Castlewytch Red Admiral. This young boy stood out for balance and breed type. He is an excellent size with short coupled body. He was lovely to go over and didn’t disappoint on the move. He has jet black pigment and a melting expression without losing masculinity all framed with well placed ears. He has a good length of neck leading into well placed shoulders a level topline and tailset. He moved out true and stood four square. I was very pleased to award him DCC.

2. Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Tommy. Another smart blen who is an ideal size with a broad skull and lovely expression. Large dark eyes and lovely dark pigment. Long well feathered ears set on correctly and framing his soft masculine head. Excellent neck and shoulders with good spring of rib. Kept his level topline and tail carriage at all times. In full coat of rich chestnut colour. RCC.

3. Koster’s Harana Dean Martin.

MD 6(0) 1. Hughes’ Loranka’s Glory Days. A delightful blen with a richly coloured coat. Handsome head with kind expression. Well constructed body with level back and good angulation. Well sprung ribs and good tail carriage. Moved out well. In my final 4.

2. Rhodes Calonlan Café Noir. A well presented B/T with rich tan markings. Pleasing head with nice dark eyes and well placed ears. Good spring of rib and well off for bone. A little longer cast than I but a lot to like.

3. Rogerson’s Rabymar Paper Moon

GD 4(1) 1. Coole’s Jolainey Frederick JW. Good quality Blen with just the right amount of filling. Dark round eye giving the desired expression. His pigment is superb. He moved soundly and kept a level topline and tail carriage. He was well presented with good coat and colour.

2. Ford’s Salegreen Periwinkle to Hiscli. Another well presented Blen boy who moved out well. Nice developed body with good spring of rib. An attractive head with good pigment and used his ears to his advantage. For me just a little short in the face.

3. Rennard’s Deranmar Endeavour.

PGD 7(2) 1. Wileman & Botts’s Ellemich Konstantino of Narvidar. This boy is well schooled and carried himself to his advantage holding a level topline both moving and standing. Rich chestnut coat and good pigment well off for bone. He has a soft expression with well set on ears and dark round eye.

2. Thomas’ Bowfort Bertie Wooster of Pepyswood. Pretty blen built on finer lines. He moved out well and kept a level topline. Pleasing head with good ear placement and dark pigment.

3. Davies’ Salegreen Brecon.  

L D 12(3) 1. Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Gino. A quality well broken Blen. He has excellent neck & shoulders leading into a level topline and well set tail. He carried himself round the ring with style and exuberance. He has dark round eyes and good pigment. For me his expression is a little overdone but still a worthy winner.

2. Whitman & Tarabad’s Khatibi Bark Obama JW. Lovely sized B/T with a pretty head and gentle expression Good firm body with level topline and well set tail. Moved well.

3. Waddington’s Spindlepoint President JW.

OD 8(3) 1. Abraham’s Fr Ch James Brown of Sevijean’s. A very stylish ruby boy with a gleaming coat of excellent colour. Lovely make and shape and moved out with drive. Well off for bone. He has a dark round eye and good pigment. I just felt his head was slightly overdone.

2. Long’s Arroline Infinity JW. Blen boy good head and dark round eye with well set ears. Well off for bone and coat. His movement wasn’t his best today.

3.Bloice’s Scotlass Power of Love JW

VD 3(0) 1. Koster’s Ch. Harana Alfie Boe. What more can I say about this B/T boy! He is in superb condition and still showing the youngsters how it’s done. He moved around the ring with drive and style keeping his shape at all times. He has a soft expression with well filled muzzle and large dark eyes, he still has good pigment and is enjoying showing off his youthfulness. BV

2. Mangham’s Maibee Perfect Touch JW. Another veteran from the top draw. He moved and showed with ease belying his 10 years. He has a beautiful head with a sweet expression good neck and shoulders and lovely bone.

3. Vella’s Ch. Cinderlaic Seduction JW

GCD 1(0) 1. Bloomfield’s Delhaze Skyfall with Oaklake. Well broken Blen. Masculine head large dark eye with correct ear set. Well sprung ribs and plenty of bone. Good drive from behind. Well schooled and moved out with purpose. Excellent temperament and presented beautifully.


MPB 9(1) 1. Craig’s Aldachell Zoe Ze. This 7 mth old little girl stood out for me with clarity of coat, deep chestnut markings on pearly white background. Pretty head with dark eyes and good pigment, giving her a soft gentle expression. She is put together very well with lovely bone and good angulation. She moved out well and kept her topline at all times. Her temperament was excellent just as it should be. BPB, BP

2. Tyler’s Deranmar Orianna with Janthow. 6mth old ruby baby with pretty head and good ear set. Dark pigment and expressive eyes. Just enough bone for age and good coat colour. Nicely angulated and moved out well.

3. Whitfield’s Bevelmount Santa Fe.

PB 11(1) 1. Conneally Coedgwylum Hot Duchess. Smart 10mth old puppy. Elegant make and shape who stood out with a beautiful outline. Pretty head with the darkest of eye and good pigment. Well made throughout and moved with ease. Her coat is well broken and a good colour.

2. Kilcoyne’s Granasil Castanet. Close up to one with many similar qualities. Nice rich ruby coat and a well made body. Pretty head that just needs a little more time.

