• Show Date: 18/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: ann hodgson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Samoyed

 SKC Samoyed May 18th 2018

My thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge and for the exhibitors who provided a numerically strong entry. Having last judged this breed 3 years ago significant changes can be seen. It would appear the beautiful almond eye is in decline, round eyes were prevalent which gives a totally different look. Heads were very variable as was movement. It was difficult to find a consistent type. All exhibits were well presented.

Puppy Dog 4

1) Carruthers, Bobrowski and Harrald Aragorn the great king Prie Svetlicos via Vandreem

an upstanding puppy, well proportioned, fabulous head and expression, correct neck. Front and rear angulation excellent, covered the ground with ease. A very eye catching young man with great charisma. Was pleased to award him best puppy and delighted to hear he won the Pastoral Puppy group.

2) Prichard, Hill and Hall Santaviga the long way round Another lovely puppy, nice size and everything correct for this stage. Today just not quite the drive of 1

3) thomas Nikara the secret agent junior dog 1

1) Thomas Nikara the secret agent Third in puppy dog and coming along very nicely. Good head, correct eyes, good ear set. liked his size. Just moved a little close behind today.

Postgraduate dog 3

1) Taxter and Anderson Sarnoushka Solar Storm Good size and overall profile. Well proportioned head with dark eyes and good pigmentation. Correct angulation fore and aft and well muscled. Very steady mover

2) Walker Karmynski Silver Rogue Bigger type but well made and in proportion. Nice angulation but somewhat erratic on the move today

Limit Dog 10

1) Maclean Amarige only the brave Very nice male, mature, with correct head, lovely expression. Well balanced fore and aft, correct ratio length to height, moved and shown very well

2) Pritchard, Cornwell and Hill Ultimate Prince Yoshi and us to Santaviga Another very nice male, with everything to like. Another steady mover, just lost to 1 on maturity

3) Wilson Samnouska chase the Ace

 Open Dog 5

1) Kirkwood Ch Vandreem Imperial Cruz loved this dog. Very nice size fills the eye. lovely head, dark eyes with almond shape giving correct expression. All male without coarseness. Well angulated and muscled, a joy to watch on the move. Was pleased to award him Dog CC and BOB and pleased to hear he was short listed in the group.

2) Gregor Lumiere de lavi e dreamlike Felix Liked this dog very much, nice typical Samoyed expression. Good bone, good angulation and moved well. Unlucky to meet above RCC

3) Mitkova Multi ch Fall in love forest ohara of bloom white

Veteran Dog 3

1) Dent Ch Danrobien Snow Mischief to snow sense Bigger type but well constructed overall with good proportions. Correct head and expression, lovely dark almond eyes. Moved and showed very well.

2) Freer Ch NIkara Diamond Dancer nice overall outline, good head proportions with correct expression and almond eyes. Coat of correct texture. moved with drive and ease.

puppy bitch 3

1) Collinson Nikara secret love by Norjack Nice young bitch with lovely expression and correct

head proportions. coming on nicely in angulation, body and coat. Moved and shown well.

2) Mitkova Santaviga Diamond Design liked her size and proportions. coming on nicely in coat, moved well, just needs to mature in head

junior bitch 3

1) Matfin Tiksi Dancing flame with Ashlantie very feminine head, well shaped, good expression, dark almond eyes. Good length to neck, front and rear angulation good. Nice size and coat coming well. Moved really well

2) Prichard and Hall Sasoolka Princess Leia for Santaviga slightly larger type but still feminine, nice expression. Front and rear angulation good move well.

3) Wilson Samnouska Chasing Rainbows

 Postgraduate Bitch 5

1) Freer Taronakits it’s Karman Well presented, liked her size and expression, good eyes and well set furred ears. Well proportioned overall, coat of good texture, correct feet. Moved well when settled.

2) Dent Whitespirit Madam Mischief well presented, nice outline. okay front and rear angulation, could move with a little more drive.

3) Drummond Morning Diamond dew at Sasoolka limit Bitch 8

1) Freer Nikara Kall me Kreative well proportioned, nice shaped head, correct scissor bite and plenty of pigmentation. correct length to neck leading to correct topling. Good front and rear angulation, well muscled and moved with drive and ease. Not in full coat but nicely presented and handled well. Bitch CC

2) Prichard, Hill and Hall Right one for Mezen Yoshi and us Santaviga liked her expression and overall picture. correct head proportions giving a lovely expression. correct front and rear angulation moved well.

3) Dodds Bondsmoor Maybe it’s Destiny Open Bitch 4

1) Freer Ch Nikara Dancing with my Dream has a lovely feminine head, with dark almond eyes and nice smiley expression. nicely arched neck with well angulated quarters. Deep chest with good coat texture. Moved well with drive going away but pinned in a little on approach. RCC

2) Lewis Zamoyski Lucky Candy overall a very nice bitch, nice size and lovely proportions. Good expression, dark almond eyes correct ear placement. Nicely angulated quarters, moved and handled well

3) Dodds Bondsmoor I am what I am

Veteran Bitch 1

1) Johnson and Knipe Angelicus crystal serenity at 7 years in good condition, liked her size and type. Good head properties, typical samoyed expression. Moved and handled well.

Judge Dr Ann Hodgson Ragglebarn