• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrew Stewart Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Affenpinscher


Always a pleasure to judge your own breed, but to do it at Windsor with the Castle in the background is special!  

A lovely entry of 58 awaited me, and with only 3 absent i think this was a nice representitive of the breed today.  

 Class 415 VD/B (3 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: SMITH Mr G J ‘Ch Kilbarchan Schwarz Edition At Jolakada’ – an old favourite of mine, this lad still enjoys his time in the ring showing off to his admirers. Handsome head, correct monkey expression, neat ears, short neck and good body shape with his tail carried gently over the back at all times. Moved very well despite the intense heat. Presented nicely and well handled. BVIB  

2nd: HILL, Mrs D L A & HILL W ‘Ch Scalene Saucy Sal JW Sh.CM’ -  a lovely girl of super type, pretty in head with all the essentials. Very soundly made with good front and rear. Level topline with good tailset and carriage. Moved very well in both directions. Well handled and presented.  

3rd: SHEPHERD Mrs D L ‘Fin Est Ch Lat Avantgarde Importance Of Being Earnest’  


Class 416 PD (2 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: SMITH Mr G J ‘Ribbleriver Sam I Am At Jolakada’ -  a sturdy puppy who has a fantastic coat, very harsh and well presented. He has a typical head with monkey expression, neat ears and good up turn of chin. Muscular short neck, well sprung ribs and good topline. He carried his tail over the back at all times. Moved with style with the lively strutting action. Promising young man who i hope has finished growing. BPIB  

2nd: GRUNINGER Miss J ‘Darkle Pookisnackenburger’ – very different to the class winner. Much smaller lad that needs more bone and substance. He has a lively, outgoing and cocky temperament. Ok head and expression, with good muzzle and up turn. Short neck and cobby body shape. moved with attitude. Excellent coat texture.  


Class 417 JD (6 Entries) Abs: 0  

Quality class 

1st: WIGGINS Mr B C ‘Scapafield Schwarz Odyssey’ – a good old fashioned type, who was honest throughout. Lovely head and expression, dark sparkling eyes, correct length of nose, blunt muzzle with plenty of width and up turn of chin. I liked his front and he has an excellent back end. He has well sprung ribs, could be a tad shorter in loin. He has a super tailset and carriage. Moved so true coming and going. Cracking coat texture. Well handled and schooled.  

2nd: MCEVOY, Mrs J & PIRRIE Mrs S ‘Faehat Mwnci Du’ – loved the head and expression on this lad, very monkey like. Excellent prominent chin with good up turn. Dark eyes of good size. Sound front with nice bone, level back with correct tail set and carriage. Moved well in front but untidy rear action. Presented in first class condition.  

3rd: DOPSON Mrs L J ‘Tonsarne Hodmedod of Jalindri’   


Class 418 PGD (6 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: WIGGINS Mr B C ‘Scapafield Schwarz Odyssey’ -  as above 

2nd: CURRIE Mrs F ‘Venustus Milliners Man for Faehat’ -  lovely skull shape, gently domed with good stop, prominent chin and lower lip showing to advantage. He had super little neat ears. Correct length of neck and level back with good taislet and carriage. Moved confidently. Just a touch narrow in the rear. Excellent coat of harsh texture.   

3rd: MCEVOY, Mrs J & PIRRIE Mrs S ‘Imrun's Pikes Peak (Imp)’   


Class 419 LD (6 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: OWEN, Miss S J & OSSOWSKI Mr M L ‘Darkle Hawker Harrier’ -  CC & BoB. Quality stamped all over him. He looks stunning in profile, a perfect silhoutte. He has a masculine headpiece, skull gently domed, dark sparkling eyes hiding under his fringe, open healthy nostrils, good dentition, broad chin with good lower lip prominently showing. He has a short neck with excellent shoulders, straight front legs with correct bone, spirit level topline with excellent tailset and carriage. His rear was firm with super muscle tone, and with moderate angulation. He moved with that lively strutting action, lifting his front legs high. His coat was well presented but still left ‘au naturel’ , harsh and rough in texture. He has a lovely personality, and definately carries himself with a comic seriousness. Put on a sterling performance in the Toy group. His fourth CC today.  

