• Show Date: 11/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ann Bell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Great Dane

Bournemouth championship Show 13th August 2018

Great Dane, Judge Mrs Ann bell

S B Dog or Bitch Entries 1

1st Burton, Ravendane Deal me in With Elbarevol. 10 Month old Mantle Dog of good colour and makings, Head was well chiselled with a good width across the muzzle and correct bite, kind expression, good length of neck going into correct shoulders, good top line for age and well set croup, nice width at stifle and good angulation, he just needs to settle a bit on the move to show more drive from rear but I’m sure this will improve with maturity.

PUPPY DOG 5 Entries

1st Newton’s Shlarra Smooth Mover. 11 Month old fawn dog, this is a very promising young man, typical head with correct length of foreface not over done like we see to often these days, correct bite and good dark eye, well arched neck going into well placed shoulder, good depth of brisket and elbows well tucked in, nicely filled in chest, slightly long in the loin, moved well and with drive.

2nd Collett, Foaldown Secret Tribute. 8 Month old fawn dog, another very promising young dog who was giving a lot away on age to the first, Nice head of correct proportions with correct bite, well arched neck and well placed shoulders, good front and top line, needs to settle more on the move but did well for his age.

3rd Mitchell’s Oldcharm Markus at Elsimba.

JUNIOR DOG 1 Entries

1st Seddon’s Zefather’s Freedom Fighter at Tenaya. 15 Month fawn dog of good size with correct head shape, good dark eye, good length of neck and well placed shoulders, not as well angulated on the rear and needs to straighten in the hock yet which was preventing him to move with drive on the day.


1st Burton, Ravendane Deal me in With Elbarevol. As SB

2nd Griffin & Grierson’s Griffindane Athos, Large fawn dog with a good head showing strength throughout, well arched neck and correct shoulder placement, nicely filled in chest with good depth of brisket, good top line, would like to see more angulation at the rear and drive on the move.

3rd Bishton & Marriott’s Griffindane Tigris from Jaydania.

LIMIT DOG 3 Entries 1 Abs

1st Sneddon & Booth’s Culseandanes Tyrion The Imp. Masculine Fawn dog with correct head and dark eye, good ear set and correct bite, nice top line and croup, well angutated front and back and nice tight feet, move out with drive. RCC

2nd Morgan Evans, Tantallon Big Apple at Vanmore. Fawn dog of good size, good head with dark eye, bite not as good as the first placed dog, well arched neck and nice top line, good shoulder placement and well angulated front and back, moved well.

OPEN DOG 2 Entries

1st Bishton’s Ch Jaydania Bjorn Borg. 3 year old fawn dog who ticked all the boxes for me, correct head with good ear placement and dark eye and well chiselled face with correct bite, good reach of neck going into correct shoulders, good flat bone and tight feet, correct top line and croup, well angulated and moved with drive. CC and BOB

2nd Seddon’s, Tenaya Cherokee Lone Wolf. 4 year old fawn dog with good head and well arched neck, well filled in chest and correct top line, well off for bone and moved well.


1st Newton’s Shlarra Sent From Above. A beautiful fawn young lady of 11 months, lovely head with good dark eye and correct bite, well arched neck going into correct shoulders, a good depth to chest and brisket, elbows well tucked in and good spring of rib, good top line and nice angulations fore and back, moved out with drive and confidence, RCC & BP

2nd McGuinness, Nelson-McGuinness & Burns Dinahtron Rags To Riches. A pretty baby fawn girl of 61/2 months, it’s a pity when we have no minor puppy class with our giant breed as these babies give a lot away to the older puppies, but this baby held her own in the class, she has a good head with a dark kind eye and nicely arched neck, well off for bone, stood with confidence showing a good body shape, moved typical for a puppy of this age.

3rd Southgate’s & Price, Empress Elivira V. Rosherta ( Imp Nld )


1st Barrett’s Bourntwyn Presley’s Girl By Rioco. 15 month fawn girl with a good shaped head correct bite and pleasing expression, good neck, and correct shoulders, nice top line and firm body, well angulated and good flat bone, moved well.

2nd Pendleton-Watkins, Zefather’s What it Takes. 15 month fawn girl, nice shaped head and dark eye with correct bite, well arched neck, and pleasing body, good angulations and moved well, still needs to straighten on front foot.

3rd Seddon’s, Zefather’s Livin on The Edge at Tenaya.


1st Thomson’s, Ravendane Put A Spell On Darrington. Harli girl of nearly 3years, she had a pleasing head with a kind expression and correct bite, good firm top line and well angulated, nice flat bone and tight feet, moved well.

2nd Middleton’s Taysca Must De Cartier. 15 month black girl, correct head shape with good bite, well arched neck and correct shoulders, good depth of chest and correct top line, well angulated and moved well.

3rd Drew’s, Lindeefay The Sweetest Love JW.


1st Kingsley’s, Dainoak Agent Provocateur. Blue girl of 22 months, another beautifully made girl, pleasing head and correct bite, well bodied and good angulation, correct top line and strong flat bone, moved out with drive.

2nd Bourton’s, Zefathers Crazy Diamond For Verano. 2 years old fawn girl with good head and correct bite, well arched neck and good front, correct top line, good angulation front and back, moved well.

3rd Morgan’s, Samdice In Your Honor.

OPEN BITCH 2 Entries

1st Sneddon & Booth’s Ch Culseandanes House Of Tully. 21 month old fawn girl, a very mature girl for her age with balanced head and correct bite, good dark eye and pleasing expression, well arched neck going into correct shoulders, good front and top line, correct angulation front and back, strong flat bone and firm condition throughout, moved with confidence and drive. BCC

2nd Newton’s Bycosdycos Summer Time At Shlarra Sh.CM

5 year old fawn girl with a pleasing head and nice expression, correct bite and good neck and shoulders, correct top line and croup, good angulation and moved well.