• Show Date: 04/11/2017
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Vanessa Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Torquay & District Canine Society

Torquay & Dist. CS open show 4th November 2017 Borzoi, Handling classes, Utility breeds and group

Many thanks to the committee for their kind invitation to judge and to the exhibitors for bringing their dogs. The depth of quality in the adult and puppy utility groups was very strong and I really was spoilt for choice, delighted that the French Bulldog who I awarded adult group one later went on to win Best in Show.


O (2)

1. Pinkerton & Cattoni-Sarman’s Korsakov Radost Power Of Love Menigma (Imp USA). Stunning gold and white dog, scores highly for his graceful flowing outline. Lovely head with good chiselling to foreface and dark kind eyes. Good length of neck flowing in to well laid back shoulders, good depth of chest, correct topline, strong loin and good hindquarters. Shown in fit muscular condition and first class coat presentation. Sound movement. Pleased to award him BOB and delighted to hear that he later won the hound group.

2. Pinkerton’s Coverdale’s Volcanus At Menigma (Imp Fin).

Tibetan Spaniel

J (2)

1. Quest’s Lilileian Louis Vuitton (Imp). What a lovely quality puppy showing lots of promise and bags of confidence. Well-balanced head with well-placed ears, good eye shape and well-padded muzzle all giving a lovely expression. Good neck and forechest, well ribbed and level topline. Shown in super coat and body condition. Moved out well with a good ground covering brisk action. BPIB and puppy group two.

2. Smith’s Balgay Ma Beau At Saxina

G (3,2abs)

1. Quest’s Chenrezi You’re Beautiful. Aptly named pretty girl with a pleasing balanced outline. Lovely head and expression, well cushioned muzzle and high set ears. Good front, shoulders and topline. Shown in lovely coat and body condition. Moved out well with a brisk action.

O (6,4abs)

1. Hirstwood’s Quintrelle Colour Me Happy. An eye catcher with a well-balanced outline. Lovely head and expression, dark eyes and well-padded muzzle. Good front, well ribbed and firm level topline, and high set tail and correct hare feet all topped off with a well prepared quality coat. Moved out so well with a typically brisk and light footed action. BOB.

2. Penny’s Ferncott Rave On ShCM.


O (6,1abs)

1. Vosper’s Busterleigh Bijou. Smart red/white bitch who appealed very much for her lovely head properties with a broad skull, fine wrinkling and good sweep of underjaw. Good front, strong bone, deep chest and good quarters. Moved out really well too and shown in lovely bloom and condition. A lovely unexaggerated and quality example of the breed. BOB and group four.

2. Chafer’s Busterleigh Killer Queen.

3. Innes’ Detrowdream That Girl. Lovely red/white puppy, pleasing head, good breadth of skull, rose ears and good underjaw. Compact body and well boned for age. Moved out very well and shown in great coat and body condition. BPIB

Chow Chow

O (3,2abs)

1. Mullarkey & Lilley’s Fullforge Front Page News with Tiangou. Very nice puppy dog, liked his size and shape and so well developed already with good bone. Lovely headpiece, well-padded muzzle, small well placed ears, good bite and pigmentation. Straight front, good depth of chest and short coupled. Moved out with purpose, rear movement just needs strengthen a little. BOB, BPIB

French Bulldog

G (7,2abs)

1. Brooks & Cairns’ Corursus Life Can Be So Nice. Feminine brindle bitch of a lovely size and shape and an attentive showgirl to boot. Lovely head, correct ear set, dark round eye and good underjaw. Nice reach of neck, compact body with a gentle roach into a nicely angulated rear. Moved out so well and scored highly for this. Super coat, fine and glossy.

2. Small’s Primarius The Phantom Major.

3. Cawley’s Ossidcia Witchcraft At Cawenna

4. Pearce & Membury’s Bullhawk Agatha Trunchbull. Attractive square head with well-set ears. Nice bone for age and neat feet. Nice rib and body with a gentle roach to topline. Moved soundly. BPIB and puppy group four.

O (8, 3abs)

1. Brooks & Cairns’ Corursus The Glamorous Life. This brindle girl caught my eye straight away. Gorgeous headpiece, very feminine with the desired square and broad skull, dark expressive eyes, well-padded muzzle, good turn up and excellent ear carriage. Nice neck, compact body with gentle rise over her loins and moderate angulation. Showed well and presented in gleaming fine textured coat. Didn’t put a foot wrong and moved out freely around the ring. Pleased to award her BOB and Utility group one and delighted to see that she was later awarded Best in Show.

2. Scott’s Amuelle Little Tom Thumb.

3. Membury’s Ossidcia Hocus Pocus.


 O (2,1abs)

1. Baker’s Neradmik Boy Next Door. Mature dog in full coat with ruff. Nicely proportioned masculine head with a keen expression and neat ears. Straight front, well laid shoulders and firm topline. Moved out soundly both ways with a brisk action. BOB.

Poodle (Min)

OD (1)

1. Grant’s Waltzone Venture To Moorheath. Delightful red young man. Lovely shape and nicely presented coat. Reachy in neck with a short back, firm loin and well set tail. Couldn’t concentrate for long but once settled moved well. In the puppy group he had really settled down and moved out with an easy ground covering stride. BPIB and puppy group three.