2nd: GRUNINGER Miss J ‘Darkle's Wild Huntsman’ -  RES CC. Half brother to the CC winner. This dog has a lovely monkey like head with a mischievous expression, good chest, excellent rib, compact body shape and super tailset and carriage. He moved with a lively strutting movement in profile. Shown in hard muscular condition. Well handled and presented. He was just a tad taller on leg than his half brother, but still nicely balanced. His good breed type won him the Res CC.  

3rd: SMITH Mr G J ‘Capricho Lehrling For Jolakada’  


Class 420 OD (8 Entries) Abs: 0  

A difficult class to judge, all quite different.  

1st: McEVOY Mrs J ‘Ch Riogaioch Kaiser Bill JW’ -  one i have admired. Cracking monkey like head, with lovely furnishings, good fringe, beard and moustache. Small dark eyes peering out from his hair.  He has a blunt muzzle with good chin. Sound front and rear. Level back with good tail carriage. Could be a touch shorter in back for ideal balance. Moved good in both directions. Cheeky personality. Well handled and schooled. As always from this exhibitor, presented in first class condition, coat not overdone in any way. Harsh textured jacket.  

2nd: CROSS, Miss & Mrs, GADSBY, Mr & ISHERWOOD Mr ‘Am Ch Donnybrook's Jack Tamarin (Imp USA)’ -  an eye catching dog. I liked his skull shape with gentle dome, neat little ears that were high set, small dark eyes, good muzzle and quality chin. His head needs more of a natural look, more fringe and moustache is needed to complete the picture, this would add to the essential monkey like expression. He has a good straight front with small compact feet. His body shape is cobby with good ribs. Excellent tailset and carriage. Although he has the required short neck, its exaggerated with over grooming. Moved with style and he did have nice lift in front. A super little showman who was devoted to his handler at all times.  

3rd: CLARK Miss M ‘Affentude Forever Young’   


Class 421 GCD/B (1 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: TEASDALE Mrs A J ‘Tonsarne Pooka’ -  a small, compact and sturdy male of pleasing type. he has an alert and monkey like expression. Good body condition throughout. Sound front and rear. Moved with desired strutting action with goosestep. Very harsh coat which was well presented. Well handled and schooled.  


Class 422 SBD/B (1 Entries) Abs: 0   

1st: CARY Mrs L F ‘Faehat Cariad’ -  this lad had a pleasing head and expression, round dark eyes and good muzzle length. Level back with good tailset and carriage. Blackest of coats and of good texture. He had a happy disposition. Moved well in both directions. Just lacks a little body, so appeared a little narrow throughout.  


Class 423 PB (4 Entries) Abs: 0  

a headache of a class 

1st: FERRIER Mrs J ‘Rangimaria Lucy Locket’ – a raw baby who i think will be a slow maturer, and thats not always a bad thing. She has a very feminine head, pretty little monkey head with darkest of eyes; that sparkled through her hair. A touch more width of chin would be advantageous to her. Neat little ears that were high set. Sound shoulders and front, level back with tail carried over the back when in motion. Nicely prepared and presented in first class condition.  

2nd: HARRISON Mrs & Mr ‘Ribbleriver Sams Freya’  - a right little stubborn monkey that refused to put her tail up during her time in the ring. I would have forgave her tail on the stance but would have liked to see it up on the move. She has a super head and expression, blunt muzzle with good prominent chin and lower lip. Short neck and a cobby body shape with super rib. Lovely to go over on the table. Excellent coat texture.  

3rd: ENGLAND Mr P & Mrs L ‘Cichlas Blaise Affen To Vanistica TAF’  - loved this puppy, but she wasnt happy on the table today.  


Class 424 JB (6 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: SHENNAN Miss V Imrun's ‘Norwegian Winter Rose For Ashiblack’ -  scores well in silhoutte and profile, so square and sturdy in build. She has a super black, harsh jacket that was well presented, without being overdone. I liked her head, healthy nostrils and good dentition with wide chin that turns up nicely. She is cobby in body with a textbook tailset and carriage. Moved confidently around the ring. Sound front movement, but moves close behind. Loved her happy temperament.   

