• Show Date: 31/03/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Amanda Orchard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

United Kingdom Toydog Society

Breed: Pomeranian



Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge this lovely breed and to my very efficient stewards John and Kacey Green. Thank you also to you the exhibitors, it was an honour and a privilege to go over your lovely dogs. I truly enjoyed my day even though at times we seemed to have ‘extra’ visitors in the ring! My winners very much fulfilled what I hoped to find in the breed today. Trimming, presentation and overall quality of coat was in the main pleasing, however, there were a few trimmed right down to the undercoat a trend that I wish would cease. Many classes were strong in quality and it was a case of splitting hairs on several occasions. Now to the nitty gritty, my main concern is on the number of Open fontanels found. We must remember we are on the category 2 breed watch list and as such it was disappointing to find several in the adults, and a few puppies that had open fonts of such a size it was difficult to imagine they would close sufficiently. Mouths still need to be watched, I am not a mouth fanatic and allowing for puppies changing teeth and for older Poms that may have lost an odd tooth, I still found a couple of under shot and over shot mouths. I was pleased to see that movement has on the whole improved with most in the top three placings showing the free, brisk and buoyant gait required. Please take my comments in a positive and constructive way as we do have the most wonderful breed. 

SBD/B (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: Simmons Tiny Jewels' Love Is Only Love For Petitpom (Imp Nor) – 21 mths orange bitch, such a lovely expression complimented by dark pigment and neat well set ears, correct dentition, short neck set on to well laid shoulders, compact body, nicely angulated, correct set tail – moved well and with buoyancy – well handled.


MPD (8 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Simmons Sueacres Legend of Petitpom – 6mths Orange Sable, won this class on his overall confirmation and type. Sweet head and expression with correct mouth and overall head properties. Short and compact, well balanced, a lovely size for a dog pup. Moved well when obliged his handler.

2nd: Stone & Lewis Bilijees Hidden Treasure – 6 mths Orange, another pup of correct size for age, kind expression with good pigment, short neck set well onto shoulders, kept a balanced shape both standing and on the move – would just prefer a neater ear and a better colour on bib and knickers.

3rd: Normans Alexiasdream Legend Of Zaro

PD (12 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: Holmans Baromar Dubonet at Altina – 9 mths orange, this boy has the most exquisite head and expression. Short neck onto well laid shoulders, well ribbed lovely compact body, tail well set, moved well brisk and buoyant keeping his shape at all times, correct coat for age – full of breed type, a very promising chap - BPD & BPIB

2nd: Pikes Pom De Cachemir Flurescent Adolescent at Breezelyn (Imp) NAF TAF – 9mths Red sable, not such a sweet expression as winner but a lot to like nonetheless. Very neat and tidy throughout, super coat texture, lovely tail set, fine boned, moved sound and true. Lovely size.

3rd: Ogilvies Pakov's Rock Star

JD (8 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: Normans Alexiasdream Is Fabioso – 15mths Orange Sable, what a lovely little lad this is, so alert and expressive. Good eye, mouth and ear placement, ears need trimming though!, Short and compact, fine boned, correct coat, moved well and so attentive to his handler.

2nd: Smiths Wishingate Best Kept Secret – 17mths Black, what a beautiful expression, lovely ear set, correct mouth, short neck on well set shoulders, good body, another nice mover, not quite the coat of 1 but a lot to like.

3rd: Holmans Altinas Manhattan

GD (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: Homans Altinas Manhattan – 12mths Orange Sable, super sweet expression with the neatest of ears, short and compact, lovely size and type, would prefer more animation on the move.

2nd: Berringtons Altina's Brooklyn At Sarasate – 12mths Orange Sable, another nice lad that moved well and held his shape at all times. Just lacked the head properties of winner.

PGD (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: Pikes Breezelyn Dandy Dick Turpin – 20mths Orange, masculine head and expression, very neat throughout. Super to go over. Has an excellent coat and presented to perfection. Correct tail set. Moved well and so balanced, a very honest dog. Well handled – pushed hard in the challenge.

2nd: Hills Toybox Lucifer Among Sharhazlah – 2yrs old Black, another handsome boy of good breed type, lovely expression, neat ears, short neck into well set shoulders, compact body, moved well keeping his shape. In good coat.

3rd: Grahams Altinas Loki

LD (8 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: Cawthera-Purdys Reta Hugo's There Lireva – 22mths Orange, excellent head properties giving a kind but alert expression, correct dentition, short neck, well set shoulders, well ribbed compact body, straight tail, set well. Superb coat. Moved and showed well and all to his advantage, full of presence and breed type he demanded my full attention and could not be denied the DCC & BOB. Absolutely delighted to see him go Res Best in Show.

2nd: Berringtons Kamis Tin Tin At Altina (Imp) – 20mths Orange, another gem with good head properties and the most endearing expression. Good mouth, short neck on well set shoulders, short compact body, well set tail, fine boned, moved well and showed his socks off, very much my cup of tea. To make the most of his lovely shape I would to see him trimmed a little more and tidied up here and there. Happy to award him the RDCC – loved him.

