• Show Date: 07/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrew Leonard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Miniature Pinscher

 I was presented with a mixture of shapes and sizes which proved a challenge when assessing one virtue against another; along with my search for the often elusive hackney movement.  I would like to thank the Society for the invitation and hospitality, my very efficient Stewards and you, the exhibitors, for bringing their dogs for me to assess.  PD (2,0) My first dilemma of the day with these two very good examples of the breed. I liked them both and I thought both puppies showed very good hackney gait which bodes well for the future. I am sure these two will have lots of battles going forward. 1st ALLEN, Mrs V & SMITH, Miss H & REES Mrs T Telidor Thumbs Up With Tinolucianna. Black & Tan of ideal size and very compact. Typical head with no exaggeration. Alert expression with small neat ears. Square in body with straight backline. 2nd SANTORIELLO Mr D & Mrs S Tubize Tonioli To Pinicio. Rich red colour. Very eye catching and a real show off. Up to size for age and not as compact as winner but very elegant. Well trained and handled but just stands over a bit too much ground for me.   JD (2,0) 1st JAMES Ms S Jaegerson Dress To Impress. Black & Tan of typical size and shape. Nice and sturdy and well balanced overall. Liked his compactness. Very good in top line and tail set. Really sound away and back but could have had more lift in his hackney gait. 2nd TWIGG Mrs S J Bamtybo Dark Lord. Finer type and lacked compactness of winner. Winner more developed. Had good hackney action but not as coordinated on move.   PGD (2,0) 1st TWIGG Mrs S J Bamtybo Dark Lord. 2nd SALSBURY, Mr N & RALPH Mrs J Keljantzi's Temptation For Monarkle. An older dog who definitely would have preferred to be at home. Of ideal size and good shape. Difficult to assess movement as he was not cooperating with his handler.  OD (4,0) 1st SMITH Mr D R & Mrs H A Ch Tubize Hudson JW. RBD. Jet black and rich tan. Superbly handled and presented a classic silhouette at all times which really caught the eye. A very good size; nice and square. Holds top line well on move with high tail set. Really liked his side profile with just enough lift to be a hackney gait. Really drives from behind but a little untidy towards which cost him Best Dog.  2nd WATKINS, Ms T & DAVIES Ms J Danton Damned If I Do. Really liked his head and eye. Well-handled to present a good outline stood and on the move. Built on larger lines and a little longer cast than the winner.  VD (1,0) 1st SHEPHERD Mr T J & Mrs J P Ch Shetopa King Of Arabia JW Sh.CM. BD. Not the smallest in this entry but he is so well balanced and is so well made. He has such a typical out line stood and on the move. Square and compact and really sturdy. Slight arch to neck and perfect firm straight top-line. Very good tail set. Alert expression and in excellent condition given his veteran years. So sound on move and showing good hackney gait.     PB (3,0) 1st SMITH Mr D R & Mrs H A Tubize Foxtrot. BPIB. Equally eye catching as her litter brother and built on similar lines. Very well handled so present her virtues to advantage. 2nd SALSBURY Mrs P Bamtybo Hocus Pocus. Of good size and compact. Not the expression of winner. Moved well away but winner more typical in profile movement.  JB (4,0) 1st COULL Miss A A Vardenais Mischief Managed. BB & BOB. Red in excellent condition. Very stylish and a real show girl. Presents a very good outline stood and on the move. Beautiful head and expression. Small ears set high. Very elegant neck with slight arch. Square in body. Moved very soundly away and towards and had good hackney gait in profile. 2nd JAMES Ms S Jaegerson Rouge Matin. Another promising Red. Of ideal size and shape. Liked her compact body and overall balance. Moved well with good hackney. Just out of puppy so not quite maturity of winner.  PGB (3,1) DUNN Miss V M Valetta Cleopatra. Won this class on size and compact shape. Sturdy in body with good tail set. Movement not as precise away and back. 2nd GRIFFITHS Mr & Mrs C & J Keljantzi Xciting Prospect For Amious. Longer cast in body than winner. Longer head with taller ears. Not so settled on move today.  OB (3,0) 1st SHEPHERD Mr T J & Mrs J P Ch Shetopa's Kiwi Crush JW Sh.CM. RBB. Small red bitch who is so square with and compact.  Typical head and expression with small erect ears and dark eye. Really liked her outline stood. Very alert and a show off. Moves with drive and very sound but lacks hackney gait. 2nd SANTORIELLO, Mr D & Mrs S & SKELTON Miss J Tubize Manhattan by Pinicio JW. Stylish black and tan bitch and litter sister to RBD. Very elegant. Sound and looked really good in profile. Stands over ground than winner. Not using her ears today so not as alert as winner.   Andrew Leonard (Judge)