• Show Date: 17/08/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrew Leonard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

Welsh Kennel Club August 17th, 2018.         English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) 

I would like to thank the Officers & Committee of The Welsh Kennel Club for the invitation to judge my own breed at their prestigious Show. The warm welcome and hospitality were greatly appreciated. I was blessed to have two very able Stewards who were very good company and added to my very enjoyable appointment so thank you both very much. The weather was kind which allowed us to judge outside in the lovely large grass rings. I was very pleased with my entry both numerically and in terms of the overall quality; there were several very promising youngsters. 

Judging ETT’s is always a challenge given the variation of size, shape and breed type caused by the essential importation of new, healthy bloodlines from all over the world. I am sure as the breed continues to progress this will settle down with time but right now it is often quite difficult to judge to a type. One of the ‘unique’ elements of our breed standard is the top line description. As such this is an essential part of an ETT’s breed type. The correct ETT top line needs to always be a key focus for breeders and needs to be recognised and rewarded in the show ring. 

VD (2,1)  1st ROGERS Mrs C & Miss L Sharex Dragons Nite at Wirralway. A dog of good size and clearly enjoying his day out. Very good wedge shaped head and alert expression ears set high. Compact yet elegant. Top line can flatten on the move and a little proud of his tail. A steady mover. Thumbprints have run but good tans. Not wearing his best jacket today. 

PD (4,1)  A promising class of youngsters – congratulations to the breeders/owners. 1st WILLIAMS Mrs K J & Miss C E Royomas Walking In Memphis with Sharex.. A very smart young man headed this class. Super head, neck and shoulders. Clean classic long wedge shape head. Good balance of back skull and well filled under the eye. Keen eye and expression. Alert with ears erect. Moves out really well covering the ground with ease. Really well marked with clear defined thumbprints and rich tans. He is up to size and would not want him any bigger. Will be very interesting to see how he finishes. 2nd THORNE Mr R & Mrs L Amalek Cappuccino at Winklefred. Another promising pup and again up to size. Liked his wedge shaped head and small dark eye. Moved steadily. Just preferred freedom of movement of the winner. 3rd WARREN Mrs T J & Mr J M L Neerodan Made To Succeed. A raw pup who needs some time. Of better size. Still teething I think so ears still need to settle. Not so coordinated on the move as first two. All markings in good order and nice tans. 

JD (3,0) This was a challenging class as all three were put down in excellent condition with gleaming back jackets and good muscle tone. A real comparison of virtues and some serious prioritising. Could easily swop places with each on another day. 1st WOOD Mr J Moretonia Easter Parade. This young lad presents a very typical picture stood. He displays gentle curves and is very shapely in outline. Masculine but without losing elegance. Long narrow wedge shaped head. Well shaped ears right on top of his head. Tans are good but thumb prints have run. Was handled very well and at just the right pace to get the best out of him on the move. Won the class on his profile movement which showed drive and extension with a low set tail. 2nd NOWELL, Miss H J V & CROSSLING Miss S L Lasagesse Major Tom. Pushed the winner very close and another with great promise. He has a super clean wedge shaped head with a much desired flat back skull. Well filled under the eye. Ears of good shape and set right on top. He is very balanced in construction but not quite as well angulated as the winner and was a little proud of his tail today. Super sound on the move. 3rd HOWARD Mr & Mrs DC & CM Lasagesse Starman. Another nice dog of good size. Compact and displays the correct top line. He is in fact more my type being so compact and shapely but did not have the movement of his litter brother or the class winner today.  

PGD (1,0)  1st WARREN Mrs T J & Mr J M L Neerodan Just In Time. Good wedged shaped head. Large ears. I liked his size but he was very flat in top line. Not the drive on the move of the other class winners and very proud of his tail today. 

LD (2,0)  1st PERRY, Mrs G & PERRY Miss I Neerodan Just The Ticket. Of very good size and handled well to display his virtues. Long narrow wedge shaped head. Ears erect and on top of head. Elegant in neck. Not as compact as 2nd in body but steady on the move and covers plenty of ground. Can flatten top line and would prefer lower set tail. 2nd INCH Miss R Edalene Grace And Danger Sh.CM. This chap was not enjoying his trip to Wales which was a shame as he has many virtues. Masculine, medium length, wedge shape head. Of ideal size and well balanced. Correct body shape and typical top line with very gentle curve. Seemed very distracted which spoilt his chances. Not happy on the table and unsettled on the move. 

