• Show Date: 23/09/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Vanessa Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Bedford & District Canine Society

Bedford & Dist. CS open show 23-9-2017. Tibetan terriers, terrier breeds and Terrier group

My thanks to the committee for the invite, and to the exhibitors for the lovely entry.

Tibetan Terriers

P (3) lovely class to start my day

1. Cherry’s Lynces Lady Star Dust. Attractive youngster with an appealing well balanced head, nice dark eyes and strong muzzle. Good reach of neck and good for size and shape. Just appeared a touch bum high in topline. Moved out with good even stride and shows lots of promise.

2. Chambers’ Kyipo’s Sun Goddess

3. Whitman & Tarabad’s Khatibi Mabel Syrup

J (2)

1. Honey’s Khyibrang Queen Of The Straits. Quality black girl who caught my eye with her lovely square outline. Feminine well-proportioned head and dark eyes. Good for size and full of breed type, she has a good topline and tail set topped off by a correctly textured coat. Strode out well with good drive and free flowing action. Pleased to award her BOB and delighted to hear she later won the Utility group. Well done.

2. Whitman & Tarabad’s Khatibi Cracker Dawn. Lots to like about this baby, has all the essentials, good shape and outline, good topline and schooled well too. Moved out with good drive and reach for one so young, scoring over the older puppy for BPIB on her better topline.

PG (7)

1. Honey’s Khyibrang Queen Of The Straits. Stood out for me in this class. She is so well balanced in outline both standing and on the move.

2. Cherry’s Lynces Made In Heaven

3. Armstrong’s Lynces Love Of My Life

O (8,2abs)

1. Cherry’s Lynces Whatever You Want. Good looking male, well balanced and square in appearance and a good size. Liked his head very much with a lovely eye and expression. Well laid shoulders, sturdy body, good topline and hindquarters. Moved well with an even gait. Close up in the challenge but on the final go around, the bitch just pulled out all the stops and her reach and drive couldn’t be matched, so today he had to settle for RBOB.

2. Barnes & King’s Kyipo’s Hot Totty ShCM

3. Whitman & Tarabad’s Kipukyi Hot N’Saucy at Tibunlimited

Border Terriers

P (3)

1. Sneddon’s Rhozzum Wink at Kersfell. Headed a really nice class of promising youngsters, just had the edge on maturity. Super otter like head, strong bite and good ear set. Good length of neck into good shoulders and deep narrow body. Easily spannable and in good coat with thick pelt. Moved out steadily and soundly. Pleased to award her BPIB.

2. Adams’ Fisherbloom All Eyez On Me

3. Allen’s Oxcroft Ada

J (3)

1. Hollingsbee’s Tarkaswell Smart Move To Otterwood. Liked his head very much, masculine and a good otter type with ears set on well and a strong bite. Straight front, well ribbed back and good hindquarters and carrot shaped tail. Easily spannable and shown in good coat with thick pelt. Steady on move and sound. RBOB.

2. Hollingsbee’s Fisherbloom Diaboli at Otterwood

3. Morgan’s Fisherbloom She Devil

PG (4,1abs)

1. Hollingsbee’s Fisherbloom Diaboli at Otterwood. 2nd in previous class, but won this class with ease. Pleasing head shape with dark eyes and good ear carriage. Well-made body, easily spannable with a good topline and tail set. Good coat and thick pelt. Moved out well and was told afterwards this was her final point needed for her JW, well done.

2. Read’s Roxambor Space Invader

3. Read’s Rosie Amber Rose at Roxambor

O (6,2abs)

1. Holmes’ Ir Ch Barnby Caramel Wafer at Bimandi JW ShCM. Well-constructed throughout, with a good straight front, well ribbed back, good topline and tail set. Easily spannable. Lovely otter head with a keen expression. Shown in very good coat and a thick pelt. Moved out well. Pleased to award him BOB.

2. Hollingsbee’s Fisherbloom Diaboli at Otterwood

3. Sneddon’s Kersfell Comply Or Die

Bedlington Terrier

P (1)

1. Middlebrook’s Tcheria Tcharlesaton. Attractive youngster of good breed type. Nice length and depth of skull and small dark eyes. Good front, deep chest and correct topline. Coat texture good and nicely presented. Was a bit reluctant to move at first, but after some careful encouragement by his young handler, he moved well both ways with typical action. Pleased to award him BPIB.

J (1)

1. Middlebrook’s Poppyblu Elara. Another youngster who was good for size, type, and overall outline and balance. Pleasing head, dark eye, good bite and ears laying close to face. Good depth of chest, good length of body with rise over loin. Nicely presented coat. Moved well.

PG (1)

1. Bannister’s Miteymidgets English Dream. Quality male, with a good length of head, small dark eyes and good ear carriage. Nicely arched neck and good shoulders, deep chest and a correct topline with strong well-muscled hindquarters showing in his sound movement. Correct coat, put down to perfection. Close up in challenge, just preferring the overall size of the bitch, so settled for RBIB today.

O (2)

1. Bannister’s Ch Miteymidgets Going Global. Quality blue bitch with a pleasing elegant shape and balanced outline. Very feminine in appearance, good for size with a typical front, topline and hind angulation. Lovely head, small dark eyes and well placed ears. Her coat was put down to perfection. Came into her own on the move with a light springy action typical of the breed. Pleased to award her BOB and group 1.

