• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrew Stewart Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Chinese Crested


I thoroughly enjoyed judging my first set of CC’s in Chinese Cresteds. I was happy with the entry of 67, especially for a Thursday.  

No shyness was present in any of the dogs today, it was very warm and i think the dogs enjoyed the sunshine.  

Like judging any other breed, compromise plays a big part with the placings. Judging to type is sometimes a little difficult.  

I thought the DCC and BCC winner complemented each other so nicely, when they were moving around the ring together for BoB they looked lovely together.  

It was nice to see good sportsmanship in the breed, plenty of clapping for the winners and exhibitors congratulating each other.  

I found no evidence of razor burns or clipper rash on any of the exhibits.   


Class 530 VD/B (4 Entries) Abs: 1  

what a lovely class to start the day with. The three dogs in this class are a real credit to their owners, all shown in fabulous condition. 

1st: 1673 HELLMUTH Mr & Mrs S & A Omegaville Press Release For Shumllea (Imp) – a strong contender for a green card. Eye catching pink spotted bitch who has a beautiful clean outline, so well balanced. I liked her head properties, elongated skull with a nicely chiselled muzzle, large well set ears with plenty of furnishings. She has a lovely graceful neck, firm shoulders, straight front with the desired hare foot. Level topline with strong rear. She carried her tail up and out. Her movement was ultra sound, especially in the front, completely parallel. Expertly presented in first class condition. BVIB.  

2nd: 1660 DOWSETT Miss D P Ch Doonbeg Bete Noir via Tteswood JW Sh.CM – a larger powder puff male, whom perhaps a little too big for ideal size, he was still balanced. He had a masculine head with nice clean cheeks, correct length of muzzle and good dentition. He has a lovely reach of neck, well laid shoulders with good front. Strong level back with excellent rear, lovely muscle tone. His coat was beautifully presented, and lovely soft texture. He moved well in the rear, just like a little more reach in front. Well handled.  

3rd: 1664 EDWARDS Mrs L Speckled Lad of Foaldown TAF  


Class 531 MPD (4 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 1654 CROW Mrs D Arte Figure Next Level At Casacavallo (Fin Imp) NA – such an eye catching puppy, who was thoroughly enjoying himself in the ring. Yes, he’s a big lad and here’s hoping he doesnt grow on any more. 100% sound throughout, he is so well put together. Movement was a joy to watch, so elegant with plenty of reach in front and powering from the rear. His head is masculine,could be perhaps a touch more refined for ideal, lovely expressive dark almond eye, large erect ears that were low set. Lovely clean neck, super front with fine, yet strong bone. He has a super topline, so level. He carried his tail perfectly, up and out when in motion. Skin presented in first class condition. Happy showing temperament which won him BPIB.  

2nd: 1694 MOYES, Mrs E & PUNTON Ms Y Bryelis The Witch Doctor – this young lad just needs a little more confidence. I preferred this chaps head, so clean and smooth, nice chiselling. He has low set ears that were nicely furnished. Super neck and topline, well sprung ribs. He has the correct length of leg, the desired hare feet. His skin was in beautiful condition as all from this kennel. He didnt move out half as well as 1st, a touch sluggish. This owner had to get ‘runners’ for all her dogs as i understand she has hip and knee problems. One to watch once he gets the hang of it.  

3rd: 1669 GODFREY, Mr C & PEACOCK Mr I Godpeakiki Uptamis 


Class 533 JD (6 Entries) Abs: 1  

A nice class. 

1st: 1688 MCKENZIE, Mr A & MULDOON Mr K Scherzando Roxy's Dancer Von Queshiasn – A very nicely balanced dog with a super silhoutte. He was shown in beautiful condition, hard muscle tone throughout. Excellent head shape, clean chiselled cheeks tapering into his muzzle. Tidy dentition. Eyes could be a shade darker for ideal. Lovely large well furnished ears, graceful strong neck leading on to well laid shoulders, straight front with good bone and hare feet. I liked his spirit level topline, strong rear with the correct angulation. He carried his tail up and out at all times. Moved with style, really driving from behind. A quality dog that should do well.  

