• Show Date: 03/11/2018
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Alanna Johan Blaney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Working & Pastoral Breeds Association Of Scotland

Breed: Canadian Eskimo Dog

As always, thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge a favourite breed of mine, and to those exhibitors who gave me such a lovely selection of dogs to assess. Dentition was more consistent than last time I judged the breed and none of the dogs present lacked muscle condition despite a long, hot summer to recover from.  Coats were in varying stages of change across the board, but there were no incorrect textures. While the rings were of an appropriate size to allow me to assess movement, it is fair to say this venue – with its natural echo and proximity to the airport - can work against some exhibits, particularly in a breed whose standard describes a rapid response to outside stimulus.  For this reason,  I felt it fair not to overly penalise those who were unsettled on the stand or for the hands on assessment.

Puppy Dog/Bitch (1,0)

1st. Croft & Bickerdike’s Akna Nymph** At Koroyza. What a delightful way to start my appointment. A pretty, but very cheeky, 11 month bitch who although not in the most full coat gives a balanced picture both on the stand and in motion. Feminine expression with dark, obliquely set eyes and well used ears. Skull still developing but showing the correct wedge and the proportions I was looking for. Chest still a little narrow, as you would expect, but forelegs nice and parallel viewed from the front with strong pasterns and tight feet. Well laid shoulder, nice straight topline which she held on the move. Good  breadth of thigh leading to strong hocks and a nice turn of stifle. Tail carried correctly. She was quite exhuberant for her handler on the move, which made her a little untidy on her up and down, but in side profile she had a lovely footfall, covering the ground well. A very promising young lady who was considered for Reserve Best Bitch but needs a bit more time. Best Puppy in Breed.

Junior Dog/Bitch (2,0)

1st. Bailey’s Kompass De Prafond Avec Akna NAF TAF. Already very much a young man in side profile with a compact but typically masculine outline. As you would expect, skull still developing, particularly in muzzle, but had a most appealing expression with the darkest of eyes and thick, well furred ears. Well muscled neck, width of chest still in development when viewed from the front but spring of rib coming on well giving good proportions in side profile. Wearing a profuse coat, so gives the impression of more slope to his topline than he acually possesses, which is apparent on the move where it is held level and true. Good tail set and carriage. Broad, well muscled thighs. Had a tendency to stand undily at the rear, but was better in motion showing good drive. Very typical in side gait, brisk and efficient whose tireless motion did catch my eye in the challenge for Reserve Best Dog but, as with my puppy, conceded on maturity today.

2nd. Semple’s Asiaq Akycha*. More developed in skull than 1st and full of breed type with thick ears, dark oblique eyes and nice bulky muzzle. Good length of neck leading to a level topline. Legs nice and parallel viewed from the front, with good width to chest and plenty of heart room in side profile too. Muscle well developed, but carrying a bit too much weight. Shoulder well laid and balanced in his rear angles. Dense coat of good texture. Unfortunately was quite overwhelmed by the venue today which meant I could not assess his tail carriage. Similarly, while his footfall was clean, his gait was affected by his uncertainty on the day, carrying himself lower to the ground and making it difficult to assess. He is still young, and I hope that with more confidence he will find his time to shine on another day.

Open Dog (3,0)

1st. Bailey’s CAN CH Arcticice Qimmiq G Amorak Avec Akna ShCM (Imp CAN). A showman in his prime, and an eye catcher for sure with plenty of substance and style. Broad skull, with well developed cheeks and strong muzzle. A lovely, dark, oblique eye with a cheeky twinkle that he used to advantage. Thick ears and a well muscled neck. Good strong front with a broad, well ribbed chest, deep and correct for the breed. Stood on strong, snowshoe feet and well boned legs. Perfectly level topline which he held at all times. Harsh, dense jacket and a correctly set tail that he carried rather proudly. Broad thighs and strong, well let down hocks giving a balanced outline. Moved cleanly on the up and down, and with efficiency in side profile and particularly good front action. Best Dog & Best Opposite Sex.

2nd. Croft & Bickerdike’s Akna Ross** At Koroyza. A young male, the baby in this class, but one I loved for his breed type and character. Handsome head, whose red pigment distract from his lovely oblique eye. Skull already strong and muzzle well developed creating the typical wedge shape. Correct ear set and thick, muscular neck.  Another whose thick mane gives the impression of a topline with more slope than you find hands on. Good  sized feet with tight toes. Chest developing with more to come I am sure. Good bone for his size and  a length of leg which allowed him to cover the ground well. His enthusiasm gave him a tendency to move a touch too quickly, affecting his up and down at times, but his sidegait showed great front extension, coming from a well laid shoulder, and an equal amount of drive from a well muscled rear. Reserve Best Dog.

3rd. Semple’s Akna Sila** At Asiaq. A more compact male than 1st and 2nd, with a touch less strength in skull and overall bone, but nonetheless possessing good type. Nice dark eye and well used ears. Neck strong leading to a moderately angulated shoulder and level topline. Rear well muscled and balanced with his front. Possesses a profuse coat that has enough texture to do the job, and a well furred tail tightly carried. Not in the mood for showing today, with did affect his overall performance, but when he put his mind to the task in hand, he had a brisk, powerful sidegait .

Open Bitch (2, 0)

1st. Atkin & Bailey’s HR CH Akna Asavakkit**. An honest bitch with so much balance and breed type. Typically female head proportions, with enough strength to her skull, giving a typical wedge shape. Oblique eyes with a naughty glint to them. Good sized, well set ears. Neck muscular leading to a nicely laid shoulder. Deep chest, topline level and strong. Rear well muscled and hocks well let down. Stood on strong pasterns and tight feet. Tightly carried, well furred tail. Nicely textured, dense coat. Very much impressed me on the move, holding her shape well and moving with a good balance of extension and efficiency. As she came to the final challenge, straight from her class and bitch challenge performances,  I expected to see her tiring but she didn’t let me down, maintining a fluidity and balance in her motion and an impression of strengh & substance that edged my final decision. Best Bitch & Best of Breed.

2nd. Semple’s Akna Jequn At Asiaq. A slightly smaller bitch than 1st, but not to her detriment as very balanced and ultra feminine. Sufficient strength to skull, with good pigment, oblique eye and a sweetness to her expression. Nice size of ears and an elegant neck. Balanced in front and rear angulation with a level topline. Her markings can distract the eye from what is well developed chest. Bone correct for her size, with legs nice and straight viewed from head on. Strong pasterns and nicely shaped feet front & rear. Good coat and high set, well furred tail which she carried well over the back. Loved her on the move, clean on the up and down and looking spritely and tireless in side profile. Reserve Best Bitch.

Alanna J Blaney (Fenrirkin)