• Show Date: 28/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrew Hoblin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Poodle (Toy)

Windsor Championship Dog Show 

29th June 2018 

Toy Poodles 


VD/B (2:1) 

1st Mayell KEELMARA QUEEN OF HEARTS FOR DAZZARAH 7 ½ year old white girl has a pretty head and expression lovely pigmentation nice front good tail set shown in good condition nicely presented moved well enjoying her outing. 


PD (5:0) 

1st Watkins & Watkins MONTANA WORTH THE WAIT 11 month old black makes a lovely picture when stacked really liked his head and expression has a dark eye good reach of neck great front and rear angles shown in great condition good tail set great presentation moved extremely well sound and true. 

2nd Land STEPANELLE SPECIAL BRANCH Stunning brown baby really loved his head and expression he is so well made has a good tail set moved really well when settled has that typical browns attitude to life a real charmer. 



JD (3:1) 

1st Steel & Aitken MOJA OTRADA NIKOLAS (IMP) There is much to like about this white male liked his head and expression and eye colour has good pigmentation shown in good coat and condition nicely presented and moved well covering the ground. 

2nd Watkins & Watkins MONTANA WORTH WAITING FOR Litter brother to thw winner of puppy dog and has many of the same attributes of his brother just lost out to 1st on maturity and movement. 


PGD (2:0) 

1st Evans MONTELLE LOOK OF LOVE Another quality black liked his head cand expression has a good reach of neck liked his front and rear angulation shown in great coat nicely presented and lovely body condition  moved well with attitude. 

2nd Dunn VALETTA LITTLE SUNSHINE This little chap has a pleasing head and expression has good pigmentation well handled and presented just could match one for movement. 


LD (2:0) 

1st Cookson TUTTLLEBEES DREAM A LIL MAGIC WITH CLAUMAUR Stunning white lovely head and expression great pigmentation has a good reach of neck liked his front and rear assembly has a lovely tail set and top line makes a lovely picture when stacked and does not disappoint on the move Res CC. 

2nd Dunn VALETTA ALL ABOUT LOVE Nice quality black male has a pleasing expression nicely put together well handled not as positive as 1st on the move. 


OD (2:0) 

1st Laws KARAMOUCHE COLIN THE SHOTS He makes a lovely picture when stacked is a super quality black male loved his head eye and expression great front and shoulders good ribcage great top line and tail set shown in great coat and condition sympathetically handled to his advantage moved very well today keeping his top line CC his 3rd so congratulations. 

2nd Corish TUTTLEBEES SCOTCH MIST Another quality black male has all the attributes one has come to expect from this kennel has a lovely head and eye liked his overall make and shape moved well but 1st just had that something special today. 


PB (4:0) 

1st Walker FREESTYLE LADY IN BLACK Very feminine puppy with a lovely head and eye good reach of neck really liked her front and rear angulation good tail set and carriage moved really well covering the ground has great attitude BP. 

2nd Laws AFTERGLOW DINNERDATE WITH KARAMOUCHE Another quality puppy lovely expression impressed with her overall construction moved really well a matter of splitting hairs between these 2 pups and I just preferred the tail carriage of 1st. 



JB (3:0) 

1st Taylor TUTTLEBEES SHE'S MY GIRL She certainly was mine today very pretty feminine black loved her head and expression great reach of neck loved her front  and rear angulation loved her top line and tail set makes the complete picture when stacked and does not disappoint on the move she has plenty of attitude and style CC BOB. 

2nd Thomas SHERRYGOLD DEVIL'S MAIDEN Lovely brown pleasing head and expression good front and rear angulation moved very well and show and presented to her advantage. 



PGB (2:1) 

1st Corish TUTTLEBEES A BROWN AFFAIR Another quality brown looks a picture stacked has a lovely head and eye very well put together moved well when she put her mind to it what else would you expect from a brown. 


LB (5:2) 

1st Oldfield TUTTLEBEES FOLLOW A DREAM TO LANGSTRATH Pretty black girl liked her for size nice front good reach of neck liked her tail set moved well today covering the ground well presented and sympathetically handled  

2nd Keeling AEDAN PILLOW TALK AT KELMARA Another quality black girl has a lovely head and eye really liked her construction  presented and shown in great condition moved well just preferred 1st for size. 



OB (1:0) 

1st Godfrey & Godfrey CH AEDAN PITCH PERFECT A very worthy champion has a lovely head and eye is so beautifully put together has a lovely top line and tail set shown in super coat and condition today she was just very naughty on the move even in the heat and was just outshone by the junior winner Res CC. 



Andrew Hoblin