OB (1)

1. Hosking’s Tarquas Strut My Stuff. Pretty black bitch with a feminine head, dark almond eyes and good chin. Has a pleasing shapely outline with good reach of neck, short back and firm loin. Nicely presented coat. Covered the ground with free flowing reach and drive. BOB

Shar Pei

O (3,1abs)

1. Bragg’s Ch Jimmy Choo With Loopang. Scores highly for his well-balanced and totally unexaggerated appearance. Large masculine head, with clear almond eyes, correct mouth and pigmentation. Short strong neck, good depth of chest and moderately angulated hindquarters. Shown in super coat of correct harsh texture. Moved out with purpose and style. A worthy champion. BOB and group two.

2. Bragg’s Loupei’s Issy Miyake With Loopang. Quality young lady with a feminine head, small neat ears, well-padded muzzle and clear well-shaped eyes. Good neck and shoulders, and well bodied for her tender age. Moved and showed really well. BPIB.

Shih Tzu

G (1)

1. Boylan’s Stubbina Herbert Pocket. Mature black dog with a broad, round head and large round dark eyes. Moderate neck with slight arch. Good chest and body length with tail well over back level topline. Sound mover.

Tibetan Terrier

G (2)

1. Williams & Terry’s Hurrican Chester Mandala-delama At Dolkar (Imp). Smart youngster with a very well prepared coat of good texture. Pleasing well-balanced masculine head. Straight front, firm topline and high set tail, just appears a touch long in body at the moment. Moved out well just and needs to strengthen in front movement. BOB & BPIB.

2. Conley-Ross’ Tegkei In Serious Moonlight.

AVNSC Utility

P (4,1abs)

1. Moore’s Odivane Mummy’s Boy at Fillipers (Std Schnauzer). An eye catching and very smart pepper/salt dog with a really nice balanced outline. Pleasing head, oval shaped eyes, high set ears and good furnishings. Nice neck, well laid shoulders and firm topline with slight slope to loin and tail set on well. A great mover with plenty of drive from behind, looks particularly good in profile. Excellent coat preparation with good texture. An attentive showman, whom I was happy to award Best AVNSC Utility puppy and puppy group one.

2. Edwards’ Robinsbrrok Double Agent (Min Schnauzer).

3. Quant’s Snowshoes Winter Fox (Jap Spitz).

O (5,3abs)

1. Cheatham’s Aradet Action Man ShCM (Schipperke). Lovely shape to this mature dog with a well-balanced pleasing head with good ears and eye shape. Short and cobby body, well ribbed and very good topline. Comes into his own on the move, moving well and in typical brisk fashion and quite the showman too. Shown in great coat and body condition. Best AVNSC Utility and group three.

2. Stedham’s Albionnspitz Tanzanite (Eurasier)

AV Utility

P (3,1abs)

1. Innes’ Deltrowdream That Girl (Bulldog). See bulldog notes, just moved out a little better than the very nice brindle standing second.

2. Innes’ Carrine Kevs Princess Elsie (Bulldog)

O (1)

1. Stedham’s Albionnspitz Tanzanite (Eurasier). Attractive masculine wedge shaped head with well-set ears and dark correctly shaped eyes. Good front, shoulders and topline, well ribbed and moderate rear angulation. Shown in good coat and an attentive showman. Just a tad close behind going away but pleasing movement in profile.

Veteran (2,1abs)

1. Quest’s Ch Chenrezi Keeper Of Dreams JW ShCM (Tibetan Spaniel). What a lovely quality bitch so full of breed type. Shown in beautiful condition and she has a real air of arrogance about her. A pretty feminine head, lovely expressive eyes and good cushioning to muzzle. Good front with slight bow to forelegs and hare feet. Very good topline and tail set. Moved out soundly and stylishly. A worthy champion. Pleased to award her best veteran in group.

Handling Classes


1. Emma Sweet handling a Briard. Smart handler who coped well and kept calm with her dog when was being a bit uncooperative. Moved at a good pace for the breed and set up was good. Just needs a bit more work on her shadowing and don’t forget to keep an eye on the judge to make sure you don’t get between your dog and the judge on the up and down. A good effort, keep up the good work Emma.

12-16 Years Tough decisions splitting these handlers, all put up a very good performance.

1. Caitlin Channon handling a Cesky Terrier. Smart handler, good empathy with her charge, set up quickly, spotted I moved one of her dogs legs and quickly repositioned it. Good patterns and kept a watchful eye on me so was able to change hands cleanly. Moved at just the right pace for her breed, a really good effort quietly getting the best out of her dog. Best overall junior handler. Well done Caitlin.

2. Ryan Dewey handling a Whippet

3. Meaylee Lewis handling a Flatcoat Retriever.

Adult 17+ years very difficult splitting these handlers, everyone did really well.

1. Anita Skinner handling a Chihuahua. Had to really show off her handling skills with a small free standing dog, always giving gentle encouragement and moved at just the right pace. Good patterns and good shadowing without being overdone. Spotted I changed sides and made some nice clean hand changes on the up and down. Well done.

2. Savannah Wawman handling a German Wirehaired Pointer

3. Becky Collier handling a Cocker Spaniel

Vanessa Cox (Judge).