• Show Date: 10/06/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Alistair Parker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Beagle Club

Breed: Beagle

The Beagle Club Championship Show 10 June 2018 Dogs Thank you to everybody who entered. It’s always a special honour to be invited to judge a club show, doubly so when it’s the parent club. It may not have been very big entry but there was strength in depth and the classes were well contested. The breed has a crop of quality dogs to take us forward. Heads have improved and we have some very handsome dogs with good clean, well proportioned masculine heads and better stops. There were many good free moving hounds when viewed in profile but alas more than just a few who were a little disappointing viewed coming and going. I saw a variety of interesting, but atypical movement either wide in front or too close behind or sometimes both. It was pity because it spoiled some otherwise lovely hounds.

The CC went to the first in Open, Ch Rossut Endeavoured. In wonderful condition and sympathetically handled; he didn’t put a foot wrong. I judged him as a minor puppy and he is now the finished dog. Balanced and not a hint of exaggeration. Splendid head and expression. Good reach of neck and great shoulder placement. Sturdily built but just the right amount of bone. Firm level topline which he held on the move, good set on. Good turn of stifle but in no way over angulated. Moved effortlessly with drive from behind, good reach in front and crucially, true coming and going. Worthy CC winner and RBIS.

The RCC and BPIS went to the winner of the puppy class Davricard Harlequin. A top quality puppy with a great future ahead of him. Compact, balanced and not a hint of exaggeration. Beautiful but masculine head and expression. Great reach of neck and showing just enough fore chest that tells you his shoulders must be correct. Great topline, well angulated hindquarters and good front. On the move he delivered both in profile and coming and going. One to watch.

MPD (8. 0abs)

1. Miss D G Taylor. Deaconfield Kingcraft. Very promising 81/2 month old compact and balanced tri puppy. Pleasing head and expression, good neck and shoulder placement. Level topline good set on. Nicely angulated behind and moved well around the ring. Parallel viewed end on. I shall watch his progress with interest.

2. Mrs V M Davies. Barrvale Ganymede. ‘The most beautiful of mortals’ and an apt name for a very striking puppy. Another lovely head and expression. Good shoulder placement, good turn of stifle. Nicely developing muscles on well constructed limbs. Moved with drive and purpose. Just preferred the winner’s movement end on but very much a puppy and plenty of time to tighten up. Another to watch.

3. Mr M & Mrs L Edge. Jalhar Gives You The Edge. Another very pleasing youngster with a lot to like. Sturdily built but compact and short coupled. Good neck and well placed shoulders. Level topline. Moved with good reach and drive.

PD (10. 1abs 1wd). A super class with some top quality puppies.

1. Mr D Craig. Davricard Harlequin.

2. Mr M & Mrs S Goldberg. Newlin Perth At Molesend. He has the same sire as the winner so many of the same comments apply. Another well proportioned head. Compact and balanced throughout and already developing a good spring of rib. Moved freely covering the ground well.

3. Miss P Sutton. Evalux Beatle George of Rossut (Imp). Quite a close call and a striking young hound who shares many of the qualities of the first two. Another who moves truly viewed end on. Perhaps a bit more second thigh would help.

JD (5. 0abs)

1. Miss M Spavin. Dialynne Pitch Perfect. Well presented, ultra smart tri dog. Another compact and balanced hound. Level topline, short between the couplings and good set on. Well placed shoulders. Good spring of ribs and just enough tuck up. Good turn of stifle. Moved soundly in all aspects.

2. Mr K R & Mrs P Hills. Luluwells Major at Donay. Only just out of puppy and lots of potential. Well boned and developing good muscle. Firm, level topline, good set on and already has a good spring of rib. Lovely head and expression, good neck. Moved purposefully and I just hope he tightens up a bit in front.

3. Ms S Hardisty. Blunderhall Sun Ray. Very smart but rangier tri dog. Lovely neck and shoulders. Level topline. Good turn of stifle and moved around with drive.

ND (10. 2 abs, 1wd)

1. Mrs V M Davies. Barrvale Ganymede.

2. Miss C Jones. Newlin Preston to Clairdale. Still a puppy but well constructed. Pleasing head and mild expression. Good neck and shoulders. Deep chest with plenty of heart and lung room. Moved soundly.

3. Mr M & Mrs L Edge. Jalhar Gives You The Edge.

GD (9. 1abs, 1wd)

1 Mr N Wright & Mr L Mitchell. Huntshill Tornado. Very smart, compact dog who I don’t think will stay in graduate long. Pleasing head good expression, dark eye. Well placed shoulders showing enough fore chest. Firm, level topline. Best movement in the class.