OD (4,0)  I really enjoyed judging this class of quality males which had depth of quality. 1st SNELL Mrs C Ch Moretonia Kindle Fire. A really mature well bodied male. Perfect for size and exactly the overall shape and balance I was looking for. Masculine head which could be a little longer and narrower for my taste but has a super flat back skull and good ears of size and shape. He is certainly fit for purpose with strength to his muzzle and jaw and I have no doubt he could “aquit himself satisfactorily in the rat pit”. Has a text book top line stood and he holds shaped well on the move – “very slightly curving from behind shoulder to loin, falling again to root of tail”. Very good bend of stifle and low set hocks which allow him to really drive and move at pace required for an extended trot. Very sound. An already very worthy Champion and I was delighted to add to his tally and give him the Dog CC & later BOB. 2nd ALLSOP Miss L Pelugias All Fired Up. Good, medium wedge shaped head with flat back skull. Small, almond shape dark eye and a lovely expression. Good ears for size and shape which he used well. Slight arch to elegant neck and very well laid shoulders. Very balanced in body with gently curving top line. Lovely jet black jacket and rich tans with clear markings. Really liked his side gait with drive and extension. Close call for the CC but today the RCC as Kindle was on such top form. 3rd THORNE Mr R & Mrs L Ch Moretonia Chrystal Chip at Winklefred. Another worthy Champion. Masculine head. Compact in body and with short thick black jacket. Moved steadily and was sound away and back.  

VB (2,0) Two beautiful veteran ladies both showing typical ETT overall shape and balance with correct top line.  1st ALLSOP Miss L Ch Dumyat Belladonna. Looking so fit and well at 7 years old. A very worthy Champion – no exaggerations at all here. Wedge shaped head perhaps a little more fill under the eye for ideal. Super candle flame shaped ears which she tended to hold at 10 to 2. She has text book shape and makes such a typical outline; curves in all the right places. She is very sound and shows a true extended trot gait. Seriously considered her for the RCC. BVIB. 2nd HARMAN Mr T & Mrs J Menushkin Quite Exclusive To Boimans. Another very shapely lady looking great at the age of 8. In tip top condition. Displaying correct gentle curves characteristic of the breed. Moved well but not quite as accurate as the winner.  

PB (7,0) The very best class of the day with all 7 worthy of a prize card at Championship Show level. I have to say I cannot recall such a strong Puppy Bitch class in recent years which bodes well for the future of the breed.  1st WINES Mr H Etruria Out Of Words. This strong class was topped by a super young bitch who I am sure will gain her title with ease. She is of ideal size and perfect bone for her age making her so elegant and feminine. Her head is a long narrow wedge with very slight stop leading to a flat skull. She has good fill under her eyes which are small dark and expressive. Slight arch to her graceful neck and into well laid shoulders. She has the most perfect outline with a very slight curve to her top line, a well angulated croup and rounded rump. She is a picture stood but also really holds her shape so well on the move including a super low set tail. Rich tans and clearly defined markings especially her thumb prints. She moved really positively for one so young and is sound as they come. Had no hesitation in awarding her the CC (the first of many I am sure) and would have gladly taken her home. BCC & BPIB. 2nd EVISON, Mr C & EVISON Mr L & Mrs S Winter Star At Kikuchi. Really pushed the winner hard as she is also a beautiful puppy, Correct for size and displaying required gentle curves of the breed. Liked her long, narrow wedge shaped head with ears set high and of good shape. Just slightly more rounded in skull than the winner at the moment. Small dark eyes that could be a little more almond shaped for ideal – keen, alert expression. She is such a show girl and looks a picture free-standing looking up at her owner. She moved soundly with free flowing gait akin to an extended trot. Super rich tans and all markings in good order although thumbprints have started to run a little. Another with an exciting future I am sure. 3rd DICKER Mrs D A Neerodan Made To Make It. An elegant bitch of correct size and type. Just not quite the top line of the ones placed above her being a little longer in back. Moved well and put on a polished performance stood and on the move.  

