• Show Date: 10/05/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrew Stewart Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Miniature Pinscher

Birmingham National – Miniature Pinschers – 10/05/18  

Judge: Andrew D Stewart (ingerdorm)    

I thoroughly enjoyed judging my first set of CC’s in your breed today.   I thought the quality was very high, especially in the both puppy classes, junior and open bitch classes.   I feel its a great shame that the breed doesn’t do better in the Toy Group at Championship level, i certainly feel many of the dogs that i judged today should and could hold their own in group competition.  

PD (2 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 2473 JAMES Ms S Jaegerson Dress To Impress – cracking Black & Tan puppy who is so well balanced. He carried his handsome head high at all times, super front with lift, he has a compact body with desired topline. His rear is strong with good muscle tone already.  He was so attentive to his handler at all times. Moved and showed so well, nicely handled and presented. A contender for the RES CC. Best puppy dog.   

2nd: 2479 PARK Mrs J A Rayjen Carrot Cake – a taller red puppy, another with a classic head, dark sparkling eyes and used his ears well. He has a lovely neck, and good shoulders. Nice front and rear. He was slightly longer in loin than 1st, and not as settled in front on the move either.  Coat was in lovely order,  smooth and shining like a new pin.    

JD (4 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 2481 PARKER Mrs C Vardenais Lumos  - a quality red who looks lovely in stance, so well balanced. He has a lovely head and expression, well set ears and dark eyes. He has a super neck, compact body shape and strong rear. He moved very well in front with correct hackney action.  He was a lovely deep red colour, and his coat was short and glossy.  

2nd: 2456 BALDWIN Mrs J Nightstorm Ticket To Ride – a stronger made Black & Tan, but another with a lovely head with strong underjaw, good ear set and carriage.  He has a good body shape, excellent rear with plenty of muscle tone.  He moved very well in rear but not as postitive in front as 1st. Shown in lovely hard condition, coat was sparkling. Well handled.  

3rd: 2480 PARK Mrs J A Rayjen Custard Pie    

PGD (4 Entries) Abs: 1  

Not the strongest of classes., all three were very different.  

1st: 2471 HARRISON Ms J D Rayjen Rumbaba At Trenson  - powerfully made red, who is all male.  He has a masculine head, excellent head carriage. Very nice front, and super cat like feet.  His rear was firm and strong. He moved with a hint of hackney in front. A nicely balanced dog but perhaps just a touch much of him all round.  

2nd: 2459 COLBORNE-BABER Mrs S M A Borneways Alfred The Great  - quite the opposite to 1st, a smaller and finer made Black & Tan here. He had super hackney action, and a tidy rear. Eyes a touch bold for my taste, and a slight feminine look about him. Well handled and nicely presented.  

3rd: 2458 CLEMENTS Mrs N Mathalie's Pheonix Knight    

LD (4 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 2495 WATKINS, Ms T & DAVIES Ms J Danton Damned If I Do -  a very stylish red dog, he was masculine but still retained that elegant look.  He had lovely dark eyes, well set ears that were small., correct length of muzzle and good dentition.  Very nice neck that was elegant and arched. His body is square with strong topline and excellent taislet and carriage.  He had super well sprung ribs and moderate tuck up.  His movement is a joy to watch, he really excels in the rear, driving well behind using his powerful muscles. To be honest, there was many today that had better life in front, but when you judge the dog as a whole, for me, on the day, he was the best male.  Loved his lively and alert temperament.  Pleased to award him the DOG CC.  

2nd: 2475 KING, Miss L & NETHERTON Mr M Estivals Opie Majik  - another quality red who was taller than 1st,  i would say this dog had a better hackney action but his rear wasn’t as good as 1st. I loved his neck and head carriage. He was shown in hard muscular condition,  and his coat was in lovely order. Well handled.  

3rd: 2484 SALSBURY, Mr N & RALPH Mrs J Dobenar's Sorcerer At Monarkle    

OD (6 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 2457 BANTON Ms D Darkiss Smokin Aces – a smart black and tan headed this strong class. I liked his silhoutte, very nice body shape and was attentive to his handler at all times.  I liked his head, dark eyes, good length of foreface sand correct skull. Super neck and topline. Straight front with good cat like feet. Well angulated rear with muscle tone. Moved steady with a nice lift in front.  

2nd: 2491 SMITH Mr D R & Mrs H A Ch Tubize Hudson JW – a finer Black & tan than 1st. He had one of the smallest ears on the day, correct head shape with dark eyes.  Good length of neck and a short coupled body shape with good spring of ribs. He has the correct front and rear angulation. He moved with a good hackney but movement a little untidy at times, especially in the rear.  Very nice temperament.  Well handed and schooled.   

3rd: 2467 GENTLE Mr D & Mrs D Dimogen Colin The Legend    

VD (2 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 2489 SHEPHERD Mr T J & Mrs J P Ch Shetopa King Of Arabia JW Sh.CM – a real little stallion of a dog! Red and still shown in lovely hard condition. He has a handsome head, small neat ears,  super neck, clean shoulders with moderate angulation. He has a strong topline, well muscled rear that he uses when he moves. He has lovely lift in front. A stylish dog that catches the eye. RES CC & Best Veteran in breed.  

2nd: 2460 COLLINSON, Mrs C J & DARE Mrs S E Ch Collypins Lickety Split Sh.CM – another super little Pin, who showed his heart out for his handler. Perrhaps shorter coupled than 1st, but his movement isnt as clean as 1st.  Pleasing head with spirited expression, neat well used ears, cracking neck and topline.  A born showman.     