3rd: Fleetwoods Abbeyleigh Dexterity

OD (9 Entries) Abs: 4

1st: Holmans Ch Kamis Mystical Legend of Brooklyn at Altina JW (Imp) ShCM– 4 ½ yrs Red Sable. It was a pleasure to go over this well-known boy. He has nothing to prove in his construction and breed type. Moved well, just lacked the sparkle and verve I was looking for in the challenge.

2nd: Cawthera-Purdy’s Ch Lireva's Tarquin Fly The Bear – 3 yrs Orange Sable, another boy with nothing to prove in the breed and a pleasure to go over. Lots to love and of super breed type. In fabulous coat and presented to perfection.

3rd: Ogilvies Ch Pakov's I'm A Celebrity JW

VB (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Barrs Degsy Star Turn – 8yrs Cream, a lovely dual-purpose bitch in super coat and condition, beautiful head and expression, moved and showed well. Best Veteran

2nd: Adamsons Veltuds Summer Lovin – 7 yrs Red, another lovely bitch, such a sweet expression, compact body, showed well. Left her coat at home today!

MPB (10 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: Cawthera-Purdys Lireva's Dancing With Stars – 7mths Orange, the most wonderful expression with excellent head properties – short and compact body, straight tail set well, moved well and full of attitude, good coat for minor pup, not over done in any way. Showed and performed like a pro. BPB and delighted to award her the RBCC.

2nd: Smiths Sueacres Bettin On Evie – 6mths Orange Sable, another super puppy full of quality. Wonderful head and expression – short and compact, straight tail, set well, lovely coat texture, lovely movement and showed so well – was splitting hairs between 1 & 2.

3rd: Chins Midawn Princess Indie

PB (10 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: Killicks Klassna I Love Lexi Travillon – 11mths Orange. Super head and expression, good mouth, short neck onto well laid shoulders, compact body, tail well set, correct coat. Fine boned dainty girl. Well presented, correct movement and showed well. This class was quite diverse in type and my first two shone out.

2nd: Sloughs Lilrosa Steamy Affair – 9 mths. Lovely black with a super expression, loved her head properties, good mouth, compact body, correct tail set. Profuse coat, lovely size, moved well.

3rd: Cawthera-Purdys Lireva's Fascination

JB (11 Entries) Abs: 5

1st: Killicks Klassna Hot Story at Travillon – 17 mths Orange. Another lovely bitch from this kennel, full of breed type. Good head and expression, short and compact, fine boned, moved well with attitude – correct coat and well presented. This class was also quite diverse in type and again my first two measured up to what I was looking for.

2nd: Smiths Wishingate The Secret Is Out – 17mths Orange. Lovely girl with a super head and expression, short and compact, correct coat, good sound mover, fine boned, a tad smaller than one.

3rd: Thomas Magikala Serendipity

GB (6 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: Hills Vivica Fox at Toybox – 20mths Orange Sable. A lovely type and size with such a sweet kind expression slightly spoilt at times by not using her ears. Good mouth, compact body, fine boned, super coat, moved well.

2nd: Smiths Sueacres Just A Dream – 6 mths Orange Sable, litter sister to 2nd in MPB, same notes apply. Wonderful head and expression – short and compact, straight tail, set well, lovely coat texture, moved and showed very well.

3rd: Hull-Greaves Gillipom Craclin Rosie

PGB (11 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: Robinsons Linkie's Daisy Duke – 2 ½ yrs Cream. This girl stood out in this class and was a joy to go over, she has such a kind but alert expression, correct mouth, darkest of pigment, neat set ears, short neck on well laid shoulders, compact body well ribbed, tail well set. Super coat in prime condition. Correct size for an adult bitch. Moved and showed well keeping her shape at all times. Delighted to award her the BCC

2nd: Hills Vivica Fox at Toybox

3rd: Cawthera-Purdys Lireva's Tickles Her Fancy

LB (12 Entries) Abs: 5

1st: Chinns Queen Time Milana of Nobleblood at Midawn (Imp) – 2 yrs Cream, lovely head and expression, good mouth, neat ears, well bodied, moved well, super type and size for adult bitch.

2nd: D’arcy & Duffields Paavali's Queen Of Hearts – 2 yrs Red, super head and expression, neatest of ears, short neck, well laid shoulders, short and compact, fine boned, profuse coat which did make her look a tad short on the leg but she moved well – smaller girl to my winner.

3rd: Cawthera-Purdys Lireva's Sweet Dreams

OB (10 Entries) Abs: 4

1st: Cawthera-Purdys Ch Lireva's Future Dreams – 2 yrs Orange. Super girl of excellent quality. Pleasing head properties, short neck on well laid shoulders, compact and well ribbed body, correct tail set and in fabulous coat and condition. Of an ideal size and presented to perfection.

2nd: D’arcy & Duffields Ch Persimoone Mambo N' Five At Paavali – 5 yrs Cream. Loved this girls overall type and quality. Ideal size for adult bitch, moved and showed well. In super coat and condition and presented to perfection.

3rd: Cawthera-Purdys Ch Lireva's I'm Mini The Mouse