2nd: 1679 HINTON Mrs C Ajatiaza's Lover Boy at Cheeswood – a lovely headed dog that doesnt always make the best of himself. Super dark almond shaped eyes, correct length of muzzle without being over done. Excellent ear set and carriage. Lean neck that carried his head gracefully when it suited him. Very sound front and rear. I liked his body shape, slightly longer than square. Moved very soundly in both directions. Presented in lovely condition. Just needs to focus a little more on the job. I liked him.   

3rd: 1703 TATNELL Mrs S Etno Spirit Right Choice Of Spiritcrest (Imp)  


Class 534 YD (1 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 1686 MASTERS, Miss S & SHAKESHAFT Mrs N Doucai's Show Boy – placed VHC in the previous class. A very strongly made male here, his head was a touch over done, broad back skull with a heavy wedged type head. He had lovely dark eyes, large well furnished ears, mouth could be better. He was presented in fabulous condition, his skin was gleaming. He moved well in both directions. Happy showman.  


Class 535 PGD (5 Entries) Abs: 1  

1st: 1697 PIPER Mrs C A Anna Sky Kennel Fusion Hot Man of Zanjero JW (Imp) – a pretty pink spotted male here who scored well on balance and outline. He had a lovely head and alert expression, good chiselling with clean appearance. I liked his neck and head carriage. Level back with deep chest and moderate tuck up. He has a strong rear with good bend of stifle. Moved out very well with plenty of reach and drive. First class presentation.  

2nd: 1663 DOWSETT, Ms R C & DOWSETT Ms D P Winterkloud Gingerbread By Tteswood – this chap was handled very well by his imacculate charge. Another nice sized exhibit, i liked his skull and head properties, long fine muzzle without exaggeration. His ears were low set and had plenty of furnishings. Eyes could be a smidgen darker. He had a clean neck, with well laid shoulders, straight front with correct hare feet. His back was level and had strong firm rear. He carried his tail up and out when in motion. Presented in lovely condition.  

3rd: 1653 BRIDGWATER Ms C Scherzando Riva  


Class 536 LD (5 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 1655 CROW Mrs D Estillinis The Huntsman At Casacavallo JW (Imp) – my CC & BoB winner today. He was exactly what i had in mind today, a small, active, graceful and elegant toy dog that moves with plenty of reach and drive. His head for me was spot on, that desired elongated skull, lovely dark expressive almond shaped eyes, his muzzle tapering with clean refined cheeks. His ear set was perfect, large mobile erect ears with plenty of lovely furnishings. He has a super crest of hair starting on the his stop and carries all the way down his neck. His neck is strong, yet graceful. His head is carried so proudly standing and on the move, level firm topline with sound front, fine bone but not delicate in any way, correct hare foot. His rear is strong with excellent muscle tone. His tail was carried up and out on the move at all times, he moved so well, long strides in front with plenty of reach and strong rear action with plenty of drive. He was 100% bomb proof, the ultimate showman and coped with the hot humid conditions like a true pro. He was presented to perfection, gorgeous skin to touch, warm and smooth. A pleasure to watch him make the final 6 in the strong toy group. His first CC, good luck with him in the future.  

2nd: 1649 BARKER Mrs S D Cheeswood Shimmering Moon – an elegant white powder puff here, he was shown in lovely condition. His coat was immaculate and presented very nicely. He had a very refined head with all the essentials. I liked his length of body and firm topline. Quality bone, without being over done. He moved ok, but could have had a little more reach and drive. Well handled and schooled.  

3rd: 1667 GODFREY, Mr C & PEACOCK Mr I Zerachiel Strictly Salsa  


Class 537 OD (6 Entries) Abs: 0  

A nice class but with plenty of compromise.  