PB (2 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 2474 JAMES Ms S Jaegerson Rouge Matin – loved this red puppy, she is so pretty and feminine. Loved her head, good length of muzzle, dark sparkling eyes and correct dentition.  She has a super head carriage, lovely front with medium bone and her elbows were close to her body. Her topline was strong and has an excellent tailset and carriage. Her feet were tight and cat like. She moves so stylish, plenty of lift in front and a very tidy rear. Presented in first class condition. Well handled. Serious contender for the RES CC. Best Puppy in breed.  

2nd: 2483 SALSBURY Mrs P J Bamtybo Hocus Pocus – another quality puppy here, a well marked Black & Tan. This bitch was really on her toes, alert expression and using her ears very well.  She has a lovely neck with a sound front and rear. Strong mover maintaining her shape at all times. I liked her very much.     

JB (4 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 2493 STRACEY Miss R Krigers's Dark 'n' Delicious Sh.CM – CC & BoB. This little well marked Black and Tan girl is the ultimate showgirl! She was on fire today, she never stopped working with her young talented handler. Loved her outline, classic silhoutte. Such a feminine pretty head, good skull and length of muzzle with plenty of underjaw. Small high set ears that she used so well. Dark alert eyes. I loved her neck, strong and arched, her body was short coupled with topline gently sloping to her rear, high set tail that was carried correctly at all times.  Her coat was shiny and glossy, shown in perfect condition. She stepped out in style, lovely lift and powering from the rear. Handled to perfection. I was delighted to award her the bitch CC, her first.  In the challenge for Best of Breed, i felt the bitch held her shape a little more than the dog, so today i opted for the bitch.  Big congratulations and good luck with her in the future.  

2nd: 2462 COULL Miss A A Vardenais Mischief Managed – another stunning young lady here,  gorgoues deep red in colour. She has a super well balanced outline, fabulous front and rear. Moved with excellent hackney action. Another shown in hard muscular condition. Her ears were not as strong as 1st. Well handled and presented.  

3rd: 2476 KIRBY Mr & Mrs H C Vardenais Limini With Kirbsea    

PGB (6 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 2463 DUNN Miss V M Valetta Cleopatra – i really loved this Black & Tans shape and outline. So compact with an elegant head carriage. Pretty head with good skull muzzle ratio. Darkest of eyes. Clean bite. I loved her topline and tail carriage. Super mover with plenty of hackney in front. I maybe prefer a touch more bone. Naughty temperament who made her handler work hard at all times.  

2nd: 2496 WATTS Mrs R Hawksflight White Russian At Estival JW – Bigger and stronger bitch, Black and Tan. I liked her head, dark well set eyes, strong muzzle with good underjaw. She has a beautiful elegant neck and very strong topline. Moved well in front, a little close behind and didnt carry her tail as good as 1st.  Well handled and presented.  

3rd: 2485 SANTORIELLO Mr D & Mesdames E & S Collypins Tell Tallulah for Pinicio    

LB (4 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 2464 DUNN Miss V M Collypins Let It Be Me At Valetta – very smart Black and Tan who was well balanced. I thought her head shape was very good, correct length of muzzle, eyes perhaps a touch round and bold for ideal expression. Small neat ears. I liked her neck, moderate front angulation with good bone and tight cat feet. Short coupled body with sloping topline, tidy rear with good turn of stifle. Moved with excellent hackney in front.  

2nd: 2498 WHETTER Miss D Tubize Macy At Mandolais – i actually thought this Black & Tan would be my winner, she has a lovely head and expression.  Shown in wonderful condition, excellent muscle tone, her coat was short and glossy. She has a lovely outgoing temperament. Her front action lets her down a little, doesnt move out as good as 1st, moves with slight pitter patter action.  

3rd: 2461 COLLINSON, Mrs C J & DARE Mrs S E Collypins Livin Is Easy    

OB (7 Entries) Abs: 0  

Very strong class.  

1st: 2490 SHEPHERD Mr T J & Mrs J P Ch Shetopa's Kiwi Crush JW Sh.CM – this red for me was an ideal size, she posesses a stunning outline. So short and compact in body.  Feminine head, dark eyes, good skull muzzle ratio, small high set ears. I liked her neck, clean shoulders with good front and cat like feet. She has the correct topline and super tailset and carriage. She moved so typical, excellent hackney action and super drive from her rear. For me, the best mover in the class today. Well handled, well schooled and well presented. A very worthy champion, who won the RES CC today. Thanks for bringing her.  

2nd: 2486 SANTORIELLO, Mr D & Mrs S & SKELTON Miss J Tubize Manhattan by Pinicio JW – this Black and Tan was very different to 1st, but still one very worthy of CC’s. She has a lovely feminine and pretty headpiece. Dark sparkling eyes, good length of foreface with good underjaw. She has an excellent neck, firm strong topline with super tailset and carriage. She is a little longer in loin than 1st. Moved very well in the rear, and showed some lift in the front. Expertly handled and shown in first class condition.

 3rd: 2492 SMITH, Mr & Mrs D R & H A & COULL Miss A Ch Katare's Mystery Delicious Vinletty (Imp)        

VB (2 Entries) Abs: 0  

1st: 2455 ALLAN Mrs C Allanabru Miss Upsy Daisy Sh.CM – how could i resist this 10 year old? She showed her heart out every second she was in the ring. Lovely alert expression, well set ears, good strong muzzle. She has a lovely neck, firm topline and super tailset. She never stopped wagging her tail in the ring. Moved with super hackney action.  

2nd: 2482 ROBERTS Miss S Sugar Babe – another super Black and Tan girl here. Her coat was shining like a new pin, shown in lovely condition. Pretty head, nice head carriage, clean front and strong rear. Not so positive on the move as 1st. Friendy outgoing temperament.    

Andrew D Stewart