JB (6,1)  1st Miss V Pelugias The Secrets Out At Petitpaws. A baby bitch puppy whose kennel mate was competing in the strongly contested puppy class. Showing great promise for her age and I really admired her overall breed type. Very good wedge shaped with flat skull. High set ears of good shape to balance. Small dark eyes of correct shape. A steady mover for such a baby covering plenty of ground and showing good freedom of movement. Well defined markings and good tans for age. 2nd WILES Ms B Shedan Follow That Girl. Another puppy who shows much promise. Very good for size and shape and liked her gentle curves and overall outline. Very feminine with good wedge shaped head and dark eye. Just needs to grow into her ears. Elegant neck. Made a very typical shape when in side-gait. Rich tans and defined marking although thumbprints are heavy and have already started to run. 3rd WILLS Mr C & Mrs M E Moretonia Easter Bonnet At Marlinett. Liked her size and looked elegant stood. Needs to strengthen in top line. Did not move with the drive of the two placed above her.  

PGB (5,1)  1st ALLSOP Miss L Pelugias Eternal Flame. Litter sister to the dog rcc winner and so typical of her breeding. Loved her type and overall size. She has a beautiful head and loved her small dark expressive eyes. She is really shapely stood with very good depth of brisket and tuck up. Moved away and back soundly and with the correct reach and drive akin to an extended trot in side gait. A serious contender for the RCC today. She is definitely CC worthy and deserves a champion title.  2nd DIXON Mr G & Mrs L Yurrugar Relentless Pursuit At Lasagesse (Imp). This bitch presents a very good overall picture for size and shape and is in lovely hard condition. The shiniest dense black coat, rich tans and all markings are well defined and in the right place. She has along narrow wedge but would prefer a flatter back skull. A little paler in eye than the winner and not so obliquely set. Moved well going away and freely in profile. 3rd HAFFENDEN Mrs H J Moretonia Wicked In Oz At Nasabe. Very elegant and feminine. Liked her for size and shape. Long narrow edge but would prefer flatter skull. Lacked drive from behind compared to two above. 

 LB (6,1) 1st NOWELL, Miss H J V & CROSSLING Miss S L Njabulo Jakayla. A very ‘honest’ bitch who technically ticks lots of boxes. There is no exaggeration here and her overall body shape and balance is very typical. She lacks femininity in head and a moderate wedge and slightly larger eye. Ears are not used to advantage and so appear 10 to 2 which detracts. That said she has strength to her underjaw and scissor bite and clearly fit for function. Very sound away and back and moves with an extended trot with real drive and good extension. 2nd HARMAN Mr T & Mrs J Boimans Great Expectations. Caught my eye for her size and overall shape. Correct top line with low set tail and curves in all the right places. Neat wedge shaped head with dark eye that are a little round which spoils her expression. A little reticent on the move but really drives and showed good extension once she got going. In tip top condition. 3rd ALLSOP Miss L Pelugias Prima Belladonna. Another beautiful head from this kennel with super wicked expression. Liked her overall type and shape. Of ideal size. Really looks the part in side gait but moved wider in front today coming towards.  

OB (2,0) 1st BURGESS & BROWN, Messrs T & D & WILLIAMS K J & C Ch Sharex Burning Love For  Dobrugh. A very worthy Champion of ideal size, shape and very good breed type. She has a good wedge shaped head with small dark eye and high set candle flamed ears. Flat back skull. Elegant back and well laid shoulders. When she gets going in profile she presents a rhythmic picture and has the drive and extension required for the pace of an extended trot. I felt today she lacked sparkle and was not as coordinated on the move as I expected. That said her overall breed type and side gait more than deserved the RCC.  2nd DICKER Mrs D A Neerodan Top Class Lady. I liked her size and elegance. Wedge shaped head with well-shaped ears that she could have used more to her advantage. Elegant in neck and good shoulders. Would prefer her a bit more compact in outline. Just lacked the drive and extension of the winner.  


Judge - Andy Leonard