1st: 1656 CROW, Mrs D & WRISNIG Ms S Twice As Nice Seven Monkey Fury JW (Imp) – another born show man from this kennel, and again presented in beautiful condition. Although a big lad, he has a fabulous outline and silhoutte, his tail never stopped wagging. Yes, i would like a little more refinement in the head department, but he has lovely dark almond shaped eyes that were expressive and alert. Super low set ears of a lovely size and good furnishings. Excellent neck and topline, sound as a pound front with strong bone, but without being heavy or cloddy. I liked his body proportions, slightly longer than square. He has a broad and deep chest and rounded bum. His rear was strong with excellent muscle tone. Moved a dream, big long front strides and powerful rear action.Loved his cocky and full of himself attitude. RES CC.   

2nd: 1657 DEKLERK Mrs J Jun Ch Habiba Veni Vidi Vici – again a big lad here but one that was completely balanced. He has an excellent body shape, slightly longer than square. Back skull shape was good, would like a touch more refinement in the cheeks. Alert expression with dark almond shaped eyes, tidy dentition. Cracking low set ears, that were of good size. I loved his crest, such a glamorous look, long and flowing right down his neck. He has well laid shoulders, clean front with good hare feet. Deep chest and level topline. His rear was sound, firm with plenty of muscle. Skin was beautifully presented. He didn’t move out as well as 1st, lacked a little luster on the move. A quality dog.  

3rd: 1691 MOYES, Mr & Mrs B & E & HUNTER Miss G Bryelis The Ringmaster JW  


Class 538 GCD/B (2 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 1660 DOWSETT Miss D P Ch Doonbeg Bete Noir via Tteswood JW Sh.CM – placed 2nd in veteran. 

2nd: 1685 MASTERS Miss S Esquimaux Skin Deep – beautifully kept skin on this one, very nicely presented. Has a lovely outline. Head shape is good, could have a darker eye. Nice chisseling. Strong neck and topline. Moved very well in front, a touch untidy in the rear. Well handled and schooled.  


Class 539 SBD/B (1 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 1677 HIGGS Ms S B X Factor Dom Risorto (Imp) – a beautifully presented black in lovely condition with good muscle tone. His head was a little strong for ideal taste, heavy muzzle. His body shape was good, nice neck and topline. Straight front with ok front, correct rear with bend of stifle. High set tail carried well on the move. Sound mover.  


Class 540 MPB (5 Entries) Abs: 1  

1st: 1692 MOYES, Mr & Mrs B & E & HUNTER Miss G Bryelis Voodoo Woman – striking black girl who was so feminine and pretty. She had a lovely head and expression, elongated skull and tapering muzzle. Dark almond shaped eyes, nice filling under the eye. Low set ears and correct size too. She had a graceful neck and sound shoulders, clean front with fine yet strong bone. Correct length of body, not too square. Her taislet was high and it did come up on the move. Very sound mover. Presented in first class condition. She was my best puppy bitch, she couldnt match the dog puppy in terms of showmanship and confident movement. Promising puppy.  

2nd: 1670 GODFREY, Mr C & PEACOCK Mr I Godpeakiki Dunandusted – a very outgoing young lady who was very enthusastic on the move, she tended to be a little messy in front but she did settle down. Very feminine expression with good head shape. correct body proportions. Lovely happy temperament, enjoying herself as a puppy should. Nicely presented.  

3rd: 1661 DOWSETT Miss D P Godpeakiki Upta Summat with Tteswood 


Class 541 PB (2 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 1668 GODFREY, Mr C & PEACOCK Mr I Scherzando Pied Rook – black & white powder puff who was a touch high on the leg at this stage, chest just needing to drop for ideal balance. She was ultra sound on the move, sound in both directions. Correct head and expression, nice dark almond shaped eyes, tidy dentition. Ok for neck length, level back with high set tail. Coat well presented.  

2nd: 1675 HIGGS Mr N Eldy Lady Freuhartang – gold powder puff who couldnt match 1st in terms of movement, i think the heat was getting to her, slightly sluggish on the move. Coat was beautifully presented, nice soft texture. Her head was pretty with good expression. Soundly made throughout and nicely balanced.  


Class 542 JB (5 Entries) Abs: 2  

1st: 1658 DIXON Mrs T Glorious Yasmine Heybett avec Debrita (Imp) – ultra feminine dark mahogany girl who has a beautiful clean outline. I would have liked a touch more body for ideal. The prettiest of heads, elongated skull shape and clean chiselled head. Dark eyes providing an alert expression. Super neck and strong topline. Presented to perfection, smooth warm skin without a single blemish. Strong rear action, but front a touch messy.  