2nd: MITCHARD Miss C ‘Veggfjellets Black Pearl At Wizabeanie’ – quite similar to 1st in many ways, she had a pretty monkey like expression, good furnishings. Short neck and body, good tail set and carried tail well. Not as positive in front as one on the move, and not as sturdy as 1st. Nicely handled and presented. A quality bitch.  

3rd: GILL Mrs A S ‘Florindale Suzy Starlight’   


Class 425 PGB (7 Entries) Abs: 2  

1st: TEASDALE Mrs A J ‘Tonsarne Lady Mawkin’ -  very old school in type, not a flashy bitch but one with bags of breed type. Lively and alert expression, blunt muzzle with a good prominent chin and bottom lip. Short neck, nicely bodied, moderate rear angulation, high set tail and carried over the back at all times. Moved with confidence and all at her own pace. Correct textured coat. Very happy temperament, showed well.  

2nd: WIGGINS Mrs J ‘Scapafield Schwarz Olena’ -  stronger made bitch, with more bone and substance than 1st. Today the heat was getting at her a little, as she didnt move out as well as she can do. Very pleasing head with monkey like expression, correct length and breadth of muzzle and a quality turn up of chin. Soundly made throughout topped off with a good tailset. Lovely natural harsh coat.  

3rd: MERRETT Mr D L & Mrs J M ‘Venustus Dark Temptation’   


Class 426 LB (7 Entries) Abs: 1  

1st: PIRRIE Mrs S L ‘Urax Black Diamond For Riogaioch (Imp) JW’ -  a nice sized bitch, she was well balanced and had a smart outline. She had a nice head shape, dark round eyes, healthy open nostrils, good lip and chin. Her ears could maybe be a touch smaller for ideal. She had correct moderate angulation fore and rear. Well sprung ribs  and chest not too deep. Moved very well with the desired lively strutting action. Super personality. Presented in first class condition.  

2nd: GILL Mrs A S ‘Carmichan Tegra’ -  super outline on this girl, perfectly balanced. Quality head with dark sparkling eyes, blunt muzzle with good prominent chin. She is well bodied, excellent topline and cracking tailset and carriage. Moves very true in both directions. She just lacked a little animation, the heat was maybe affecting her performance today. A very honest bitch with bags of breed type to offer. Well presented.   

3rd: PIRRIE Mrs S L ‘Flame Dancer At Riogaioch’   


Class 427 OB (5 Entries) Abs: 0  

Strong class.  

1st: PIRRIE Mrs S L ‘Riogaioch Come On Over JW’ -  my BCC winner today. Her head is so pretty, feminine and monkey like, just my cup of tea. She had the most expressive eyes, so dark and sparkly. Correct length of muzzle, blunt with quality turn up of chin and that desired prominent bottom lip. High set ears that she carried well. Short neck and cobby body shape. she carried her tail correctly at all times. Her movement was a joy to watch, lovely strutting action with nice lift in front, her rear action was perfect. She has personality plus, and was the ultimate showgirl today. Correct harsh coat which was well cared for. Her fourth CC.  

2nd: JOHNSON Mrs P A & Mr G ‘Carmichan My Cariad JW’ -  this bitch has the most pleasing of outlines, a lovely shape in profile with proud head carriage, spirit level topline and super tail curved over the back. Cheeky monkey expression, dark round eyes, neat little high set ears all framed with a lovely halo of hair standing away from her face. Short neck, good shoulders and clean front. Well sprung ribs with chest not too deep. She has a firm rear with good muscle tone, all without excessive angulation. Her front movement is perfect, she has a jaunty strutting action, rear could be tidier moving away. She is also a born showgirl who will be made up i have no doubt. Her lovely breed type won her the RES CC today.   

3rd: GRUNINGER, Ms J & DESMOND Mrs C ‘Darkle Slippery When Wet’   


JUDGE: Mr Andrew D Stewart (Ingerdorm)