2. Mrs J & Miss E Thornton. Nedlaw Trumpeter with Maplelayne.. Very striking t/w dog. Lovely head and melting expression. Well proportioned throughout. Good deep chest without being overdone. Kept his topline on the move but not quite as accurate as the winner viewed end on.

3. Mr M Wenman. Wenannou Scirocco. Very smart tri dog. Slightly taller on the leg, well bodied but still balanced. Good running gear and free moving in profile.

PGD (6. 1abs)

1. Mr & Mrs J K May & Miss D May. Janfrey Bosley. Free standing ultra smart merry hound, expertly handled. Loveliest of head and expressions but still masculine. Great neck, compact and short coupled. Good depth of chest, firm, level topline, good set on. Very well angulated and very exuberant on the move.

2. Mr B & Mrs P Walden. Nedlaw Quincy. Compact t/w dog a little longer in the leg. Super head and expression typical of this line. Just neck and shoulders were just right. Level topline. I just preferred the winners hind quarters. Moved very well in profile but a bit wayward coming and going. Still a lovely hound.

3. Mr C C, Mrs H A and Mr C S Howell. Emorlen Foxtrot. A super dog in a strong class. He has all the qualities of the others but today perhaps not moving as freely as he might.

LD (7, 1abs) Keenly contested class

1. Miss S Parker & Mr G Stevens. Serenaker Hot As ‘Ell. I gave his sire a CC rather a long time ago and he is another super beagle from this consistently successful line. Strongly built, well boned masculine hound but nothing overdone about him. Lovely muscling. Good shoulder placement showing enough fore chest. Well sprung ribcage with plenty of heart and lung room. Firm topline. Moved with drive and purpose.

2. Mrs W J, Mr G L Evans & Miss A L Millward. Bellvalley Teen Spirit. Really liked this dog. Beautifully balanced. Smashing head and expression. Great neck and shoulders. Good turn of stifle moved with drive but the winner just edged in coming and going.

3. Miss A M Phillips & Miss A P Keyte. Lanesend Segenhoe JW ShCM. Another well balanced and soundly constructed dog. He ticks all the right boxes but I wish he was a bit more of a stallion hound. OD (8. 1abs) Lovely class of quality dogs. 1. Miss P a Sutton. Ch Rossut Endeavoured.

2. Mrs P & Miss L Havard. Ch Annavah Felix. A very striking blanketed tri and a worthy champion from this consistent kennel. Lovely outline. Super bone and well muscled. Drives well and with good reach he moves freely and rhythmically around the ring. Held his topline on the move. A close call for the RCC.

3. Mr S & Mrs F Brannon. Rosanka Nolte. Striking t/w well balanced dog. Terrific neck, lovely head and expression and moved with purpose around the ring.

VetD (4, 1abs) Three lovely hounds and all a credit to the breed

1. Mr P B & Mrs V M Davies. Ch Barrvale Overture. Wonderful old boy who still enjoys showing. A very worthy champion who has proved to be an influential sire. A very handsome dog full of energy and moves like a youngster. Delighted he went BVIS.

2. Mrs B B Roderick. Barterhound Garrison. A little lighter framed but beautifully constructed and balanced. Alert and full of energy, moved with vigour.

3. Mrs K Nash. Kelseva Greatest Day. A more substantial open marked tri. Plenty of heart and lung room and in good, hard condition. Another veteran that can move so well.

VinD (3. 0abs)

1. Ms D Chetcuti & Ms S M Cartwright. Barvale Excalibur. He did the hat trick today. I gave him a graduate class the first time I judged him, veteran last time and this class. A really grand old man that still ticks the right boxes. His overall conformation is good. Pleasing head and melting expression. At 13 he still moves so effortlessly. A lovely dog.

2. Miss A M Phillips. Lanesend Nedlaw Admiral JW. Despite his name, I happen to know he never made it into the commissioned ranks. He’s as difficult to show now as he was in his youth but he’s a great character in good hard condition and he too can still move like a youngster.

3. Mrs M Dix. Serenaker I Want It All. Lovely dog and yet another older one that can move so well. Always rotten to split hairs and all three were in such good shape.

SBD (4. 1abs)

1. Mrs J & Mr I Hill. Divinbrae Coming Soon at Dapperdawg. Pleasing t/w youngster. Well proportioned and very smart in outline. Level topline, good set on good neck. Moved soundly and held his shape well.

2. Mrs K & Mr J Brown. Mckleesum Buddy. Very much the minor puppy but a smart and well presented, short coupled young man Developing a good depth of chest and as he matures I’m sure he will do well.

3. Mrs I L Moorby & Mrs L A White. Merrilyn Get Off My Cloud. Another smart and well proportioned dog. Firm topline and moved well in profile just preferred the head of the 2nd.

Alistair Parker

Dog judge