3. Bubb’s Wandris Tiramisu

JB 15(4) 1. Cunningham’s Verheyen Harriet. In outline this pretty girl for me is picture perfect. Elegant neck and shoulders with level back and well set tail. Well marked, richly coloured coat and correct amount of bone. Lovely long leathers framings a well cushioned head with dark eyes. She was in my last 4 for top honours.

2. Hughes’ Loranka’s So Heavenly. Well made Blen girl who has all the right attributes to trouble the best. Pretty head with dark eyes and well placed ears giving a soft expression. Good neck and shoulders and level back nice and short coupled and well set tail. Plenty of angulation giving good rear drive. She just needs more coat to finish the picture.

3.Long’s Arroline Euphoria JW.

YB 12(4) 1. Hughes Loranka’s So Scrumptious. Another lovely girl from this Exhibitor. Sister to my 2nd in Junior and it shows. Again she is well put together. She had a lovely shape both moving and standing. Pleasing head with the desired large round dark eye, plenty of cushioning and well set ears making for a soft gentle expression. Lovely size and good bone.

2. Spall & Clark’s Llapsttam’s Killer Queen. B/t close up to one. She is lovely to go over and has the prettiest of heads. Rich tan markings in all the right places. Soft melting expression. Elegant neck and shoulders and level topline with short coupling. Not moving quite as well as 1 today.

3. Callaghan & Todd’s Callyspride Little Minx.

MB 11(1) 1. Hughes’ Loranka’s Beautiful Moments. Well made tri girl with expressive eyes and dark pigment lovely tan markings and cushioned muzzle. She is sound in body and moved true keeping a level topline at all times. Well placed shoulders short coupled and good turn of stifle.

2. Bubb’s Wandris Tiramisu. Another well made Blen youngster. Well laid shoulders with good bone. Level topline and correct tail set. A lovely head with dark expressive eyes good pigment and well filled. Powered round the ring keeping her topline. Slightly up to size for me.

3. Cunningham’s Verheyen Heike.

GB 10(2) 1. Macalpine’s Delhaze Dolly Day Dream with Annatika JW. The more I saw of this Blen the more I liked. She is lovely to go over, dark round eyes and well set ears, well cushioned muzzle giving a soft expression, elegant neck and shoulders and good angulation which she used to move elegantly round the ring keeping a good tail carriage.

2. O,Grady’s Culverhill Coralie. Excellent sized ruby girl who has a lovely rich ruby coat. Another who is delightful to go over with everything in the right place. Well off for bone for size and moved out well. She just wasn’t settled in her performance today.

3. Callaghan & Todd’s Ellemich Parisienne at Callyspride JW

PG 17(2) 1. Smith’s Sallcott Harmony. Eye catching ruby an ideal size and shape. The prettiest of heads, beautiful soft expression with dark round eyes and pigment. Lovely body with excellent angulation. Moved round the ring with elegance and poise, keeping her topline and tail carriage. My eyes were continually drawn back to her both in the class and the challenge. Very Pleased to award her RCC

2.Conneally’s Coedgwylum Hot Sapphire. Well broken blen who again is a lovely size and shape. Soft expression with lovely dark eyes and ear placement. Elegant neck and shoulders. . Moved and presented well. Close up to 1.

3. Hughes’ Loranka’s Rainbow Dreams

LB 12(4) 1. Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Patrice This beautiful girl just caught my attention from start to finish. She is not only extremely pretty in the head but has elegance to spare. She has lovely dark round eye and just the right amount of cushioning. Her ears are well set and has the sweetest of expressions, good neck and shoulders allowing her good reach, covers the ground well and keeps a beautiful shape at all times. Topped off by a well broken coat of perfect texture and length. I was totally smitten with her and had great pleasure in awarding her BCC

2. Conneally’s Coedgwylum Hot Cristal. Another very nice girl from this kennel. Lovely headpiece with dark eyes and well filled muzzle. Well broken coat of excellent colour. Nicely constructed and moved round the ring with ease keeping her topline.

3. Smith’s Sallcott Hallelujah Chorus

OB 10(2) 1. Bubb’s Wandris Cute As A Button JW. Richly marked Blen with lovely head and expression. Dark eyes and well cushioned and correct ear placement. Good front assembly level topline and moved around the ring with ease. Won this class with her happy exuberant temperament.

2. Bayliss’ Castlewytch Touch of Class JW. Last time I judged this girl she was a puppy and she has not disappointed. She is soundly made and is a pleasure to go over on the table. She moves freely with drive and purpose. Just lost out on her animation today.

3. Edwards’ Ch. Magic Charm’s Witch Woman to Delhaze.

VB 6(3) 1. Rees’ Ch Tusculana Carmella At Embeth. 8 yr old tri girl who belies her age. She moved around the ring as though she was half her age. Pretty head with dark eyes and still good pigment. Nice neck and shoulders and kept her topline on the move. A credit to her owners and breeder.

2. Waterman’s Burlybeck Summer Breeze. Almost 10 yrs old ruby lady again covered the ground well. She has a pretty head with the desired dark round eye and good ear placement. Good coat colour in tip top condition.

3. Hawkins’ Julchrisgor Angel Delight.

Ann Stocks - judge