2. Lawrie’s Miteymidgets Endless Love

Cairn Terrier

P (1)

1. Keeves’ Seveek Wishes N Dreams. A real baby with lots of developing to do but keen and alert and full of fun. Good quality head with well-placed ears and excellent pigmentation. Nice neck and shoulders. Good coat coming though nicely. Moved ok once she settled down, just needs plenty of time. Pleased to award her BPIB.

J (3)

1. Day’s Trekhilli Pepperazzi. Handsome boy, masculine head with pleasing expression, good stop and neat well placed ears. Good neck, level topline and set on and carried well. Nicely presented jacket and moved out well, a keen showman too. In the challenge, just preferred the size of the open winner. RBOB.

2. Keeves’ Seveek With Svendalens Dreamin Again

3. Soper’s Elitecharm Five Of Diamonds.

PG (2)

1. Carter & Clarke’s Lentrica Rocket Man at Carernwil. Pleasing masculine head with a good stop and neat ears all giving an attractive expression. Well-made throughout with a good outline, good tail set and level topline kept on the move. Shown in good coat and condition, Moved out well.

2. Purvis’ Mosspur Time After Time

O (3)

1. Keeves’ Seveek Hopes N Dreams JW ShCM. Very nice quality bitch, pleasing overall construction and balance. Attractive feminine head, good stop, neat well set on ears and correct bite. Good neck, shoulders and topline. Moved out well and shown in good jacket. Pleased to award her BOB.

2. Soper’s Elitecharm Brindled Beauty

3. Purvis’ Mighty Rearranger With Mosspur

Cesky Terrier

P (1)

1. Burrage & England’s Shasgav Nothin Else Matters by Ashleyheath. This young lady caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Quality feminine head and typical expression. Appeals greatly for her balanced outline and overall shape. Strong hindquarters showing in her sound movement. Well-schooled and shown in beautiful coat and condition, pleased to award her BPIB.

J (2)

1. Burrage’s Komidion Prima Donna of Sametova. Quality young lady, pretty head with a good expression and good ear set. Clean neck and shoulders, correct topline with slight rise over loin. Has a well-balanced outline and strong hindquarters. Moved out soundly.

2. Fewings’ Komidion Passionato.

O (2)

1. Fewings’ Karansbrae Warm Hugs for Komidion. Lovely quality. Feminine head and expression, clean neck and shoulders, good body with correct topline and well-muscled quarters. Shown in hard condition and beautiful coat condition. Moved out so well and with purpose. Pleased to award her BOB.

2. Burrage & England’s Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder.

AVNSC Terrier

J (1)

1. Tate & Mansfield’s Hot News Di Sutri with Jaeva NAF TAF (Jack Russell Terrier). Mr personality plus, this smart young man must have a bright future. Scored highly for his well-balanced proportions and breed type. Loved his head, clearly masculine with a bright intelligent expression and correct bite. Good neck, shoulders, level topline and high set tail. Nice bone and substance and shown in super coat and body condition. Moved out well and with purpose. Pleased to award him Best AVNSC.

PG (1)

1. Gullick & Tate’s Jaeva Keen As Mustard (Norfolk Terrier). Super young lady of great quality, loved her outgoing temperament. Nice for size and shape with an attractive head, broad skull, good eyes and muzzle all giving a lovely expression. Short and compact and lovely topline. Moved soundly and freely. Well-presented and handled. Close up in the challenge but had to give way to the precocious Jack Russell and settle for the Reserve AVNSC today.

O (2,1abs)

1. Hayes’ Ragus Fabulous Clown ShCM. (Norwich Terrier). Quality dog. Liked his head and expression, dark eyes and good ear set. Short back, compact body and strong hindquarters. Shown in super coat and condition. Moved out well.

AV Terrier Veteran (5,2abs). A hotly contested class with three great breed representatives.

1. Burrage’s Vandell Sweet Song Of Sametova ShCM (Cesky). This 11 year old has a super outline with a classic topline with slight rise over loin. Pleasing overall size, good front and shoulders and an appealing feminine head. A keen showgirl, she moved with good drive. Thrilled to hear she went Best Veteran in Show.

2. Bannister’s Ch Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove ShCM (Bedlington Terrier).

3. Sneddon’s Kersfell Comply Or Die (Border Terrier)

Terrier Group. A strong group making for some tough decisions.

1. Bannister’s Ch Miteymidgets Going Global (Bedlington Terrier)

2. Tate & Mansfield’s Hot News Di Sutri With Jaeva NAF TAF (Jack Russell Terrier)

3. Fewings’ Karansbrae Warm Hugs For Komidion

4. Davison’s Lynnsto That’ll Do Nicely At Braxquin (WHWT). Pleasing head and expression, dark eyes and neat ears. Nice outline with short back and good tail set. Moved well with good drive.

Terrier Puppy Group

1. Burrage & England’s Shasgav Nothin Else Matters by Ashleyheath (Cesky)

2. Middlebrook’s Tcheria Tcharlesaton (Bedlington Terrier)

3. Sneddon’s Rhozzum Wink at Kersfell (Border Terrier)

4. Anthony’s Salmarks Skye Rockey with Charmedautum (WHWT)

Vanessa Cox (Judge)