2nd: 1693 MOYES, Mr & Mrs B & E & HUNTER Miss G Bryelis Dancing Queen – a striking white powder puff who was presented in perfect order, correct veil coat of soft texture. Her head was a little heavier and plainer than 1st. She has a super neck and spirit level topline. Correct deep chest with moderate tuck up. Moved very nice in front with good reach, just a touch close behind. Happy showgirl.   

3rd: 1676 HIGGS Mr N Fairy Vom Apfelland (Imp)  


Class 544 PGB (5 Entries) Abs: 4  

1st: 1689 MEARNS Mrs J A Lunacrest Hector's Kiss – this bitch has lovely skin and presented in first class condition. Head a touch heavy and cloddy, but very nicely placed ears and dark almond eyes. She had a lovely crest down her neck. Good body and high set tail. Nicely angulated rear and ok front. She moved very well from the rear but untidy in front. Nice happy showgirl.  


Class 545 LB (9 Entries) Abs: 2  

A strong class 

1st: 1665 FROST Miss K Harriet Take Me Away To Kojiki (Imp) JW – My bitch CC winner today, this bitch had the most beautiful shape and silhoutte. She has the prettiest of heads and expressions, so feminine. Excellent skull shape, elongated and chiselled muzzle with clean cheeks. Darkest of almond shaped eyes, good dentition. I loved her large ears that were low set and full of fringes. Super crest down her elegant neck, firm sound shoulders and good straight front with correct hare feet. Her body shape was excellent, slightly longer than square. Her tail set was high, and she moved with her tail up and out at all times. She moved very soundly in both directions, strong rear driving action and reaching out well in front. She was presented in hard muscular condition, gorgeous skin, so soft and smooth. Loved her outgoing temperament, a happy showgirl that deserved the CC. Her first ticket, good luck with her in the future.  

2nd: 1674 HELLMUTH Mr & Mrs S & A Shumllea Press Release JW – one of the best presented today, her skin was immaculate so soft, smooth, warm and lovely to touch. Yes, she isn’t as feminine as 1st, but she is still a lovely crested. Super head and eye, large flaring ears, excellent crest down her neck. She has a super front with medium bone, deep and broad chest with moderate tuck up. Her rear was strong with good muscle tone. Moved and showed so well, super reach in front and strong driving action from the rear. Her topline maybe wasnt as strong as 1st either. I liked her a lot. Well handled.  

3rd: 1698 SAPH Ms K Scherzando Laylah JW  


Class 546 OB (5 Entries) Abs: 1  

1st: 1709 WILSON Mrs & Miss E A & K Habiba Chasing Rainbows – excellent outline on this girl, very well balanced with correct body proportions, longer than square. Classic head, dark almond shaped eyes, good chiselling and correct muzzle length. Her ears are so well set, and they were large with plenty of furnishings. She has a long clean neck with good crest, excellent shoulders and straight front with hare feet. Spirit level topline with good depth of chest and a moderate tuck up. Nicely angulated rear with firm muscle. Her tail set was high but unfortunately didnt lift her tail quiet high enough on the move for me. She powered around the ring when she focused on the job. Her super breed type won her the RBCC today. Well handled and nicely presented.  

2nd: 1687 MCFARLANE Mrs & Miss J E & L Zeracheil Exotic Dancer – this bitch wasn’t as glamorous as some today, but she has nothing to hide.  100% sound on the move holding her shape so well. Her head was perhaps a touch plainer than 1st. She has large low set ears, good length of muzzle. Level back, with correct body length. High set tail that she carried up and out at all times. She was such a happy outgoing lady who was really enjoying herself out in the sun. Presented in first class condition and expertly handled. I liked her.  

3rd: 1662 DOWSETT Miss D P Ch Doonbeg Reach for the Sky Tteswood JW Sh.CM  


Judge: Mr Andrew D Stewart (Ingerdorm)